I know a girl

She looking for a reason to stay alive, along the way, she found five.


4. Girl In The Library

I hide behind the shelves, 

Just to have a peek.

At the girl in the library,

Week after week.


She was very shy,

Very quiet indeed. 

She had been teased often,

For the fact she loved to read.


Her shirts were along the lines of,

Harry Potter and Fairy Tales.

She was the victim,

For all alpha males.


Until one day, 

I peeked around the shelf,

To see her with the book,

How To Deal With Depression Yourself.


She flipped through every page,

Eyes collecting every word.

She closed the book and looked at the cover,

To see a beautiful, happy bird. 


I noticed scars on her wrist,

Some redder, some deeper.

And I knew,

Those scars would never leave her.


She finally went to check it out,

And I watched as she went on her way.

I thought she was beautiful, 

More than even Webster could say.


The next day she wasn't there,

No where to be found.

And the day after that,

The same this time around.


For the girl at the library had written a letter, 

To the boy who hid at the library saying how much she did care.

She placed it on the book, 

Before tightening a string and kicking away the chair.

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