Knock Out

This time you can't tap out.


6. Chapter 6

We ran towards the light, so fast I thought my feet would lift off the ground. I don't even know why we were running towards the danger. Along the front yard -- I wouldn't even call it a front yard -- lay bottles of liquor and trash wrappers. The yellow curtain's were drawn, only the sight of their silhouettes.


"In here" Zayn whispered pointing towards a broken window. A portion of the trailer was lit by a single lantern. I peered in, only to find two men, not Penelope.


"I told you Ralph-- don't ever let me down, I don't like to be let down" The man hovered over 'Ralph', ready to choke him to death.


"I didn't expect my wife to follow me, I swear-- the lab wasn't secured when I got there. I didn't know-- just please don't hurt me" Ralph pleaded. The other man wasn't convinced because he threw a solid punch to Ralph's face. Ralph cried out in pain, ruby red liquid dripping down his nose.


"I didn't want it to come to this-- wait-- never mind I did, I haven't beaten someone since last month" The anonymous man fished in his pocket.


"Stan!" Ralph screamed before blood splattered behind him, the hole between his eyes’s dripping blood. I shot backwards, almost falling face first into some glass. I silently cried into some one's chest.


I just saw someone die.


I just saw someone shoot another person in the head.


"Shh... it's okay... It’s going to be fine" I looked up to see niall face peering down at me .I looked to my right and saw both boy’s—zayn and harry—looking at me. Zayn peered into the window; he backed up—a horrified look on his face. The glass on the window fell to his feet, I could hear shuffling inside.


“Shit” Harry mumbled.


“Some one’s here” Stan sneered.


“I’ll be right back. “ Stan said loud enough for us to hear.  I looked around panicky, god— I don’t want the same to happen to me, or the boy’s.


“What do we do?” I asked. Looking around frantically.


“Run” Zayn yelled, at first I was wondering why he would yell – then I looked to my left to Stan with a nasty smirk played on his lips.


I ran in the direction with zayn.

I could hear Stan’s heavy breathing close behind – or maybe that was me. Branches cracking behind me told me he was still following me. I feel like I can feel him on my back, shivers oozed down my spine. I almost fell due to my jelly legs.

I finally caught up to zayn’s truck.


My Lung’s and throat burning.

I climbed into the truck without a second thought, hugging my knee’s as best as I could – because I’m not really that flexible, especially in these jeans. I started crying. Not like a little tear here and there, but a never ending river of tears.


A knock came from the window; I jumped and climbed to the opposite side of the truck. The door opened.


“You scared me Niall” I wiped the tears away. He was probably watching me from the window – stupid me.


“How are you coping?’” He asked.


“Coping? It happened less than 15 minutes ago?” I snapped, soon regretting it.


“I’m sorry” I quickly added.


“It’s fine.” He sat in my previous seat, closing the door. The automatic light turned off – thank god, my eyes are probably swollen and red.


I heard a loud sob. Is he crying?


“Niall?” I asked, he cried on.


“I know—how you feel—it’s horrifying” Violent sobs escaped my hoarse throat, we both sobbed in the car. Zayn came in and we automatically stopped.


“Where’s harry?” I tried my best to hold my voice.


“He left. “ Zayn turned the truck on.


“Guy’s it’s going to be ok. He didn’t even see us” Zayn tried his best to reassure all of us – including himself.


Little rain drops thumped against the wind shield. Soon the rain got bigger and louder.


I stared at the back of his seat, unable to cry any longer.


“It’s going to be okay!” Zayn yelled from nowhere, stopping the truck along with it.


“What was that for? Niall asked – his accent clearer than ever.


“I can’t do this!” Zayn threw a fit in the front – hitting the steering wheel and jerking from side to side. Soon it became silent. Only the sob’s coming from either me or zayn. I guess he was a very sensitive person—I mean I hardly know anything about him, or niall in that case, or freaking harry.


“What now?” Niall asked, my head is pounding.


“I don’t know” Zayn sniffed, mucus forming from the crying.

“Where are we?” I looked out the window. I couldn’t see anything but the trees.


“I think I made a wrong turn” Zayn’s voice was now nasally.


“What do you mean you think?” Niall shouted. My head thumped to the sound of the rain. I held my temple’s it seemed like the world was spinning. Niall and Zayn argued which only made it worse.


“shut up!” I yelled, ducking—I guessed the pain was all too much—down as my head pounded even more.


“ We need to get out of here” I said, quietly this time.


“ We’re kind of out of gas” Zayn mumbled, niall threw his head back in annoyance.


“F*ck!” Niall yelled and hit the back of the passanger’s seat.


“F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!” Niall yelled.


“Niall please stop” I tried to calm his by grabbing his forearm, he only slapped my hand away – ouch.


I started crying, my heart and head hurt , niall is acting up—as well as zayn, we’re lost, and I just saw someone die.

It got quiet.


It’s too late to go back, I can’t keep pretending it’s okay.


My life has been on making sure my life was perfect and now, I just can’t.


Everything is falling apart now.

My brain seemed on edge as I continued crying.

 shoot up from my toes to my brain. It feel’s like I can fly. Now I’m falling, I feel sick to my stomach.


I start to hyperventilate, I clutch onto niall's arm-- by now both boy's are looking at me like  I'am  a lunatic.

My head felt light, I can’t feel anything.

My head fell back and hit the window, black cloud’s my mind.

Star’s clouded my mind, I....cant.....breath.



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