Knock Out

This time you can't tap out.


5. Chapter 5

 Penelope, 17, is confirmed  missing. The young girl was allegedly taken from her home at 9:56 PM yesterday night. Sources tell that she might have ran away with her boyfriend Nick, 27, by the 'cause  of her parent's disapproval. If there is anyone with more information please call the number on your screen. This is channel 7 with your new's' 

I shut off the T.V.


"Honey, I'm sure she ran away with him." My mother, for the millionth time, said.


"I really hope you're right" My voice faltered.


"Get some rest, you have school tomorrow."


T h u r s d a y ( 3   d a y ' s    l a t e r)







"That is why perseus had to cut medusa's head clean off. " My drama teacher, Mr. Hendrick's, spoke dramatically. His hand's moving around his in his bubble as he spoke.


"And that's why you have to be careful" He looked at the clock and then his watch, then the clock again. He closed the mythology book and waited for a bit.

" You're free to go" He said after a short silence.

"Remember, no school tomorrow ." He reminded, for the thirtieth time this day.

"You still haven't seen her?" Zayn, the male version of me and also been my friend since a couple of day's ago, said quietly.

"No" I mouthed, his shoulder's tensed as did his jaw.

"Penelope will be fine, trust me. She's a strong person." I said as we left the classroom and to our locker's.


"I still don't understand why we have locker's, I mean it's the twenty-first century for god's sake" Zayn laughed as he opened his locker, across from mine.

" I'll see you later?" Zayn asked.


"Yeah, how about we look for Penelope later on tonight, I'll have Niall come with us" I said to Zayn, me and him have been looking like this the past 2 day's. Like the police were looking, not one officer on duty to look.

" What about this mystery man?" He closed his locker and rested his chin in his palm. I sighed.


"Nothing yet" I said. It hit me then and there. Harry. Where had he been all these day's?


" Hello" An Irish accent shouted from across the hall, obviously the one and only Niall. Many people hushed him, he hung his head in embarrassment as he walked toward's us.

Niall looked up, me and Zayn burst out laughing, his cheek's were a scarlet red.

" You must be Niall, Hi, I'm Zayn, Zayn Malik" They firmly shook hand's, men and their dominance.


"So we're gonna look for Penelope tonight, wanna join?" Zayn asked. Niall looked at me then at Zayn.

" U-m Yeah" His voice broke, puberty, I'm guessing. I could be wrong.


E l i o t

" Eliot, are you okay. Is it because of Penelope. I heard." Mr. Payne asked in a hushed tone.


Class had ended, but I stayed, unable to process the past few day's.


"Yeah, I'm fine" I said in a hushed tone.


"I'm sorry, I've been hard on you. You must be going through alot" He sat in the desk next to mine.

His hand make contact with mine.

" I have to go"I shot up, he did as well.

" I hope you feel better" He nodded to me and to himself.


"I'll see you on Monday" I made contact with his brown puppy dog eye's, then left.


C l a r y


" God, it's so cold" I wrapped my arm's around my body.


" Here, take my jacket" Niall took off his jacket and handed it to me. I quickly put it on and was slightly relieved, until i saw him shivering. I wrapped my arm's around his torso, he slightly jumped, due to our presence in the wood's.


"Why are we here again?" I asked zayn, the flashlight firmly in his hand.

" Why would she be here?" Niall asked. A crack came from behind us.


We all quickly turned around and a silhouette was seen behind a tree.

"Come out" Niall quickly called out. That hair. Those eye's.


"Harry?" I asked.

"You know him?" Niall asked.

" What are you doing here" He walked toward's us.


" Wanted to come along, called you but you left your phone at home" He threw my phone, I quickly caught it in my numb finger's.


" How'd you know we were looking here?" Zayn asked suspiciously.


"Eliot" He said Cooley, putting his hand's in his coat pocket's.


" Turn that light off, they'll see it" Harry hissed. Zayn quickly turned off the light. We could now only see each other's silhouette's.


"That house up ahead, their's people there" Harry started walking over to the 'House'-- more likely a trailer.


"Where?" I asked, tripping over a tree stump and falling on my hand's. Niall and harry quickly came to my side.


"Im fine, just being clumsy me" I laughed quietly, picking and wiping the thorn's and leaves off my numb hand's.


A loud bang came from the trailer just a few feet away-- you could almost see the spark that came from gun from the window.

All I remember is running-- not away-- but towards the danger.








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