Point Lookout

A man named Chance Talon always had intentions of being a world famous detective for the New York Detective agency. When one day he gets called to Maryland to meet a man named Tobar for his first private job...


2. The Way

When the day finally came I went to Maryland all my self just to make sure I wasn't being set up by one of the others at the office. But the whole thing still seemed off still, even more so because I got paid as soon as I took the job. But when I finally got to the location were I was told to meet the man who would take me to this island, I had no idea that the client was the boat man. But when I asked him he said to me " I am the only known human who has ever seen this islands inner darker side, and that's why I need you to find out the mystery of this island". It took a total of three hours to get to the coast line of the island. When I stepped off the boat and all I seen was an old abandoned beach boardwalk, a old light house and a very old wooden mansion. Tobar said that mansion hadn't had smoke coming out of the chimney for years until now.  

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