Knock Out

This time you can't tap out.


4. Chapter 4

Eliot was quiet today, odd.


" Penelope, what's the matter with Eliot?" I asked quietly as we walked to humanities.

"I talked to her last night; said she was tired of being alone?" Penelope shrugged. I let the subject drop, since Eliot was right in front of us.

"So anything happen with the new kid?" I asked with a sly smirk. She blushed an amaranth* pink.

"He ate lunch with me today." She looked down and smiled at the thought of him. The rest of the walk to class was pretty normal.

"Careful, HE might find out" I warned. She huffed and walked in silence.

We entered the loud class and searched for a vacant seat.

"Guess this is where we part." I shrugged and sat in the back of the class, Eliot in the front, While Penelope sat in the far left.

"Hello class, You may call me Mr. Payne or nothing at all." After that I dozed off into a daydream.

Eliot (POV)


"Hello class, You may call me Mr.Payne or nothing at all" The new teacher wrote his name on the white board behind his desk. He's gonna be mean, I can tell.

I look up from my doodles and my breathing got heavier, he was unbelievable. Cheesy as it sound's, he is beautiful. His eye's met mine and he kept snapping his finger's. I looked at him confused.

Sound slowly came back to me. He was snapping his finger's at me to pay attention, shit.

" Stay after class Miss-" He trailed off.

"Burner" I told him my last name, god I feel so embarrassed.

Everyone in the class snickered.

I feel like crying from embarrassment.


Class ended and I thanked a higher power up there.

Eliot had to stay after class so I guess I'm walking to work.

10 minute's

I shoved my hand's in my coat pocket's.

I can't feel my nose nor my lip's.

I open the shop door and I could feel some what better. I took off my coat and hung it on the rack. I wrapped my apron around my waist and looked for Mary.

"Mary!" I shouted.

"In here" Her small voice called from the back. I followed it and found her sitting with a young boy.

"Oh, hi?" I waved to both of them. The boy looked my age.

"Oh sweetie this is my grandson, Niall" Mary patted Niall's back lightly. He got up and dusted himself off before reaching his right hand toward's me. I shook it lightly and heard the front door ring.

"I should get that" I jabbed my thumb back to the register.

"Niall go and help her will ya, I have to leave" Mary ordered.

Me and Niall walked to the front of the bakery.

"Finally" The man mumbled.

" What would you like sir?" I asked nicely.

"I'll get a large hot chocolate" He said in a really rude voice.

"That'll be out shortly" I said, the man sat down at a table as I made his chocolate.

Niall watched my every move, his eye brow's furrowed and a stern look on his face.

"Niall?" I asked. His eye's flickered from me to the floor.

"Yes?" He said quietly.

"Could you go get some more whipped cream from the back?" I asked. He nodded and ripped his gaze from the floor.

He left the room and the man stood up. I walked up to the register.

"Could I get you anything else sir?" I questioned. He gripped my wrist tightly.

"Maybe a little of you?" He spat. Disgusting.

A bottle of whipped cream slammed on the counter. Both of our eye's snapped to Niall.

"She's not on the menu, now get the fuck out of here!" He pointed to the door. The man slowly but surely left the bakery.

" Are you okay?" He asked.

I hid a smile.

"Why are you smiling?" He added, a sense of humor in his voice.

"It seem's that I'am alway's in trouble" I started laughing.

Our laughter died down after a while.

10 minute's

Niall and I had closed shop early and sat down with a cup of steaming hot chocolate.

"What grade are you in?" I asked.

"I'm a junior" He said.

"Same" I added.

"What school do you go to?" I asked.

"Your's" He chuckled.

" Really?" I exclaimed. He nodded.

"I'm not really that popular" He shrugged. Poor boy.

" Me neither" I agree'd.

" Lies" He simply said. " You are popular" He added after taking a drink from his drink.

I just laughed.

"It's getting dark, need a ride?" His eye's looked out the window then back to me.

"sure, thank's"

20 minute's

"Anyway's, thank's for the ride" I hopped out of his car and waved as he drove off. I walked up to my door and stepped on something. I looked down to see the stem of a rose under my foot. I lifted my foot and picked up the rose.

I opened the door and turned the light on.

I walked to the kitchen and sat at the table staring at the white rose in my hand.


(After class)

"Miss burner, you need to pay more attention in my class" Mr.Payne said.

"I'm sorry" I mumbled.

"I don't accept failure's in my class, along with mumbler's" Mr. Payne's the mean teacher now.

"How do you know I fail this class?" I asked, I looked into his hazel eye's. I'm lost.

" W-well, as your teacher, I' am obliged to know your grade's" Payne sat on his desk.

I'm gonna call him Payne in the ass because that's what he is.

" Can I go now?" I asked. His buzzed cut hair make's him look nice, but he's anyhting but.

He smiled.

"Free to go"




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