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So back in High School I was best friends with Zayn Malik. I was there when he auditioned for the X-Factor and there I had met Harry the cutest guy ever. We exchanged numbers but He never called me. Neither did Zayn. Guess that's what fame does to you. It hit me hard that Zayn never called or texted because he was my best friend.

2 years later I'm still broken. But my best friend Jenny helps me with it. When I can finally tell Zayn and Harry how I felt about the situation everything changed.. I was able to be happy again.

- Adrianna Erikson.


4. Do I know you ?

Ade – NO! * I said right away. Maybe I don't want him to remember, I want to start new*


Harry – Oh. Okay sorry, love * He sounded like he didn't believe me *


Ade – No problem * I mumbled and we stared at each other for a while. It was an awkward silence but luckily Niall said something *


Niall – Harry we have to get ready! The show starts in 30 minutes !


Harry – yeaa, right.. you go get ready I want to talk to Ade.. would you come with me please ?


Ade – But what's with Jenny ?


Jenny – I'd be fine .. I guess..


Niall – You can come with me and help me with .. uhm .. I dunno


Jenny – haha okay sure


Jenny please don't go ! - I said to myself but she got of of the room and mouthed - Sorry -

SHIT ! What does he want? Why does he want to talk to me ? What did I do ?

Or maybe he just want to talk and get to know me .. it doesn't has to be something bad, right? Well I hope so ..



Harry – I definitely know you !


Ade – No you don't ! * I couldn't tell him that we knew each other. I don't want to. *


Harry – Yes I do! And I'll find out from where!.. did I sleep with you?


Ade – WHAT ? NOO ! Definitely NOT ! I'd know that and we didn't !


Harry – Oh. Okay .. then tell me !



Ade – Tell you what ? I don't know what you're talking about ! * I am actually a good liar but this time it was different, his eyes just made me melt and I couldn't hold back.. *


Harry – I can feel when people lie and you are lying !


Ade – OKAY YOU WON ! I'm sorry but I didn't think you'd remember me


Harry – As you can see I can't remember you that good so please help me ?


Ade – We met the day you Auditioned for the X-Factor …*I told him everything*...


He looked at me with sad eyes and I could see in his face that he was sorry. He had tears in his eyes and that made me cry again. Then he pulled me into a hug and whispered - sorry, I am so sorry - into my ear. He wiped my tears away and I did the same with his. We stared in each others eyes again but this time it wasn't an awkward silence no it was good. I was relieved that he knows now and I know he is really sorry. I've never seen someone so sorry.


Harry – If there is anything to make it up to you I'd do it Ade ! Really!


Ade – Harry, no ! I don't want anything.. I just wanted you to know that I was kinda hurt and I'm happy I told you and I forgive you. We just had met and -


Harry – But Ade I should have called you. I am so sorry


Ade – Harry you don't have to say that all the time


We laughed for a while and talked about funny things. Now it was time for him to go on stage. I got out of the room with him and we found the place for the girls with backstage tickets. Jenny was there too so I walked over to her. Harry winked at me and I blushed.


Jenny – You like him, don't you * she said with a smirk *


Ade – Maybe :$ . . but shut up or I tell the world that you like Niall !





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