Finn's diary

Finn, Blaine, Kurt and Brody, the four sons of William and Emma Schuester, take recorder lessons. Until Sue kicks them out of recorder and they almost get kicked out of Glee club, because blaine keeps messing up. Finn writes in his diary about everything thats going on so far (only about 5 diary entries sorry so short)


2. January 28, 2012

Dear diary,

     Guess what Blaine did today?! He got us kicked out of recorder! What’s his deal? You know what he did? This morning when we went to recorder practice, we started learning the song “Some Nights”. All of a sudden out of nowhere, Blaine decides to play a different song. We didn’t recognize it, well because we were all playing “Some Nights”. Guess what song he was playing? “Party Rock Anthem”! I mean honestly… come on man! This isn’t Pitch Perfect! You can’t just play a different song right in the middle! He thinks he’s Anna Kendrick! Sue literally kicked us out! Are Kurt and I the only normal ones, or is it just me? You know what Quinn told me today? She said that Puck and the rest of Glee club decided, that if Blaine kept messing up, we’d get kicked out of Glee. We will start getting slushies thrown in our face… again. I know it probably won’t happen, because our mom is the guidance councillor, and our dad is the Glee club director, but it’s still not fair! I mean, I agree if Blaine keeps messing up, then we’re toast! We have regionals in 3 days! 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!

     Anyway, it’s like 10:42 P.M and we have an emergency Glee practice tomorrow, so I’m going to need to sleep! Blaine: DON’T MESS UP!

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