A poem I had to write for a competition based on the theme 'Water'.


1. breaking waves.

     golden stretches of the finest sand
     encounter the cresting waves of white foam,
     while boats wander from wave to wave,
     the world their oyster;
     their destination discovery.

     the rolling rivers; the veins of the earth,
     supply the ocean's beating heart with life,
     which the prevailing currents grasp with both
     eloquent, saltwater hands.

     but the iridescent crystal whitecaps
     manipulate our beliefs into forgetting
     the treacherous depths,
     the waves taller than buildings
     and all the anonymities it fails to expose.

     but what scares me the most,
     is we have more knowledge of the
     entirity of space, than we do of
     what is lurking undisturbed
     in the ocean's deepest caverns.

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