Karmin used to be abused by her parents. She finally got tired of it and ran away from home. Wandering the streets of London, she is found a special someone, Niall Horan. What happens when Niall and Karmin fall in love?


3. Fast to slow

Karmin's POV

when were we gonna tell his friends, more importantly, how? I mean I've known this guy for like 20 minutes and now I'm going out with him? Crazy stuff. "Uhh...let's wait until a couple of days, we will get to know each other and then I will pretend to ask you out" "sounds good to me" I said, I don't know why but I felt safe around Niall, I trusted him. And surprisingly, I loved him. 

Niall's POV

i don't know how but I loved Karmin so much. It's crazy! I've known the girl for only like an hour! Well at least I FINALLY got the girl, and I'm gonna take good care of her too.


Sorry, this chappie is short! And the last one escalated a little too quickly! Ha!!! I'm am so random! We'll anyway, ITS THE WEEKEND BITCHEZ!!!!!!! Ummmm... Sorry that just kinda, never mind. And I'm kinda in a writers block. Sooo... Ideas would be helpful! Keep being amaz-balls! Again, so random! 😃😄😳😝😛😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂   

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