Knock Out

This time you can't tap out.


1. Chapter 1

"Clary" My best friend's; Penelope and Eliot snapped me out of my book.

"Yeah" I mumbled not very interested in what they had to say.

"Not those love novel's again?" Penelope whined. I metally rolled my eye's.

I shoved my book into the front pocket of my bag. Eliot sat across from me at the lunch table.

"They're interesting" I defended the interesting books. They both scoffed.

"So we're going to the boxing match, you coming?" They both made puppy eye's to me.

"Um, sure" I shrugged. "Only for a while though" I added.

"Who's fighting?" I asked. They scoffed, what's with them scoffing today?

"Didn't you hear us? we've been talking about it for week's" I just shrugged. I don't really get boxing but if they like it i'll go along with it.

"Harry and Stan are competing, harry is just- oh my god" Penelope said in awe. Resting her chin on her palm's.

"I've heard he's had a bad past." Eliot gossiped. I just rolled my eye's.

Penelope started cracking her knuckles like she alway's does, I absolutely despise it.

"Stop!" I hit her shoulder.


" I like doing it" She whined.


"So, how's nick?" Eliot asked. Penelope just shrugged. Nick is her boyfriend; he's also 27. Might I add she's 17.


"He's been acting different" She mumbled.


"Like how?" I asked.


"He keep's wanting to have sex... but.... I'm still a virgin" She kept her voice just below a whisper. I rubbed her back; comforting her.


"Hey, it's okay. If you don't want to you don't have to." Eliot spoke wise word's.


"But he'll leave me if I don't" Penelope covered her face in her hand's.


"Then let him leave" I motioned my hand's to the door.


"But.... i love him.." I scoffed but soon regretted it.


"I do love him okay" She snapped.


I sighed in relief; saved by the bell.


The day dragged on. It seemed like forever.


"Need a ride?" Eliot asked. I shook my head.


"I'll walk, need to clear my head." I waved as she drove away.


The weather here is alway's cold and gloomy; I love it. I've alway's loved the weather here in Washington. I have no idea why.


I opened the door to my house and saw my mother in the kitchen, she wore a happy expression.


"Hey" I said as i stood at the door to the kitchen. She looked up from the chopped vegetables.


"Hello baby girl, how was today?" She asked, she proceeded cutting the vegetables.


"Alright" I trailed off. " hey, can I go to this event with the girl's?" I asked hopefully. She thought for a little before answering.


"What's the event?" She asked. I had to lie, she'd never let me go to a man's event.


"Um, teen wolf. It's on tonight and we want to watch it together. You know us girl's with our fantasies" I awkwardly laughed. She joined in.


"Alright, have fun with your wolf teen" She said, I laughed; she got the name wrong.


I ran up stair's and went to my closet. I kept on my skinnies and v-neck and threw on a purple hoodie. My phone buzzed and I ran over to my phone; which was connected to it's charger.


Text from: Penelope.


' We're outside'

It read.


I slipped on my grey tom's and kissed my mother on the cheek. I stepped outside and spotted Eliot's truck. I got in the back and sat in the middle; I put my seatbelt on and put my hand's on island between the passenger and driver's seat.


"Now what?" I asked the two girl's.


" To the arena" Penelope shouted, i covered my ear's and we drove off.


"We're here" Eliot said joyfully, she stopped the engine and unlocked the door's.


I got out of the truck and the cold air bit at my cheek's.


"What do we do now?" I asked looking around; there were men every where, i felt out of place.


"Now you sneak inside" Eliot tapped my nose with her index finger. My eye's widened.


"M-me" I choked out. They both nodded.


"Why?" I asked.


"We need something of harry's." Penelope spoke.


"And that is?" I asked.


" Some thing that he's touched" she said.


"That's a bit obsessive?" I scoffed.


"What ever, will you do it?" Eliot raised her eyebrow's.


"You owe me" I poked her shoulder.


"That's a yes" Penelope happy danced, I chuckled and made my way round back.


I found a door and tried to pry it open, it wouldn't budge. I sighed and looked around. A window was in view, i walked over to it and tried to look through the blurry glass. It was too dirty to see through, I mentally scoffed. Men.


I could see the window was big enough for me to fit through. I put my finger tip's to the glass and forced it open. It was hard at first but then it was finally open.


I squeezed my body through the window and fell on my face, i got to tell you it hurt. A lot. I heard voices so I hid behind the locker's.

The voices faded and I slowly walked toward's a locker that read 'Harry S.' I opened the locker and it squeaked a deafening sound.


"What are you doing here?" A deep raspy voice spoke from behind me. I was frozen, i slowly turned around and there he was.


Harry styles.


"I-um I was just lost" I stuttered, I quickly and silently closed his locker and put the object I quickly snatched behind my back.

He didn't believe me one bit. He walked closer to me.

"Why don't I believe you?" He asked, my palms were sweating. My heart beat raced. My face went pale.

How do I get out of this?

"I don't sign autographs" He shooed me away. I scoffed.


"What makes you think I want to get an autograph?" I ask. He swiftly moved across the room, towards his locker which I was blocking. I moved to the left and he did too. I moved to the right, he did the same.

"Stop" He growled.

"I'm not doing anything, you're in my way" I mumbled, he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me put of the way. Wow rude much? Oh those girl's owe me.


"Get out of here!" He yelled, I scurried off into the dimmed hallway. I heard chanting and yells from a door. I read the sign


I opened the door and it led to the stands/seats. I quickly walked towards Eliot and Penelope. They waved frantically at me.

"Hey, what took you so long?" Eliot yelled over the screaming men and some women.

"I was getting this" I held up the silver chain in my hand.

"you got that?" Penelope asked. I nodded and held the paper plane chain up.

"Yeah an-" The lights dimmed down and the men yelling got louder. A spotlight shined down in the ring. The air went out.

Harry came out without a shirt and some boxing gloves. His body was semi-covered in tattoos. Stan stood at the opposite corner with a grin plastered on his lips.

The bell rang and Stan's fist collided with Harry's face. Harry spit out saliva and blood. My eyes widened in horror.

Harry hit the floor with a loud thud, his opponent kept punching in his face with both of his fists.

Stan stradled Harry's body and punched every inch that he hadn't hit. Stan threw his fist and hit Harry's stomach. Oh god, he's getting slaughtered.

One of the men had to pry Stan from Harry's unmoving body.

"So much for unbeatable" I mumbled.

The ambulance took him away on the gurney.

"I thought he was unbeatable?" I asked Eliot. She shrugged as we watched the men take harry into the ambulance.

" Maybe something happened?" She answered.


"Why did he get his ass beat back there?" I jabbed my thumb in the direction of the fight club.


"Who know's?" Eliot shrugged along with her response. We got into the car and drove off.


"Maybe tonight wasn't his night?" Penelope suggested. We made a turn into my neighborhood.


"Well he has another fight tomorrow, we can check it out. I mean if he's out of the flippin' hospital" Eliot laughed at the last part, She's gone mad.


"We can check it out?" I said, it sounded more of a question than an answer.


" Great" Eliot rubbed her hand's together. "It's a plan" She added. We pulled into my driveway, I  opened the door and jumped out.


"Hey I'll see you at school" I closed the door and waved good bye.


I unlocked the door and tip toed up stair's. I past my mom's bedroom, she fell asleep while working. I silently walked into her room and took off her glasses, i set them on the bedside table.

I turned off the light's and made my way to my room.


I closed my door and stripped into my PJ' s. I slipped into bed and turned off the light's. I stared at the popcorn ceiling. I can't sleep.


A buzz came from under my pillow, my phone.



You have something of mine.


I locked my phone and laid still, still staring at my ceiling.


What did I just read? My heart rate accelerated.


7:27 AM


I had finally fallen asleep, until my alarm clock ruined my slumber. I let out a loud groan and ripped the sheet's away from me. God it's cold.


I'm going to be late, shit.


I threw on skinny jeans and a jumper, I slipped on some shoes and ran a brush through my tangled hair. I grabbed my back pack. I ran outside and saw that the girl's were waiting for me.

"Hey" I said as I hopped into the car.


"what's up?" Eliot asked. The car sped off and in no time we were at school.


"Well I got this weird text last night?" I reached for my phone but it wasn't there. Shit, I left it at home.


"What did it say?" Penelope asked.


"It said 'You have some thing of mine.' Weird huh?" I remembered the text, it was engraved into my brain.


"That's weird." Eliot replied. I nodded. We reached our locker's.


"Are we still on for the match tonight?" Penelope asked.


"I'm still in" I slightly raised my hand.


"Same here." Eliot did the same.


"Great." Penelope closed her locker. The bell rang and everyone scurried off to their classes, as did we.

I sat down in the uncomfortable chair, Eliot sat by me.


"Can't wait for tonight" She said eagerly. I gave her a thumb's up in reply. Class started and the whole class groaned in frustration.


I have a feeling this is going to be a long day







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