Knock Out

This time you can't tap out.


3. Chapter 3

"Why were you in his car?" Eliot spoke.

" Well why did you leave me to get trampled by the crowd" Im starting to get frustrated.

"I told you this a thousand times. We got pushed apart" She sounded annoyed.

"Yeah. I need to get my phone back" I told her. Eliot stuffed her book bag into her locker.

"How? you have work remember?" She pointed to her watch.

"Ugh" I groaned in both annoyance and anger.

"How about we get it tomorrow?" She suggested. I slowly nod as we make our way towards humanities.

"Mrs. Brown has some family matters to attend to so i will be arranging a long term substitute" Our principle-Mr.Lostrowski, he's polish.- spoke loud and proud in the front of the room.

"So until further notice, class dismissed." He shooed us away. A portion of the class erupted into loud cheers.

"That's weird, I heard her sister had cancer so that's maybe why she left all of a sudden" Penelope likes to gossip when she's happy, wonder what it is this time.

"What's happened and why are you so happy?" Eliot read my mind.


" Well" Penelope trailed off.

"There's this new kid" She blushed.

"And" I motioned for her to go on.

"Well, his name is zayn". She looked at the ground and smiled when she said his name.

"ohhh you like him don't you?" Eliot hit Penelope's arm slightly.

"W-what, no I don't" She choked out.

"Lies" I said, playing around with her.

"What ever" Eliot rolled her eyes.

" Oh, do I sense jealousy?" I asked, sarcastically faking my disbelief.

" HA HA" She said sarcastically.

" Don't worry one bit, I'm sure the right one will come along.Also, Penelope don't fall for this new kid. You still have that ass." I laughed quietly.

"Shut it." Penelope snapped.


" Alright let's go home, that was the last class right?" Eliot changed the subject.

"Yes" I answered.

"Great, now I have to go to work." I whined.

" At least you have a job" Eliot said.

We got into her car and they dropped me off at the bakery just across the street from mall.



The Bell on the door went off as I entered with my bag hanging heavily from my shoulder.

"Oh clary dear you're finally here" Said Mary from behind the counter.

"I'm sorry I'm late its just-well I don't have an excuse" I replied.

"Nonsense, you come when ever you can" She really is a sweet women. I think she's 67, she won't tell me her age; Even though I've known her for about 3 year's


"So how was school?" She asked.


" Well, Mrs. Brown has some family issues so she left to take care of it. I don't think she's gonna come back for the rest of the year, even though that's only like a Month and a half." I gushed. Mary nodded her head slowly.

" That's not good for her but good for you, you always used to nag about her" I smiled, she understood me better than my own friends.

" Well, I'm off to a doctor's appointment. Can you take care of the store by yourself? I'm thinking of hiring another employee to help you out when I'm gone" She took her coat off the hanger and snatched her purse.

"That sounds great, I could use some extra help" I nodded.

" I think I know who would be perfect. Hes a great looker and also my grandson. He's about your age, maybe older. I think you two go to the same school" She headed towards the back door where she parks her car.


" That's great, ill see you tomorrow then." I yelled as she left the perimeter.


*9:56/closing time*



I looked towards the door but no one was there. I finished moping the floor and made my way to the register. Top bad I had to trip on something and fall on my butt.

I looked on the ground and saw my iPhone sitting perfectly on the floor, something yellow was on it.

I crawled over to it and saw that there was some cup cake frosting on it.

Probably from me tripping on it.

I cautiously picked it up, it vibrated which startled me.

'Be careful next time


I looked around and saw a figure across the street. The unidentified man put his hands in his coat pockets and slowly strolled away.

Maybe it wasn't him?

Or maybe it was?





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