Point Lookout

A man named Chance Talon always had intentions of being a world famous detective for the New York Detective agency. When one day he gets called to Maryland to meet a man named Tobar for his first private job...


7. Bloods thicker than wine

Chance took a good five minuets to realize that he just ran threw a mental institution that has not been used since the late 1959's and was abandoned. Chance soon got all his bearings together and continued to run onward till he was forced to go threw a dark cave. Chance went in slowly to find nothing visual but the smell of rotten human flesh  he then found an old torch lite it and found blood and severed body parts all over the place. He turned to a wall and found the words written on the wall in blood "The swamp sees all. the swamp takes all". Chance ran away in the opposite way as the way he came to try to escape he found he way out and fainted right as he saw the crucified skeleton again.  

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