Point Lookout

A man named Chance Talon always had intentions of being a world famous detective for the New York Detective agency. When one day he gets called to Maryland to meet a man named Tobar for his first private job...


3. Walking in and Running out

After Chance had a look around the beach and the stands he went up to the beginning of the swamps to see if he could see anything beside whats on the beach, and what he found he was scared of. Chance had found a Crucified Skeleton with the words written on the sign in front " THE SWAMP SEES ALL, THE SWAMP TAKES ALL." Chance was so scared he ran back to tobar but when he turned around he was struck but one of the swamp dwellers that must of set the trap. Because when he woke he wasn't on the beach, he wasn't on the rough grass of the swamps he was strung up on a wall in a building covered with grim the only way he knew where he was was he could look threw a crack in the house and not see the shore line in sight. The only thing he could see was the tip of the light house.  

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