Thought you forgot

So back in High School I was best friends with Zayn Malik. I was there when he auditioned for the X-Factor and there I had met Harry the cutest guy ever. We exchanged numbers but He never called me. Neither did Zayn. Guess that's what fame does to you. It hit me hard that Zayn never called or texted because he was my best friend.

2 years later I'm still broken. But my best friend Jenny helps me with it. When I can finally tell Zayn and Harry how I felt about the situation everything changed.. I was able to be happy again.

- Adrianna Erikson.


9. Can't risk loosing you

After our hot make out in a creepy alley he drove me back home. I was about to get out of the car when he took me by my hand and pulled me close for a last long kiss. I can't resist those wonderful lips. It got heated again but then I just pulled away and ran to the door. I turned around, waved him a goodbye and he drove away. I opened the door NOT EXPECTING what I just had seen.


Ade – OMG! GUYS! GET A ROOM! Jenny – Ade! Shit! I didn't know you were coming ..


Ade – yea well I live here I can come whenever I want ! *I said, covering my eyes*


Niall – Sorryyyy! But you can open your eyes it's not like we've had sex or something That's right. They were just making out like animals. Crazy, dirty ANIMALS.


Ade – I don't want to see something like that again! Maybe it wasn't sex but it looked just as dirty as sex!


Jenny – Oh shut up and tell me about Harry ! * As she said his name my cheeks became a dark shade of red and I was smiling like an Idiot. It was an awesome night with him I just wish that I hadn't seen Zayn, he kinda ruined the moment in the restaurant. But it doesn't matter anymore, I guess. *


Niall – Oh you were out with Harry? How was it? Wait don't tell me I don't wanna know what you two really did. I know Harold and I don't wanna know


Ade – You little perv! We didn't do anything! We just kissed :$ * first I spoke loud enough but the last three words I mumbled so I just could hear them *


Jenny – I HEARD THAT ! Ade – We'll take later, hun. I'm going to take a shower now. You two better don't have too much fund I can hear you!


Niall – Oh don't worry, I gotta go anyway. He kissed Jenny and whispered something in her ear and made her giggle like a little child, I wish I knew what he had just said to her but I'm sure I'll find out. I always thought that Niall was the cute and innocent one.. but what I saw today didn't really look so sweet and innocent. It was more wild, who thought that he could be like that ?!

He got out and I wanted to go to shower but Jenny's phone took my attention It was a selfie with Niall and her, quite cute actually


Ade – You two even took pictures ? Are you guys official? * I looked at the picture again and had to laugh because of their expression in their faces. *


Jenny – I WISH! But sadly no :(


(A/N : I don't know if I said that Ade and jenny lived in a flat or a house in those other chapters but just pretend that now they live in a house)


I was finished showering and I had the feeling like I forgot something but I didn't remember so I was about to go to sleep and then I felt my phone buzz. It was a text from Harry and it made me smile. I really think that when this guy is affecting me so much he really has to mean a lot to me so I can't let him slip away.


From: Harry ♥ Hello, love I hope I don't interrupt you while thinking about me :p but I have to ask about tomorrow ;) what did Jenny say? The guys are in xxx


Shit! I knew I forgot something! I have to ask her now but I bet Jenny's already asleep..


to: Harry ♥ I knew I forgot something! But I think she's asleep, do you mind if I tell you tomorrow? I send the text and waited for his answer but he wasn't texting back. I was getting worried but maybe he just fell asleep too. Suddenly I heard a knock on my window and when I turned around I was shocked and scared! Then I walked to the window and Opened it.


Ade – Harry! What are you doing here?! *My room is upstairs so I know what you think, how the hell did he get to that window.. but there are some ways so just imagine one :P *


Harry – I couldn't sleep I always had to think about you, so I thought I'd come and visit you * he said as he came closer to kiss me once again *


Ade – Shhh be quite, I wrote you that Jenny is asleep!


Harry – Then let's wake her up! I need an answer for tomorrow, babe * he was looking at me with puppy eyes but I wouldn't let him wake Jenny now. She'd kill me! *


Ade – Noo ! Harry don't give me that look! You're not going to wake her. He looked sad at me and gave me small and sweet kisses all over my face to my neck down to my collarbone. Then I pressed my lips at his forcefully and we kissed for a long time, it got more and more passionate and by now we were laying on my bad going crazy. I didn't know where this was going to end but I didn't want it to escalate..


Ade – H-Harry ..I .. t-think .. we s..shouldn't.. * And he stopped *


Harry – Oh, I'm sorry Ade. I don't want to do anything you're not ready to, babe. * He smiled and gave me a sweet kiss on my cheek and I pecked his lips *


Ade – But you can stay here if you want to and in the morning you can talk to Jenny and after that we could go to the grocery store.


Harry – I'd love to. Ade I really like you.. I don't know if you feel the same but I really really like you.


Ade – I like you too Harry and I'm happy you feel the same because I was scared to tell you :S


Harry – don't ever be scared to tell me what you feel, love. I promise you I'll never hurt your feelings! Could a guy be any cuter? __________________________________________________________________________________________________

I woke up from the sound of my phone I looked at the caller ID and it was Zayn. Harry was still asleep so I tried not to wake him,I crawledout of the warm bed, went to the living room and took the Call.


Ade – Hello?


Zayn – Ade we need to talk


Ade – Zayn what time is it you woke me up Zayn – it's 3 in the morning and I couldn't sleep so I came to yours, can you open the door please?


Ade – what the hell? No. I won't open the door go home I want to sleep! Zayn – Please Ade I came here the whole way just to talk to you please open! I didn't want to open at first but I was too curious about what he wanted to talk to me so I opened the door. I made space for him to get in. I closed the door and when I turned around he was really close to me, our faces only inches apart. Then he kissed me. I never thought that I'd kiss him back but I did. It was an hungry kiss full of lust and it send shivers all over my body. We moved a bit while kissing, I hit my favourite vase and it crashed on the floor making a loud noise but we didn't care and moved on with our make out session like nothing happened but I forgot that we weren't alone at home. And that was a stupid mistake. . .


Harry – What the fuck is happening here?! * I pulled away from Zayn and looked directly at a mad Harry. SHIT! Why did I do that? *

Ade – Harry! I - I am so s-sorry! * that was all I managed to say, I was so stupid for doing what I did. I had Harry and it was going so well and then I had to ruin it. I realized that I can't loose Harry. When I saw his mad, sad and disappointed face I regretted what I did so much I was embarrassed for the whole situation. Harry ran down the stairs and punched Zayn in his face and then he stormed out of the house slamming the door behind him.

I followt Harry out of the house and kept yelling his name. I didn't even look at Zayn, not because I didn't cared. Of course I cared about him and had feelings for him but I couldn't let Harry run away that easy. *


Ade – Harry ! COME BACK ! * I cried and yelled. I ran after him as fast as I could * Harry you can't go! Come back! I'm sorry! HARRY ! HARRY !


Harry's P.O.V I woke up by a sound next to me. It was Ade she was sweating, crying, moving around and screaming my name and that I can't just go. I had to wake her up.

Harry – Ade! Wake up! I'm here! Adrianna! * It didn't work so I shook her gently but that didn't work either. I can't think of an other Idea to wake her and then Jenny walked in the room *


Harry – Jennifer! I think she's having a nightmare and I can't wake her up! Jenny – Did you try slapping her?


Harry – No! I could never hurt her!


Jenny – That's the only way she can wake up Harry! * she said as she slapped her and It worked. *




Harry – I'm here babe! Calm down.. It was just a nightmare * I hugged her tight and she was crying. Jenny went to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water. *


Jenny – What was it about this time? I thought the nightmares stopped when you gave Zayn the letter.


Ade – Yea it did. This was the first time again but I don't even remember what it was about..


Ade's P.O.V


Ade – Yea it did. This was the first time again but I don't even remember what it was about.. * I lied* I lied to them because I didn't want Harry to know that I was dreaming about kissing his and mine best friend. Harry fell asleep again and I was cuddled up against him. The rest of the night I was thinking about the dream and about what I felt for Zayn. Maybe I have t try and see if I really have feelings for him but I can't risk loosing Harry, can I ?

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