Finn's diary

Finn, Blaine, Kurt and Brody, the four sons of William and Emma Schuester, take recorder lessons. Until Sue kicks them out of recorder and they almost get kicked out of Glee club, because blaine keeps messing up. Finn writes in his diary about everything thats going on so far (only about 5 diary entries sorry so short)


4. January 30, 2012

Dear diary,

     I completely lost my voice! I can’t sing, and regionals is TOMORROW!! Blaine finally got it right!

     I still can’t get over the fact that Brittany S. Pearce hates Britney Spears! It’s too funny!

     Our assignment for the week is a feud. Dad wanted me to do a feud with him, except we’re not sure what to do. Maybe we can mash up “Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC, and “I want it that way” by The Backstreet Boys. I mean, both dad and I absolutely love the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC!

     I just found out who was calling me! It was Kitty! Not Lord Tubbington or Tina, OR Mercedes! Santana told Kitty to prank call me and say it was Lord Tubbington.

     Blaine and Sue are doing a feud. Sue is doing “Super Bass” and Blaine is doing “I still believe”. I wonder how it’ll turn out.

     Rachel’s calling me, one second… I’m back. She wanted me to come over and she said she’s help me gain my voice back again. I remember when she lost her voice and I helped her.

     Anyway, I got to go, it’s like 11:28 PM. Hope I regain my voice.

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