Finn's diary

Finn, Blaine, Kurt and Brody, the four sons of William and Emma Schuester, take recorder lessons. Until Sue kicks them out of recorder and they almost get kicked out of Glee club, because blaine keeps messing up. Finn writes in his diary about everything thats going on so far (only about 5 diary entries sorry so short)


1. January 27, 2012

Dear diary,

     I can’t believe Kurt and Brody kept messing up at recorder practice! They made Blaine and I mess up. It was so embarrassing! Now the whole Glee club knows, even my girlfriend Rachel. It’s all Mr. Blabbermouth-Blaine’s fault! Wait, he’s coming in right now… Oh wait that’s Kurt never mind. Anyway what was I saying? Oh ya recorder… it was so embarrassing! For some reason, the song “Don’t Stop Believing” is stuck in my head. Wait, now I know why… never mind. Anyway, Mercedes keeps calling me, but I don’t know why? Well at least I think it is Mercedes… or maybe Tina… whatever.

     Brody keeps stealing my stuff! He stole my clothes, my phone, my $500 watch, my recorder, my girlfriend, and he took half my room! Now I have to share it with him. Luckily I got all of those back… except my room. Blaine and Kurt are lucky. They have their own rooms! I hate being the oldest.


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