Point Lookout

A man named Chance Talon always had intentions of being a world famous detective for the New York Detective agency. When one day he gets called to Maryland to meet a man named Tobar for his first private job...


8. The Swamps Hungry

When chance woke up he found himself lying in a puddle of blood and a piece of his head missing he started crying I don't wanna die not here not near here. So he got up and ran to the boat limping while bleeding out he made it to the boardwalk and found tobar looking out to the sea on the opposite side of the boat. Chance ran to tobar With tears of joy and out of nowhere tobar slowly turned around to chance with a gun pointing at him. Tobar said to chance "The swamp sees all, the swamp takes all" and then shot Chance several times till he fell. Chance was lying on the floor in his puddle of blood and tobar kneels down and says out loud it didn't have to end this way chance you could have just died in the institution by the hands of Doctor Knelbus or in the swamps when I cut half your brain out and left you. But anyway your dead now so my research can begin.    

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