Enchanted Twins

Harry has a sisiter, Ciara. Living with their Pipping hot Uncle, Snoty Aunt, and lazy Cousin, makes life hard. Ciara struggles but harrys there for her. But what will happen when they are invited to Hogwarts..meeting new people in the dead of night..


3. Painfull Events...Painfull Feelings.

Morning crept in slowly. Harry had eventually fallen asleep. No one was in the room when he woke, he was alone like he would be until he got Ciara back or even if he did. He didn’t change out of his clothes he wasn’t even hungry but he decided to go down to the hall. As he was walking down the stairs afew pictures looked at him, like they knew what had been going on. When Harry was at the doors of the dining hall he stopped, took a breath and walked in slowly. He noticed Ronny had seen him and nudged Hermione, she looked up and give a quick smile. He just looked at her, she stood up and stepped over her seat. Harry stopped, he knew what she was doing…and he was right, Hermione started walking towards him. She looked like she knew everything that had been going on. An over whelming surge took over Harry, a flood of tears filled his eyes, he looked up at the teachers table, Snape wasn’t there nor was Dumbledore, he turned and walked out of the hall, tears running down his cheeks like water falling from glass. he didn’t even look back at Hermione who was half way up the dining hall.

Harry made his way back to his room, he slammed the door behind him and threw himself on the bed, buried his head in his pillow and cried. That’s all he did all day, he didn’t go to class, he didn’t eat..

The next two days felt like weeks for him. Ronny had tried talking to him but Harry said nor did anything.

“ Harry…you ok?.. Harry, look me and Hermione… we are worried for you.”

When it came night time, Harry curled up in bed and looked out the window that was beside his bed and prayed for him to be able to see Ciara again. 

It was another day before Harry made it out of bed. He forced himself to get dressed and go down to the dining hall. He sat in his usual place at the table. Hermione and Ron looked at each other every now and again..

” Harry…Hermione said softly, eat something at least, you haven’t eaten in three days.”

Harry looked at her, he didn’t feel the need for eating but to make things look a little better he reached over the table and grabbed a roll of bread. He tore it apart into small bits and slowly eat them forcing them down his throat.

” You know,” Ron said,” Dumbledore wasn’t sitting up at the table yesterday or the day before..”

 Harry looked up at Ron the colour draining from his face.. He quickly looked round to look up at the front of the hall. To a relief there sitting in the middle of the long table was Dumbledore. Harry then looked further up the table…but there was no Snape..

” Well,” Harry said with a bit of enthusiasm,” at least his here today!” Hermione smiled at him.

“ Well its Good to hear your voice again.” Hermione smiled.

 Harry smiled but it left his face as quick as it came.

As soon as Breakfast was over, classes began. Harry wanted to go to his class for it was defence against the dark arts.

On his way to class, Dumbledore stopped him.

“ Harry!” he shouted down the corridor. Harry looked round, he felt a warming feeling inside him, he was happy to see Dumbledore was ok. “Harry, come to my room, I want to talk to you.” These words where like daggers to him, he froze for a second then told himself it was for the best and followed Dumbledore to his room.

Come up“, Dumbledore waved his hand.

Harry took his time in making his way up to his desk.

“ wha-“ Dumbledore began but stopped and looked up at Harry..” Im not going to lie to you Harry, but you should know…That the man that was in the school three nights ago and the man that took Ciara…was Voldemort..”

Harry shoot his head up in worry. “ what do you mean!” Harry snapped, “ you mean… Voldemort has MY sister!!”

Dumbledore didn’t looked at him, his head but bowed down looking at his desk.

 All different feeling where mixing in Harry. “ Harry,” Dumbledore said putting a hand up to calm him. “Snape was not in the hall today for he was in his room, working..”

Harry’s eyes narrowed.” I don’t believe you, he wasn’t working, he was probably out guarding the school!”

” The pictures that move. They saw something and reported it to Snape, so naturally Snape came to me.”

Harry took a breathe… "Please Professor…Help me get my sister back.”

Dumbledore looked at him with a frail look to him. Dumbledore knew it was going to be hard and there could be consequences.

“ Its not as Simple as it sounds, I know that…But she Is my sister…she the only family I’ve got.” Harry’s eye stung like there was needles in them trying not to cry. There was an awkward silence.

There is only so much we can do Harry.” Dumbledore said his eyes sunken.

Harry gritted his teeth.

“ If you would tell me WHY Voldemort was in the school in the first place it Might Help!” Harry shouted.

Dumbledore was not impressed but knew Harry had a point, he didn’t want to argue with him.

“ Im sorry Harry but…” Harry’s eyes burned at him. “ Alright…but no-one is too know…There is something in the school, that any dark lord would KILL to have…and Voldemort needs this…he needs it more than anything..”

Harry was getting worried.

“ You don’t think he took Ciara for what every this is he wants?” Harry said with tears running down his face.

“ Don’t worry boy, we will get Ciara back. Now I think you should get to class…”

 Harry stepped back still looking at Dumbledore through blurred vision. Harry turned and walked down the steps towards the door.

“ Harry,” Dumbledore called, “No one is too know that you were talking about what happened three nights ago..” Dumbledore’s face was serious and at that Harry left.

As Harry made his way to defense against the dark arts class everything that Dumbledore said was whizzing through Harry’s mind.

“ Any dark lord would KILL for, Snape was in his room, working. The pictures saw something and reported it.” 

Not looking where is was going he walked into a teacher. It was Prof.Mcgonagall.

“ Potter,” she said surprised, “Are you ok after every thing that has been going on? I haven’t seen you in the dining hall.”

 Harry didn’t want to tell her that he had been sitting in bed, but he didn’t want to lie after all she did try and protect him.

“ Im ok..erm.. ive haven’t been hungry..”

Mcgonagal raised one eyebrow at him. “Potter, what happened …I know how you feel.”

Harry looked at her looking into her ice blue eyes.

“ No…no you don’t.” he said.

She put a hand on his shoulder and said, “ Alright…get to class now.”

Harry walked off.

When he got to class they had been given their first wands.

“ Harry,” said the teacher. “Since you are late can you come up and get your wand?”

Harry walked up to the desk and he was handed his wand. Harry looked at it for a second gripping it tightly. The teacher looked at him.

” Is there something wrong..? The teacher asked .

Harry didn’t reply and just went and sat down beside Ron. Ron looked at him.

“ Harry? Ron asked a little scared, Is everything ok with you and that wand of yours..?” Again Harry didn’t reply he was staring at the wand.

“ Yeah," he replied, "Everything is fine Ron..”

When the class was over Harry slipped the wand into his pocket and walked out. Ron and Hermione looked at each other in wonder.

“ If you ask me,” Hermione said, “Harry’s going abit off the rails don’t you think ??” Ron just looked at her and rolled his eyes.

” Wouldn’t you if your sister was missing!” he snapped. Ron walked off on her annoyed at what she had said. Hermione didn’t understand, she knew Ciara was missing but not who had her or what exactly had happened three nights ago.

When Gryffindor got to their flying class, Madam Hooch got them stuck into it straight away. Their was no fun about the class you just had to do what she said when she said it. Harry wasn’t really interested in it but just went alone with it. Ron stood beside him.

“ Harry”, he said trying to get his broom to rise. “ I don’t mean to bring it up …but you know the way Ciara went missing three nights ago..?”

Harry sighed and stopped saying, Up. “ Yeesss…what about it?”

“ well don’t you think for your first day at Hogwarts it was a little messed up and a bit of an adventure..?”

Harry’s eye shoot up at him. “ AN ADVENTURE!” he shouted. Harry’s was furious not thinking he let slip “ I wouldcall seeing my sister getting took away by….“

Harry stopped he had caught on to what he was just about to say. Ron had stopped too, staring at Harry with his mouth open like he was trying to catch flies.

“ Ro-“

“what on earth is wrong with you..“ Ron interrupted.

Harry stepped back then ran into the school, swearing at himself for nearly letting slip of what had gone on. Madam Hooch looked up just in time to see him running.

 “ Excuse may young Lassy! Where do you fink er going?!” she shouted. Harry was so fussed he didn’t hear a word that she shouted at him. Harry ran through the large arch doors that where open for the pupils and teachers.

At the flying class Ron still wasn’t doing a thing, Madam Hooch had ran into the school after Harry. She came back afew seconds later with a face on her that looked like she had just been in a tomato fight with voldemort which had gone wrong. “ Everyone stay here” , she demanded staring round at everyone. “ If I see ONE toe on a broom stick there will be punishment !” she walked away after that.

Everyone looked at each other, but Ron was still standing on his own staring into space. Hermione saw him and walked over to him.

“ …Ron, you look like you just saw a Troll!” Ron looked at her.

“i-me-I mean, we, had a fight Hermione, I didn’t mean anything, but he just flipped his lid and stormed off..” Ron’s eyes sunk in annoyance with himself.

Hermione stood brows tensed and lips pouting in anger. “ I said to you not toay anything to him Ronald! What exactly did you say?

Ron pouted his lips out and shrugged his shoulder..” about how his time so far in Hogwarts has been..an..Adventure of sorts?”

Hermione gasped, “ YOU TOAD RON!”.

Ron pointed his finger up at the doors leading into the school and Hermione ran into the school.Ron running behind Hermione like a lost puppy couldn’t help but feel like all this was his faut.

“ Im sorry Hermione!” Ron said a little louder than normal.

“ Ron I cant believe you would compare Harry’s events to an ADVENTURE!” she quickened her pace, almost as if in a huff and trying to leave Ron behind.

Not thinking of looking round the corner, Hermione ran into a teacher.

“ HER-“

 But before Ron could say anymore he ran into her and the teacher.

 “Ouch!” Hermione looked up flushed and saw she had ran into Snape. “Oh, Professor Snape. Im SO sorry I di-“

“Miss Granger,” he said holding his side, “Mr.Weasley, what are you doing rampaging through the school while you should be at class!?” Snape sneered.

Hermione looked at Ron then looked at Snape. “ well-we-we where just looking for ..Ermm well..” Hermione couldn’t say the rest. Snape just looked at them with an eyebrow raised.

“Don’t run about the school like wild hounds because you might just…run into a …teacher.” 

“Ok!” Hermione half shouted.

Snape was still looking at them. Hermione looked at Ron scared that they where going to get Detention.

” Ok..“, Snape grunted, then walked off still looking his side.

“Gee,” Ron said gulping. “What’s up with him!”

“ God, Ron he is always like that…didn’t you see?”

“ See what??” Ron looked at her with his head coaked to the side.

“ You know your stupid sometimes and don’t see the things that REALLY matter!” Hermione snapped at him.” He was holding his side silly! Some how he has hurt it ..?”      

“Look“, Ron began but was interrupted by Hermione.

“ We will find out what is going on now lets get out of here and find Harry!” Hermione grabbed Ron by the sleeve and hauled him down toward the dorms.

When Ron and Hermione got to Gryffindors common room they didn’t find Harry sitting in one of the chairs. Hermione screamed harry’s name over an over again looking dazed around the room.

“HARRY!” There was a thump from the bedrooms upstairs. Foot steps could be heard coming down the stairs. Hermione zipped round to see who it was. To their relief it was Harry.

“ Harry!” Hermione squealed and threw herself round Harry like a baby koala bear. Harry gave a grunt as she hurled at him nearly knocking him over. “ Harry do you know how worried we where about you! You shouldn’t just storm off like that!” she looked at him her eyes running him up and down.

“ Hermi-“

“Madam Hooch is furious with you!”

“That’s fine Hermione I’ll just tell her I wasn’t feeling well and needed the Bathroom..”  !” Harry’s eyes widened and he took a breath. He turned to look at Ron who was looking up at him with hs head bowed. Not wanting to speak Ron sat down on the nearest chair.

“Ron has something to say,” Hermione said cleverly, “Don’t you RON!”

“ Its fine Hermione, just let things lie..” Harry said staring at Ron.

Before anyone else could speak Ron butted in. “Harry. I feel terrible for what I said, but I just was trying to get across that things haven’t been, normal, for you or us. Me and Hermione, we don’t know anything and Im fed up with not knowing what happened..”

There was silence for a second.

“ I cant tell you Ron, and Hermione, its just one of those things.”

Ron shook his head and got up from his chair, “ Fine,” He said, “ Just goes to show who your true friends really are. That you cant even trust me and Hermione with what happened to Ciara!”

Rom stormed out of the room and slammed the door behind him.

There was tension in the air between Hermione and Harry. Finally Hermione spoke.

 “ Sorry Harry but I just want the truth about Ciara…if she is hurt or…or wo-Worse..”

Harry didn’t reply.Harry sat down around the fireplace of the common and room and waved his hand for Hermione to join him.

After a few minutes of fire staring and drying his eyes up Harry began to tell Hermione about everything that happened three nights ago.

“What!” Hermione squealed.”Oh my potions Harry! What if Ciara’s hurt or worse..i mean” Hermione couldn’t say anymore for the thought of Ciara being hurt was too much for her.

An over whelming surge of pain took over Harry. His eyes filled up with tears, he tried holding them back, but for such a harsh subject that was so close to him, he couldn’t stop it. He tried looking away before Hermione  could get a glimpse of his eyes. She looked up and just caught a tear running down his cheek.

“ Harry…im SO sorry!” She got up and knelt down beside Harry. Harry felt worse for the attention he was getting which made him cry even harder. Hermione looked at harry sad tosee him in such a state.

Hermione wrapped her arms around Harry. Harry was sobbing so hard it echoed around the room like death. The fact that Hermione was crying too didn’t help him. He hugged her back thinking that it might make him feel better. But he didn’t feel anything he was numb from the inside out, like his soul had been carved out with an apple corer.

Dark rain clouds were closing in. The sun got blocked by the storm making the room darker than it was.

Hermione was still sobbing with Harry in her arms.

“ Im sorry Harry.” Hermione cried again.” Its bound to be hard….no-not having some one here to stand by you when mo-most needed…”

Ron had now walked back into the common room and to his shock found Hermione and Harry on the foor crying and hugging, he couldn’t understand what was going on so he went over to where the two where sitting and put a hand on Harry’s shoulder. He felt best not to say anything so sat down beside Hermione and rubbed Harry’s arm.

The Three of them sat together for the next half hour.

The Room got darker and darker as the storm closed in, but it seemed to be getting darker and darker as the mood in the room saddened.

Thinking of nothing but Ciara… who on-one knew if they would see again.. The thought to Harry was so painfully his stomach twisted and turned inside out, his mind whizzing about everything he and Ciara had done in their time together.. His feelings thrown about made everything sem like all was already too late for Ciara. Nothing could change the fact that he was lost…everything seemed hopeless to him…


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