Finn's diary

Finn, Blaine, Kurt and Brody, the four sons of William and Emma Schuester, take recorder lessons. Until Sue kicks them out of recorder and they almost get kicked out of Glee club, because blaine keeps messing up. Finn writes in his diary about everything thats going on so far (only about 5 diary entries sorry so short)


3. January 29, 2012

Dear diary,

     I can’t believe it! I just can’t! Blaine keeps messing up!! He doesn’t know the words to “Scream and Shout”! Even when we rehearsed like 50 times! He completely messed up the choreography too! Brittany, the girl who thinks the square root of pie is an elephant, knows the song AND choreography! Brittany!

     I’m losing my voice from screaming at him! Guess what?! I have a solo with Rachel! Okay… he’s singing it right now, and he’s getting EVERY SINGLE WORD right!

     Mercedes is still calling me… or Tina… I’m still not sure. Maybe I should answer? One second… well, apparently it’s Lord Tubbington, Brittany’s cat. It’s probably Brittany though, because I don’t think a cat can do that.

     Anyway, back to Glee, I hope dad won’t kick us out! I have to go. I'm super tired.

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