Point Lookout

A man named Chance Talon always had intentions of being a world famous detective for the New York Detective agency. When one day he gets called to Maryland to meet a man named Tobar for his first private job...


9. The Downpour

Tobar dumped chances body not to far from the boat.Chance arouse and ran for the board walk it took him about a half hour to get into its sight. Chance ran into the first shop and found a gun he waited until night and headed for tobars boat and found him in the same spot speaking to himself in a sad but worried tone. "Why, why did I do this? why did I kill him? Why? Was it because you demanded me to, uh? Com'on tell me? Is it because my work demands fresh parts? Or was it just for fun? Chance got board of this and shot tobar seven times the same amount he was shot. Tobar lied there dead and limp but chance made sure he was dead by shooting him a couple extra times. Chance went up to the top and sat there crying for the last time promising himself he would never cry again after this night. Chance stood up and got to the boats main controls. But an sound like a scream made him turn around to see a Thin Dark figure right behind him he screamed and shot at the abomination several times till the clip was empty. The abomination slowly approached him and like a force chance walked towards him to see it was Tobar. Then tobar Screamed and Chance fell to the ground and looked up to see tobar opening his mouth with tons of rows of razor teeth and Chance screamed as Tobar ate him. The swamp took all from chance except his sanity, but in the end all he had was his sanity.

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