Knock Out

This time you can't tap out.


8. Chapter 8

"Took you long enough." Zayn mumbled as we came down the stairs. I held onto the railing, careful not to fall. My head ache had eased since mine and Harry's conversation. " Shut up " Harry mumbled under his breath. Niall heard and laughed silently. "Where are we?" I asked, looking at all the boys. " Harry's place" Both boys munched on some chips. Niall eyes were still puffy, aswell as zayns. I wonder if I look like I just crawled out of a sewer? " Should we go?" Niall asked, setting the bag down. " I think we should discuss the fact yat we saw some one die." Zayn had a serious look sketched across his face. I sat down on a love seat next to the couch. I brought my knees to my chest , well attempted to. I held my sock covered feet in my hands, warming them; I blame the cold weather. " Well...." Harry said, with the most plain look on his face. I raised an eye brow. " Well... We just saw some one get shot.... and killed." I spoke, resting my chin on my knee. Zayn and Niall nodded. Harry sat next to me, resting his palms on his knees. " And...." Harry dragged on. "And... I'm scared.." I let out a shaky breath. My palms are getting sweaty from just thinking about it. "I'm sure he didn't see us" Harry reassured. "Don't worry.. no one is coming near you... I' ll make sure of it" Harry's face held an unreadable Expression as he spoke. " Should we tell the authorities?" Zayn leaned back on the leayer couch; holding his bottom lip inbetween his index finger and thumb. "They wouldn't care." Harry and niall said, at somewhat the same time. " Then what do we do?" I asked, completely confused as to what's the decision. " We wait... and if Stan does anything... then... we do what we need to do." Harrys jaw tensed, The veins in his neck showing. " We... we kill him...?" I choked out. This is something serious... taking a life... then again Stan did kill some one. How can some one kill another human being. That's just.... sick. I feel queasy even thinking about it.. "What if... he tries to kill me?" I stuttered, my body shaking. Harry put his large hand on my knee. " I won't let that happen" He looked me in the eyes, looking sincere. I smiled, trying to convince him that I' am partially ok. " Now.... I'll drive you home.." Harry stood up, dusting off his jeans. " I told my mom I was staying at eliots" I stood up with him. Zayn and niall had awkward expressions. "You too" Harry told them. I looked down. "Where are my shoes?" I asked, rocking back and forth on my heels. Harry nodded and walked through a door. "Here you go" He handed me my sneakers. I took them from him, drooping them on the floor; sitting on the couch to put them on. "Ready" I said, standing up. "Thanks for the ride. How will I be able to contact you.. you know.. if he comes?" I asked, getting ready to get off the car. " I' m always watching.... Always" Harry leaned in, kissing my cheek softly. It would be awkward if niall and zayn were still here. I got off the car, ringing eliots door bell. She opened the door after a little bit. "Tell me everything." She says as we walked up the stairs. *** Boo!! Happy Halloween... I'm going to watch Halloween town and eat all my sisters candy!!!! 5 votes and 3 comment's!!! This is you Halloween special.... kinda. Be safe! And have fun! XMel
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