I know a girl

She looking for a reason to stay alive, along the way, she found five.


2. Poem #2

                                                             Do I have a daddy?        

"Mummy do I have a daddy?"

"No baby, you don't".

She looked at me with eyes so blue, 

"At least someone does love you".


I smiled and asked my two year old,

"What do you mean?"

"Lizzy, KK, and me love you,

if I had a daddy, he would love you too".


I teared up at my little girls words, 

And I knew she didn't understand.

How one mom could not love a dad,

She just thought of all the fun we could've had.


"Mummy there is a man at the door, 

he says that he has met you before. 

He looks like the daddy from all my dreams,

Or I think that's how it seems" 


I walked to the door only to find, 

The man who left me and her behind. 

He glanced at me with a big smile,

And said, "Maybe I could come in for a while"     


   I stood my ground still not fully over the pain,

   "Mummy let him in, it is starting to rain"    

I sighed and looked in defeat,

At the man I did not want her to meet.


 "Who is she?" He asked as we sat, 

"Just a little thing you forgot to pack". 

He looked to me with a confused face,

And I knew this was the chance I had to take.


"That is your baby girl,  she doesn't have you to call dad. 

And I know you'd be the best present she could have. 

You left before I had time to tell, 

You were too stuck in the fame spell". 


He gasped and looked at his little one,

He knew she was his own. 

He told me he loved me, 

And I guess that's what I could see.


Now I have a ring onto my left hand,

It symbolizes love and,

That my little girl, after all troubles we had,

 Finally gets to have her biggest wish, a dad.



 *This poem was inspired by the movella,  Too Late To Apologize *





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