Karmin used to be abused by her parents. She finally got tired of it and ran away from home. Wandering the streets of London, she is found a special someone, Niall Horan. What happens when Niall and Karmin fall in love?


2. Interesting stuff

Karmin's POV

did he really ask if he could come in with me? We'll honestly I would'ent  mind since he is so handsome, but I want to make sure I could trust him. I didn't know what to say, and I don't think he did either. "We'll if you want to I guess that's ok" I said unsure. "Ok then we'll let me turn the water on and we will get in" he said. I can't believe I'm going to take a shower with a stranger.  We'll, they say there is a first for everything. "Ok" I said. I took of my robe and he stripped down to nothing. I  could not help but stare. His body was... Wow. " like what you see?" He asked. "Yes actually" I declared. We stepped in and I grabbed the shampoo and squirted it on my hair. I gave it to him and scrubbed my head. At first it smelled weird but then I realized it was dude shampoo. As I turned around to wash the shampoo out, Niall pulled me in for a kiss. I didn't hesitate either. It lasted until I got soap in my eye. "Fuck!" I yelled. "You ok?" Niall asked. "I got soap in my eye" I said. "Ouch, that hurts like a bitch doesn't it?" He asked. " yep" I said. I washed  the soap out, and asked Niall why he kissed me. "Your very beautiful" he simply stated. I started to blush. "Karmin, I know we haven't know each other long but... Will you go out with me?" He said. "Yes!" I yelled and jumped into his arms. "Wow, didn't expect that reaction" he said. "Me neither" I laughed. "Let's get dressed, you can borrow my clothes" he said. "Ok" I said. We got out and he threw me an outfit. I put it on and tied the shirt to the side with a ponytail holder I had on my wrist. "When are we telling your friends ?" I asked.

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