Finn's diary

Finn, Blaine, Kurt and Brody, the four sons of William and Emma Schuester, take recorder lessons. Until Sue kicks them out of recorder and they almost get kicked out of Glee club, because blaine keeps messing up. Finn writes in his diary about everything thats going on so far (only about 5 diary entries sorry so short)


5. January 31, 2012

Dear diary,

     Today is regionals and I got my voice back! I can’t wait!! I hope we win!

     I guess I’ll have to write after regionals!!


5:25 PM

     WE WON REGIONALS!!! Nationals, here we come! We sang:

“I love it” by Icona Pop “All or Nothing” which is Marley’s original song “Hall of Fame” by The Script

We won first place! I’m so happy!

     For a while now, Ryder has been texting a girl, but he didn’t know who it was. All he knew was that she was in the Glee club. Today, he asked who it was and Marley said it was her, but she lied. Unique was the one that was texting him the whole time. Now, Ryder is quitting Glee club, and he hates Unique.

     Brittany went all crazy, and whack because she got into college, and then she broke up with Sam over text, and she was being a total diva! Eventually she realized how crazy she was being, and stopped herself. She almost quit Glee Club! I guess she was just as shocked as everyone else, because the girl who thinks the square root of pie is an elephant, got into college. Brittany is actually a smart and beautiful girl. Everyone started calling her dumb, and she eventually believed it, so she became dumb. She realized she was smart, when she found out she got into college, and changed her attitude.

     Anyway, there is no more school, and summer is starting in 2 weeks! Puck and I are probably going to party all summer.

     Bye! :)





*Authors note* I wrote this around the Glee season 4 finale so dont blame me its also my first :)

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