Knock Out

This time you can't tap out.


7. Chapter 7

" Clary baby, wake up." Cold finger soothed my aching head. I groaned, the pain settling in. " You have to wake up." I opened my eye's, I thought I'd see Niall. Wrong? " Harry?" I asked, bringing my finger's to sooth my head. " Yeah?" He brought my brown hair behind my right ear. " Where am' I? " I took a glance at the room I was in, the bed I was lying in. " Don't worry about that." His deep voice lightly chuckled. He brought his fingers to my forehead. The pain eased a little. " Where's Niall....and Zayn?" I sat up from the bed. Harry sat on the edge of the bed, his hand lingering over mine. " Down stair's." He smiled, streching his arms out. "Maybe we should....... join them?" I suggested. He shrugged. " You just woke up." His large hand grasp mine. His large, soft, warm hand. " I think......" His hand trailed up my arm. I lost my word's some where when he looked me in the eye's. " You what?" He smirked. I looked at his bare arm, covered in the beautiful ink. Swirl's covered in bicep, his forearm; and a cross on his hand. These marking's were simply beautiful to me. " Love?" He asked, cocking his head to the side; making himself look innocent. " I think... you should...." I trailed off, he stared at me; slowly coming toward me. He licked his bottom lip, I took in a few breath's. I just admired his beauty from my point. He truly is a beautiful being. " I... I want to.... I want to kiss you" He huskily whispered, I didn't know what to say; or do. " Okay?" I whispered, unable to form a loud enough voice. He slowly maneuvered his way to me, too slowly for my liking. Although I had only had a few kisses in my life, I'm hoping this one will be different. He scooted towards me, quickly. His hand rose to my check, softly brushing his fingers over the skin " Don't... Don't move" He said as he slowly leaned in. Too slowly for my liking. Why am'I suddenly eager for him? His hand gently held the crook of my neck, bringing me closer to him. He didn't let me move, holding me in place. My shaky hands held his waist. His muscular waist. I slowly fluttered my eyes close. He slowly bit my bottom lip, making sure not to fully make contact. He played with silver chain around my neck. He pulled away from me, pulling the chain from under my shirt. " You still wear it?" He asked, I looked at the paper plane charm in his palm. " I never took it off." I shyly said, blushing in the process. His hand came to my cheek once again. " Your my good luck charm." He chuckled to himself. " I lost every game..... without you.... I just can't win." His lips curved into a half smile. " What do you mean?" I asked, scrunching my brows together. " I want you..... I want you to come to my matches." He broke eye contact with me. "You do?" I asked in disbelief. " Yeah.... I mean... I do." He brought his hand to his curls. " Yeah.... that sounds....nice." I half smiled. He smiled, still not looking at me. " So.... I'm your good luck charm?" I asked, clearly amused. I could see him blush, but he smiled it away. " Is this amusing to you?" He asked, chuckling. " Hm... Sorta...It's ... It's kinda....cute." This time I blushed. After six years I finally have the courage to flirt with a boy. Harry came close again. He slowly brought his lips to mine, then quickly brought his warm lips to my cheek. "Maybe we should go downstairs." He smirked and got up from the bed. **** 10 votes? 4 comments? whoop!!!
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