Knock Out

This time you can't tap out.


2. Chapter 2

After school which consisted of the girl's going on and on about the fight it was finally time to go home and get ready for the match tonight.

"Need a ride?" Eliot asked.

"No thank's I think I'll walk" I replied smiling.

Once I got home I went straight for the kitchen where my mum was.

"Hey Mum?" I asked.

"Yes Clary dear?" My mum answered.

"I was just thinking If i could... maybe go to the library with... Err Penelope and Eliot?" I said coming up with a believable excuse. She gave me a suspicious look.

"Alright, just pass me the salt before you leave." Wow, she actually bought that excuse. I grabbed the salt and handed it to her.

"Thank's I'll see you later tonight." I kissed her cheek and ran up the stair's to my room. I took a quick shower before the girl's got here.

I got out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my body and hair. When I walked over to my closet I glanced at the bed side table. I walked over to it and unplugged my phone from it's charger. I unlocked my phone and went through the dozen's of text's I had missed.

I had a few from my mum, one from Eliot, and one from an Unknown number. I read the first few and left the unknown one for later on.


From: Eliot.

Get your lazy bum out here. We're gonna leave you!



I put my phone back down on the table and quickly got dressed, I ran a brush through my tangled hair. This may be a crazy idea but i'm gonna wear harry's necklace. I stumbled down the stair's and gave my mum another kiss on her cheek.

"Bye Mum!" I yelled, halfway out the door.

I reached Eliot's car and hopped inside


"Took you long enough!" Penelope shouted. "We're gonna be late!" She added.

"Yeah, Yeah, Just drive."

Eliot drove off at the normal speed limit and we reached the arena in no longer than 5 minute's.

"Hurry" Penelope yelled, we sped walked to the entrance. When we entered the crowd was going wild.

"Harry" The announcer pointed to the right corner of the arena. Harry held his arm's up, god he has a long torso. We walked to some empty seat's in the front row. Men gave us bewildered look's.

"Stan" The man pointed to the left. Jesh, Stan is very ugly looking.

"Why are they gonna fight again?" I asked Eliot.

"It's a rematch, harry called for it" She replied over the masculine yell's.


The bell rung.

Harry swung and hit Stan's jaw. Ouch. Harry threw punches everywhere. The tables have turned for Stan. The crowd got louder and crazier. What the fuck is happening? I looked around in a panicky way.

Oh man, where did Penelope and Eliot go?

How did I get in the middle of this?

I'm gonna die.

I'm in the middle of a pit.


Some one had just bashed their fist into my left side. I looked up but couldn't see anything besides the men that were going bonkers. I really need help, I can't find Eliot nor Penelope. What Am' I going to do?

Some one slapped me in the face, I held my throbbing cheek. I cried out in pain, I felt hot tear's stream down my face. I guess men are serious about boxing.

"Help" I screamed out, even louder than the many time's before.

My arm was harshly grabbed by a large hand, That's going to leave a mark. I couldn't see who the hand belonged to because my vision was blurry from the tear's.

I was pulled through the men who were fighting one another and into a small dark room. Oh god, is he planning on raping me?

I slid down to the floor in fear. I heard the man's bare foot step's walk across the room. The light suddenly flickered on, my eye's adjusted to my surrounding's.

"Harry?" I called out, the man who had saved me from near death stood nearing the light switch across the little room we were in.

"Why are you here?" He questioned me, I could hear a faint sense of anger in his tone.

"I-i Don't know?" I really don't know why I'm here.

"You almost got killed out there, this is no place for a girl like you" He growled.

"A girl like me?" I asked silently. He didn't answer, instead he stared at the cement floor.

"Thank you" I wiped the tear's from my eye's. His features relaxed and his eye's shot toward's me.

"You can't keep showing up here, you need to go home" He stood up and walked to a bench in the far right corner. He picked up a white shirt and put it on, Along with some shoes. His boxing glove's weren't on, his hand's were large and pale.


He walked towards me and lifted the chain around my neck out if my shirt. I couldn't breath.

"This is my good luck charm" He mumbled.

"Sorry, do you want it back?" I asked, slowly trying to unhook it.

"Keep it" He walked away without another word.

He opened the door which we came from and poked his head out side.

"They're gone" He closed the door and walked over to me. He stretched out his arm and offered his hand. I took his hand in mine and lifted myself up with his help.

"I'll take you home" He stated. I nodded and walked out side of the room with his hand still in mine. I quickly took my hand from his and dug it into my pocket.

The police showed up and broke up the mosh. Everyone started to calm down now. God my cheek hurt's.

"Is the fight canceled?" I asked. Harry looked at me and slowly nodded.

"My car is this way" Harry led me through the back door and to a black, sleek Range Rover. This boy has money.

He unlocked the door and climbed in, as did I. He started the car and drove away from the building.

"Thank you for helping me back there" I thanked him once more.

"You've said that before" He grinned. I blushed, though he couldn't see it since it was dark I still felt embarrassed.

" Just make a left here and it should be the house with the white picket fence." I pointed toward's my house. He turned the steering wheel and pulled into my driveway.

"Thank you for the ride, and well everything else" I smiled at him. He nodded as I closed the door. I unlocked the front door and walked inside.

"There you are!" Some one shouted. I closed the door behind me and walked into the kitchen.

" I went to the library and you weren't there, than I called Eliot's mother and she said Eliot was at our house. I told her that that's impossible." My mom sat at the kitchen table. I mentally face palmed.

"So where were you?" She asked. I knew I couldn't lie anymore.

"I went to a fight" I flinched and waited for her to start yelling at me, but it never came.

"That's fine, I just don't understand why you'd lie" I crossed her arm's.

"I don't know?" I said silently with a shrug.

" You're grounded for the remainder of the week" She stated and walked out of the kitchen and to her room. I sighed and reached for my phone in my back pocket. My eye's grew wide and I started panicking.

It's not there.

7:37 AM

"Where could you have left it?" Eliot asked. I shrugged and pouted.

"My mom's going to kill me, this is the second time this year!" I groaned, clearly frustrated.

"Wait" Penelope said. We looked at her with questioning look's.

"If you lost your phone, then why did I just get text from you?" She frowned, as did we.

I took the phone from her and read over the text message.

From Clary:

Tell your friend I have her phone. She left it in my car.



Oh god.





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