is this meant to be

Emily isn´t exactly the popular girl in school. Her friend Justin is the only one that cares enough to protect her from her bully Louis Tomlinson. It´s simple, she hates him and he hates her. He call her names like bitch and things like that. One day when Emily is about to go to her locker in school she spotted Louis with the popular guys in the school ( the idiots). "They can make me popular" he said. That was when he started bullying her.


2. Music

After geography it was lunch and after that we had music, then we could go home. Now it was 10 mins to lunch. I did one more page about brains, then the clock went on again. I almost ran to the back of the school to hide from Louis and his friends. I spent the time crying about that i can´t have a normal life one day without him hurting me. The clock went on once again and i went to the next lesson. I hate music because i have Louis in this class and i also hate the attention. "So, today you are going to be 2 and 2, every pair are going to pick a song that the both of you will sing in front of the class." Our teacher said when she got into the classroom. The only thing i though was "please, just please don´t let it be Louis!" "Alice and Sam, Hannah and John, Molly and Justin, Emily and August, oh sorry, i meant Louis." I did NOT just get with Louis! This is the worst day ever. "Okay go sit by your partner and then you can start. I saw Louis walk to my table and i just hoped he wouldn´t bully me. "Hey" he said. "Hi" i said as short as possible. "What song do you want to perform?"I hope he likes to sing, cause i don´t. I actually had no idea! "ehm, i don´t know, you?" "It doesn`t matter, just not any punk or rock." "Yeah" Just say a song Emily! I though to myself. "What about Hey, Soul Sister?" I said hoping he would say yes. "Sounds like a good idea." We sat in the corner and started to practice. "You have a great voice" He said when we were done practicing. "Thanks, you too" i replied. 



"Emily and Louis, it´s your turn" mrs Parks said. Louis and i went down to where the others stood when they sung their song. "Ready?" Louis asked me. "Yeah" i replied. He started playing the guitar and waited for me to start.


Hey hey hey

Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my 

left side brains

I knew i wouldn´t forget you and

so i went and let you blow my mind

Your sweet moonbeam

the smell of you in every single dream i dream

I knew when we collided you´re the one i

have decided

who´s one of my kind


Hey, soul sister 

ain´t that mr. mister 

on the radio

stereo the way you move

ain´t fair you know.


Hey soul sister

i don´t wanna miss a single thing you do



hey hey hey


just in time

i´m so glad you have a one

track mind like me

you gave my life direction

a game show love connection

we can´t deny.


i´m so obsessed

my heart is bound

to beat right out

my untrimmed chest


i believe in you, like a virgin

you´re Madonna

and i´m always gonna

wanna blow your mind


hey soul sister

ain´t that mr. mister on the radio


the way you move ain´t fair you know.


"Wow, you are best today" the teacher said.
















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