Enchanted Twins

Harry has a sisiter, Ciara. Living with their Pipping hot Uncle, Snoty Aunt, and lazy Cousin, makes life hard. Ciara struggles but harrys there for her. But what will happen when they are invited to Hogwarts..meeting new people in the dead of night..


2. Hogwarts Schools of Witchcraft and Wizardry!


2 hours later..


Hagrid slowed down and landed at a large arch way that lead into a castle. Ciara had fallen asleep but Harry was too confused and excited to go to sleep.

“ Here we are,“ Hagrid said joyfully, “Welcome to Hogwarts!”

“This is where we are going to be …staying?” Harry asked stunned.

“ well yes Harry…why don’t you like it..?”

“Ohh no there is nothing wrong …its just so…”-

“unreal?”, Hagrid interrupted.

“ YES!!”

“ Well that’s magic for you boy,” Hagrid laughed. “Anyways shall we get you in and put to bed for you have a big day tomorrow.”

“ yes, ohh…but how are we going to get Ciara in…she’s asleep and she hates being woken up when she’s that tired.”

“ HAHA, don’t worry I’ll take her in.” Hagrid walked to the other side of the motorbike and opened up a small door to the extra seat, he then put one arm under Ciaras legs and one arm around her ribs and picked her up like a small floppy rag doll. He then told Harry to follow him at his heels and not to be wondering off anywhere. With Ciara in his arms and Harry glued to his side they quickly made their way into the castle. When Harry, Ciara and hagrid got into the school they were greeted by Professor Mcgonagal.

“ Harry potter,” she said delighted, what I pleasure it is to see you!”

“ Thank you miss.”

“ Ohh no need to call me miss you may call me ,Professor or professor Mcgonagal.”

“ Yes Professor“, Harry said a little scared. Wondering if he was dreaming or actually living a different life, at the moment it was hard to tell.

“ Now shall we show you to your rooms?” Asked professor.

“ Ah a slight problem here Mcgonagal” Hagrid said…“The little one has fallen asleep,” he raised his arms just a little to show that Ciara was truly well asleep.

“ Awh don’t worry there Hagrid, im sure for this only reason you can carry little Ciara into the girls dormitory.”

Professor showed the way to the rooms she went to the girls dormitory first and then to the boys.

“ Here we are Harry. This is where you will be staying. Tomorrow you have a big day so I would get some good well needed sleep my boy. You will find some pyjamas on the bed and by tomorrow your belongings will be here.”

Mcgonagal walked out and closed the door behind her. It was quite in the room and everyone was sleeping so Harry had to be silent. He sneaked over to his bed and got into the blue striped pyjamas that where left on his bed. It was late and Harry was tired so he climbed into bed and fell asleep within a matter of minutes.


Harry woke the next morning to find a ginger haired boy sitting on the side of the his bed.

“ AWHH!” Harry screamed and jumped out of bed nearly falling out.

“ wow there I didn’t mean to scary you, sorry. My name is Ronny, Ronny Weasley, I didn’t know we had any others to come last night…Hold on a cricket!! Your HARRY POTTER!!”

Harry looked at him a minute and said ,

“ yes I am…my name is Harry potter…why ? How do you know that ?!” Do you….do you have the..? Ronny asked slowly.

“ The what..??”

Ronny pointed to his head.

“ Ohh my scar ? Harry asked confused.

“ why do you say that like you don’t know what im on about??” Ronny asked concerned.

“ Its just…a scar nothing special about it really , I got it when I was a baby…”

“ Harry don’t you know how you…“Ronny stopped and looked down at the floor and then up at Harry…“im guessing you don’t know how you got that scar do you ??”

“ What?? I mean, Ronny I don’t know what your on about…I probably fell or something!!”

“ Right” said Ronny. “you’re the boy who lived Harry!!”

“ Look,” Harry said putting his hands up in confusion…“im Sorry Ron Weasley but im confused , im going to get dressed, find my sister and then go get some Breakfast.”

“ Well…you wont be getting breakfast just so fast…” Ronny said half laughing.

“ Why not??”

“ Because we have to be put into our houses yet!”


Harry got dressed and then went down the stairs into a large room with a fire place.

“ This is the common room…its not just for a certain house it’s the whole schools common room, when we are put into our houses we have our own common rooms …cool isn’t it?? Ronny asked Harry.

” Yeah I guess so..” Harry said a little surprised.

“ Come on I’ll show you to the dining hall.”

Harry and Ronny made their way down to the hall on the way there they passed a few paintings which moved and talked.

“ This is SO cool!” Harry smiled, looking all round him at the paintings that stopped in their conversations to stare at Harry.

“ I have to warn you Harry…these stairs they have a mind of their own they like to change.”

“ Change…as in move??”

“ Yes, when I got here last night we where told about the painting and the stair cases.”

“ Ohh right, cool but kind of scary at the same time.” Harry said.

When Ron and Harry got to the dining hall they had to stand at the front, in front of a large table with teachers sitting at it.

“ HARRY!” came a voice beside him.

Harry turned round to see his sister walking over to him with a huge smile on her face. She pushed past a few people and then leaped at Harry and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“ Thank God I found you, I was getting worried! Isn’t this place amazing??” She asked smiling.

“ Yeah its is, and im glad to see you too, Harry said half choking for Ciara had her arms that tightly wrapped around his neck he could barely breath. Ciara let go and smiled at him,

“I don’t remember how I got into bed Harry but I was in bed DRESSED!!”

“ Ohh yeah, that“, Harry said looking away half smiling.

“ QUITE!!” came a loud voice from in front of the crowd of children.

“ I’ll tell you all about it later“, Harry whisper to his sister. Ciara just looked at Harry with a frown and then looked up at the large table to see what was happening.

“ I would like to welcome to Hogwarts our new first years. They only arrived last night so if they need any help getting around I would like the older ones to help them. My name is Professor Dumbledore and I am headmaster of Hogwarts witch craft and Wizardry.”

“ Blimey Harry,” Ronny whispered, “he’s scary!”

Harry laughed and just looked at Dumbledore. He had a large white beard and long white hair that reached nearly half way down his back.

“ Now,” Dumbledore said, “what we are going to do first years is each one of you will be called up and you will look into the bowl of intension and be told what house you will be placed into. There are four house, Gryffindor,Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.”

Dumbledore walked over to the water and waved his hand above it.

“ Now as soon as your name is called you will be come up here and look straight into the bowl.”

He then took out a peace of paper from his cloak and untied the blue ribbon around it.

“ Albert Humint“, Dumbledore called out.

Ciara grabbed Harry’s hand and squeezed it tightly.

” Geeze sissy could you hold my hand any tighter?”

Ciara just looked at Harry and smiled nervously. Meanwhile Albert was looking into the water a voice called out,

“ Hufflepuff!”

“ Next, Hermione Granger!” Dumbledore roared.

Ciara looked round to a girl with thick wavy gingery, blonde hair and smiled.

” Good luck Hermione!” she said to her.

Hermione walked up the three steps and looked into the water not blinking once.

” You know her?” Harry asked Ciara.

“ Yes we meet this morning, she is very smart but can get on your nerves for she can have a habit of talking non-stop!”

Harry smiled at his sister. Proud of how she was already making friends made Harry see that Hogwarts was friendly and more welcoming than any school.

” well im glad your making friends Ciara!”

“ Thanks Harry!”

“GRYFFINDOR!” Hermione smiled and walked over to a middle table where lots of other students where sitting.

“ Draco Malfoy??” Dumbledore called out. A small white haired, pale boy walked up to the bowl of intensions.

“ He doesn’t sound too nice.“ Ronny said looking at Harry worried.

” I think its just because of his name and the way his hair is so white.” Harry said trying to make things sound better.

“ No Harry he isn’t that nice a boy, his….his father is Lucius Malfoy!” “

“And who is he??” Harry asked sarcastically.

” A very rich and very powerful wizard… don’t get on the wrong side of Draco or he’ll have his father hunting you for your HEAD!” Ronny said sternly.

“Owh…ok I’ll know for the future!”


Draco stepped down and walked over to one of the far tables. Ronny was called next, he was scared because he knew Slytherin was one he didn’t want to go into and his two older brother George and Fred where in Gryffindor. He walked slowly up to the water and looked into it…there was silence for a minute and then Dumbledore shouted,”Gryffindor!”

Ronny took a deep breath, smiled and then walked over to the middle table. After another two people where called out one being Ginny Weasley, Ronny’s sister who was also in Gryffindor and the other boy was put into Hufflepuff, Harry was called. When Harry’s name was called out everyone started muttering and looking up at him. Harry looked round while he walked up to the bowl and couldn’t understand why everyone had started talking and pointing at him.

“ QUITE!” Dumbledore shouted.

Dumbledore put a hand on Harry’s shoulder and walked him over to the bowl. Before Harry looked into the water, he looked at all the teacher… they where all smiling at him…except one. A Teacher with short messy black hair and was dressed in all black was staring at him in a way that scared Harry and worried him.. Harry looked away as fast as he could and looked into the bowl..

There was a hard pause then Dumbledore smiled at Harry and shouted ” …GRYFINNDOR!”

Harry walked off pushing past the other first years, who where all staring at him. Harry felt uncomfortable but when he got to the middle table Ronny’s two older brother greeted him nicely and shock hands with him.

“ My names George, nice to meet you Harry!”

“ Hello Harry! My name is Fred, im Ron Weasley older, wiser brother!” Harry laughed and shock his hand then smiled at Ronny. Ronny just rolled his eyes and sighed.

“ Ohh Harry, Ciara cried and hugged him. Im so glad your in the same house as me!”

“ yeah same here Ciara”, and hugged her back.

Dumbledore stepped up onto a platform and cleared his throat.

After a while all the pupils names were called, and everyone was sorted into their houses.

” QUITE! Dumbledore croaked. “Its time we eat now.“

Dumbledore took out a wand from his pocket and waved it in the air, only a few seconds later was there food laid out at each and every table.

” WOW! Ronny gasped. This is amazing!”

“ Yeah im glad im hungry”, Ciara said laughing.

Harry wasn’t really that interested in the food and looked round to find the teacher with the short black hair was still looking at him weirdly..

”Fred??” Harry asked.

“ Yes Harry?” Fred replied taking a piece of French toast.

“who’s that teacher up there with the short black hair??”

“ Ohh,” said Fred, “that’s Professor Snape, weird teacher not very friendly, whatever you do Harry don’t talked back at him, actually only talk to him if you HAVE to!”

“ Ok“, Harry said worried.

” Ciara!…Ciara!” came a voice beside her.

“ Ohh Hermione, I wondered where you had got off to.”

“ Ciara look UP at the ceiling!” Hermione said looking up.

Ciara looked and gasped, “ WOW! that’s amazing!”

Ciara was staring at the ceiling looking up at what looked like arches floating in the middle of a days sky with birds flying around.

“ Its not real you know..“ Hermione said, “Its just the magic they use makes it look like that.”

“ But Hermione,” Ciara said, “Magic is real, so if that’s magic then its real …yes??”

“ Ermm…kind of…its hard to explain really.”

“ Harry.” Ciara nudged him in the side. Harry turned round.

“ Hey, what??”

“ Harry look up at the ceiling,”

” it’s AMAZING!!”

Harry looked and smiled. “ Cool! How in the world is that possible!”

“ Magic Ciara” said proud, “Hermione told me.”

“That’s cool.” Harry’s tone of voice had changed,

“OH.MY.GOD! Ciara is that your brother!!??” Hermione asked shocked. “…Yeeaahh?? Why?” Ciara said stopping mid way in picking up a hand full of grapes.

“ Harry Potter!??”

“That’s me“, Harry said.

“ You’re the boy who lived!? Hermione shouted.

The people at their table stopped eating and looked at her. Then at Harry and started talking amongst themselves and looking at him in amazement.

“ Look.” Harry said, “I don’t know what you are on about, Ronny was going on about the same thing earlier.. And to be honest yeah I have a sc-”

“SCAR!” Hermione exclaimed. “Harry that scar was giving to you by…im not allowed to say it.”

“ Not allowed to say what..?” Harry asked with a frown.

Hermione just looked away and then started eating. Harry looked over at Ronny but Ronny did the same.

“ Ciara, can you come with me a minute.” Harry asked her.

” Yeah sure but where are we going?”

“ To find someone.” Harry and Ciara got up from the table and starting walking towards the door. Snape saw them leaving and followed them.. “ Harry do you even know where you are going?? We only got here last night and to be honest I saw nothing because I was sleeping and don’t remember a thing…so do you ??”

Harry didn’t say anything he was looking all around him wondering where to go…

” Im trying to find a door like an entrance..”

“ Well it’s a BIG place Harry so …there is lots of doors! Ciara snapped. Snape walked around the corner in front of them. Harry and Ciara nearly walked into him.

“ Good morning…going somewhere???” Snape asked.

Harry and Ciara just looked at him.

” Hmm seems like someone has cut your tongues… “

“we-we wh-where just going…“Ciara couldn’t say anymore for she didn’t know where they where going or what they where doing. Snape turned his head to look at Ciara…he stopped and just stared at her …with this blank face on him..

“ Sorry professor,” Harry said …“we where going to find Hagrid..?”

“ And whyyy would you want to find him..?” Snape asked looking down upon Harry

“ I…I…wanted to ask him a few…questions.”

“ Hmm. very well he’s outside down by the Jet forest…If you get lost don’t come crying to me !”

He looked at Ciara once more and narrowed his eyes then walked off.

“ Harry….why-why was he looking at me like that?” Ciara asked scared. “ I don’t know, maybe you look like someone he doesn’t like..” Harry looked at Ciara and then put an arm around her and walked outside. Harry and Ciara found Hagrids quite easily.

“ Come on Ciara I need to talk to him.”

“But Harry,” Ciara said stopping and grabbing his arm. WHO is he!?” “ he’s the man that brought us here last night!” Ciara gasped.

“ So is that how I got into bed!?”

“ Ermm, yeah…he kind of …carried you.”

“ WHAT!” Ciara screamed going red.

“ Ciara its no big deal now can we please GO! He‘s a lovely man, really, no need to fuss over him carrying you to bed. And beside I told him not to waken you up!”

Ciara just looked at Harry sternly and walked past him towards Hagrids. Harry ran over to her and walked beside her. .

When they got to Hagrids door Harry knocked on the door. Hagrid opened it and looked down.

“ Ahh Harry, Ciara, what can I do for you??”

“ Hagrid I need to talk to you…about…something..”

Hagrid looked at Harry concerned.

“ Ok well if you have to, come on in.”

Harry went in first then Ciara a little uncomfortable.

“ Sit down, sit down there’s plenty of room.” Hagrid said smiling.

Harry sat down in the chair, that was so big it might as well swallowed him whole.

“ Hagrid…I need to ask you…how did you know our names and …why is everyone…talking about me like im famous!!?”

“Ohh..” Hagrid said sighing. “well…I don’t know where to start…but …when you where only a tiny little baby, the both of you…I collected you…and took you to your Auntie and Uncles.”

“ why did you have to do it?”, asked Ciara confused “…our parents died in a car accident, so how did u find out about it ?”

“ CAR ACCIDENT!? Hagrid shouted. “Dear girl who ever told you tha-Ohh …Ciara that’s a lie. Your parents didn’t die. In a car accident.” Hagrid looked away.

“ But…“ Ciara started to wheal up, ”wh-why would our auntie and Uncle li-lie to us like that!?” she sniffed back a tear trying to control her anger and sadness at the same time.

“ Because your Auntie and Uncle couldn’t tell you the truth,” Hagrid said clutching his hands tight.

“Look,” he said, “your parents died in a more terrible tragic accident…a

“Hagrid,” Harry said, “Its only us and you have to tell us…your talking about OUR parents here!”

“ Alright ..Ok,” sighed Hagrid. “A very bad, evil, dark wizard named…Goranus.. was sent to kill your parents.. BUT, he was killed by your father, who was also a wizard. This caused his…well boss to come after your family, and when this wizard came to your house, he killed your parents. Harry…you lived when he tried to kill you ! That’s why everyone is probably talking about you or wanting to see that scar of yours.”

“ That’s what everyone’s on about then ..?”

“ Yes..” Hagrid said relaxing back in his chair.

Ciara was annoyed,,, there was no need for her to come. Except to find out about her parents death. Which was horrifying to hear, now she knew she didn’t need to know anything more, she felt like there was no part of her in her parents death.

” Harry,” Ciara said wiping away the last tear that was running down her cheek, “im going to go back to the dinning hall now im hungry.”

“ ok Ciara ill see you in class!”

Ciara got up from the bench and walked to the door but before she reached it Harry placed a hand on Ciara’s shoulder Ciara got up from the bench and walked to the door.

“ Ohh Ciara wait,” Hagrid said. “You’ll probably not be able to open the door its quite heavy.”

“ ohh thank you Hagrid“, Ciara said smiling up at him.

“ And Ciara…im sorry about your parents…“ Hagrid stroked her cheek and let her out the door. Ciara walked up the hill and back to into Hogwarts.

“There you are, “Hermione said back in the dinning room. “ where were you we only have five minutes left until we go to class.”

“ Ohh yeah sorry about that. Harry needed to see someone.”

“Ciara have you been ….crying??” Hermione asked concerned.

“ No….No why ?”

“It just looks like it. Anyway I cant believe your brother is HARRY POTTER does he have…you know the scar..?”

Ciara just rolled her eyes, “Yeah he does…he has the scar.”

“ You must be proud to be his sister Ciara. Ronny said.

“ Yeah so proud …I didn’t even know. I mean… never mind!” Ciara didn’t want to say she didn’t even know about the murder of her parents because she wasn’t sure who knew the full story, and she didn’t even know what they where one about Harry and his scar so she couldn’t all of sudden know about it.

Dumbledore stepped up onto the platform. “Everyone, everyone quite down. I hope the first years…you have enjoyed your dinner and when you leave here James Mcfern, head boy will be taken Gryffindor to their first class, Alberton Javier will be taking Slytherin, Hannah Barkwit for Hufflepuff and Kean Minopter for Ravenclaw. Now when you leave here today for your classes I don’t want anyone wondering off, and the 3rd floor is out of bounds by any means…now off to class all of you!”

” Lovely,” Hermione said, “I guess we better follow James for we DON’T want to be getting lost!”

Ciara just rolled her eyes and sighed she didn’t not like Hermione she just thought she was a bit annoying.

Gryffindor lined and walked out of the hall. Ciara was at the front walking beside James, she hadn’t even remembered about Harry being at Hagrids!

“ James?” Ciara asked him. “What class are we going to first??”

“ Ohh well that would be potions class, Professor Severus Snape will be taking you.”

“ Ohh and ….what is he like..?”

“ He was the teacher sitting up at the table with the short black hair and dressed in all black, not the nicest of teachers I wouldn’t want to get on his bad side.”

Ciara remembered about Snape staring at her. She didn’t like him,

Great! she thought.

On the way to potions class Harry came running after them.

“ Ciara!” he shouted.

Ciara turned around and saw Harry running like a Hare after his class.

“ Harry, where were you?”

“ Im sorry Hagrid kept me talking…”

“ Yeah well everyone seems to know you well enough im sure if you skipped a few classes you wouldn’t get into bother.”

Harry just looked at her, their class was moving on but Harry couldn’t understand what her attitude meant.

“ Ciara..what do you mean ??” he asked surprised.

” You know what I mean Harry.” She growled. “You and that scar of yours…because some almighty powerful wizard tried to kill you!” she walked off at that after her class before they went out of sight. Harry was shocked by what she had said, he had only found out about why people stared at him…but he didn’t know nearly everyone knew.. He walked on after his class and after Ciara to.

Potions class wasn’t a comfortable class, Snape was strict and everything had to be right, Hermione knew the answer to every question he asked, it seemed that only hermione put up her hand. Snape didn’t ask her for an answer he just stared around the room and then said,

“ Only one…how disappointing.”

Near the end of class he sat behind his desk watching around the room Ciara kept on fidgeting with things for she was uncomfortable.

When Potions class was over they went to Defence against the dark arts class. Through the whole class Ciara didn’t speak to Harry once, Harry tried but she just turned her head away.

Next was Herbology class. Gryffindor made their way out to the green house to meet their teacher Professor Stem.

In Herbology the class had to learn about Devils Snare and how to do spells to deal with them.

“ Harry, Ronny said. “Is everything ok between you and Ciara..?”

Harry looked in the direction of Ciara and then looked at Ronny.

“ I don’t know..”

Harry didn’t want to tell Ron what exactly the problem was so he just left it that he didn’t know.. There wasn’t any more classes after Herbology, because it was dinner. Ciara walked out of class on her own and made her way back into the castle. Harry felt bad for what he was, but knew there was nothing he could do about it. On the way to the hall a group of girls stopped Harry and asked him questions, he tried to get away but they kept on grabbing him and pulling him back.

“ So Harry Potter what’s t like to be the ONE WHO LIVED!”

“ Ohh Harry you’re a celebrity don’t you want a girl friend?”

Harry ignored all the questions and walked on to the dinning hall. The girls followed him the whole way down. When Harry was just outside the halls doors the girls stopped him for a second time. He just told them he wanted to be left alone and he’ll talk another time. Ciara was already sitting in the hall, she looked round and saw Harry smothered in all these people and got mad. She got up from the table and stormed out from the hall stopping beside Harry. Harry was pushing one of the girls off him when Ciara stopped and looked at him. She had a tear running down her cheek and walked off. Harry pushed through and the girls and walked after his sister.

“ Ciara WAIT!” he shouted.

“ Don’t dare follow me Harry,” she shouted back.

Harry stopped full of rage he let his tongue slip.

“ I suppose your jealous of what I am! that’s why you cant stand me having ALL the attention!” he screamed at her.

Ciara gasped,,, her eyes filled with more tears than before and she ran up the hall crying not looking back at Harry once. The girls that where all over Harry 1 minute ago had stopped laughing and talking, they where staring at him in shock. Harry brushed past them all and walked into the hall. He sat down at one of the tables not realising that he had sat where Ciara had been sitting beside Hermione and Ronny.

” what the heck was that all about?? Hermione asked in rage.

“ It doesn’t matter stop being so nosey hermione!” Harry snapped.

“ Bilemy, Harry are you ok??” Ronny ask him.

“ DROP the subject now Ron!” he growled.

Ronny just sat back looking at him in shock. Ron couldn’t understand what was going on, not many people knew him by his nickname of Ron, and he thought differently of Harry. He thought Harry and Ciara where like two tree’s sharing the one root! Harry looked away from Ronny’s blank face and saw at the teacher long table Snape talking to Dumbledore. Dumbledores face was stern like he was listening to every word Snape said meant life or death. Snape stepped back looking at Dumbledore, Dumbledore nodded his head and swiftly made his way to his platform. He cleared his throat.

” Students! He shouted, I would like you to all make your way quickly to your house, do not rush or panic everything will be told later, first years leave first then second, third, fourth and so on. Your houses will be counted to make sure everyone is with you.”

Everyone began to talk wondering what was going on Harry looked around the room and then looked at Hermione and Ronny.

“ Well im not getting into any sort of trouble, Hermione snorted. Lets leave at once.”

Ronny looked at Harry and shrugged.

“Gryffindor follow me please if you will.”

The whole middle table stood up and followed head boy to their dorms.

” Harry,” Ronny whispered, “what do you think this is all about ??”

“ I don’t know to be honest Ron, but im going to find out!”

“ HOW!?” Ronny said his eyes wild.

“ That part I haven’t came up with…”

When Gryffindor got to their common room they where all counted and checked to make sure everyone was there.

” Ok there should be 45 Gryffindors here…there’s only 44..who is missing??” asked James concerned.

Everyone looked around to see if they could spot anyone missing. Hermione gasped in the silence. James looked at her.

“ what is it Hermione..?” He asked.

“ OH GOD! Ciara isn’t here!” She yelled.

Harry hadn’t remember about her because of the fight they had.he was so angry at her. 

“ This is all my fault," Harry said pushing through the people to go to the front. "If me and Ciara hadn’t of had a fight she wouldn’t have walked off!” 

“Right everyone,” James said calmly, “im going to go get Professor Dumbledore, Harry I want you to come with me, for she is your sister.” James walked off with Harry pushing past the people after him.

” Im sorry James,” Harry moaned, “really, me and Ci-

“it doesn’t matter now Harry the good thing is hermione realised she is missing! I don’t know how you missed your SISTER not being there!” He snapped.

” Its not like you think, me and Ciara haven’t talked all day!” Harry looked up at James concerned and worried..

”Look don’t worry Harry im sure she is fine, we will find her.

When James got to the second floor, he ran into Professor Dumbledore, Mcgonagal and Snape.

“ James,” Dumbledore said, “what are you doing up here…Harry! You shouldn’t be out of your dorm!”

“ Sorry Professor that’s my fault…its just we have a bit of a complication.”

James told him that Ciara was missing and why Harry was with him. Dumbledore looked and Snape and Mcgonagal.

” Right we will search the castle she cant be far.” Snape took one glance at Harry and turned like a whirl wind and walked off in a hurry. “Professor Dumbledore, sir.” Harry shouted after him. Dumbledore slowed down.

“ Yes what is Harry?”

“ I was just wondering what is going on.?”

Dumbledore took a look at Harry and said calmly,

“Nothing that you would need to know Harry, don’t worry.”

Snape, Mcgonagal and Dumbledore checked 1st floor and second but could not find Ciara.

“ Shouldn’t we check the girls lavatories?” Snape asked in his slow tone voice.

They all made there way up to 5th floor where the girls toilets where. As Harry couldn’t stop worrying about Ciara. Dumbledore kept him in between him and Snape, just in case he went running off to find Ciara himself or something else happened that he was protected. When they finally got to 5th floor Dumbledore waited with Harry and Snape at the end of the corridor while Professor Mcgonagal went into the girls toilets. She came back a few minutes later…

” Nothing, there was a running tap with a tissue but nothing more.” Harry remember the fight with Ciara, she was crying…

” Ciara was crying.” Harry said quickly “She was crying when we…had a fight.”

Dumbledore and Snape looked at him concerned.

“ Then that explains the tissue,” Professor Mcgonagal said nodding her head.

“ Lets move on.” Dumbledore said quietly.

They checked the whole of 5th floor and there was no sign of Ciara. Finally they made their way back down. Harry was angry at himself. He was swearing under his breathe but none of the teachers could hear him. When they got down to the 2nd floor, there …standing in the middle of the corridor was a cloaked person with a little girl in his arms, and a wand to her neck. Everyone stopped at once. Snape put an arms out to stop Harry from going any further.

“ CI-” he stopped when he saw Ciara putting a hand out to hush him.

Dumbledore slowly got his wand out, Snape did the same. 

“ Ha-Harry,” Ciara said down the hall.” Plea-please…help me!” she was shaking and crying uncontrollably.

“ what every this is,” Dumbledore said, “Let the girl go!”

The figure said nothing….then started moving back and back still holding Ciara. Snape was holding Harry’s arm now.

“ You want the girl Dumbledore…you can come and get HER!” the figure said low and death like.

Dumbledore stood in anger. The stranger turned round while he had the chance, and started running down the corridor with Ciara. Ciara was screaming for help. Dumbledore and Snape made a dash after him, Harry went too but Prof.Mcgonagall caught him.

” CIARA!” he screamed after her. His voice bounced off every wall of the corridor and made it run after Snape and Dumbledore.

All the running and screaming was going in slow motion for Harry. As the strange man turned the corner with Snape and Dumbledore, the was a clashing sound then a bright white light, again a clash but this time it was a yellow blue coloured flash. This went on for about a minute when Snape went flying back hitting the ground and sliding across the floor. Prof.Mcgonagall gave a gasp. She let go of Harry and ran down the corridor after Snape leaving Harry all alone. Harry took his chance and ran towards the corner. He ran fast and hard, crying in worry. He turned the corner and saw the cloaked man, as soon as he set eyes on him the Scar on Harry’s forehead burned like an uncontrollable forest fire. Dumbledore was fighting back at him. There was light flashing everywhere. Their wands flicking everywhere. Dumbledore defending himself blocked the attacks on him. Ciara was moving about trying to get out of the mans grip, but he wouldn’t let go. Harry had stopped in shock for all the commotion but in spite of everything going on Harry knew he had to do something, he picked up the courage to take a leap of faith and get his sister. He ran behind Dumbledore and when their was a split second of a break he ran at the man holding Ciara. Dumbledore saw and waved his wand sending Harry flying back behind him. There was a silence….Harry picked himself up a little dazed and looked up, he‘s scar was still burning.

The flashing had stopped and Dumbledore knelt to the ground weakly. Ciara lost her temper, bit the cloaked man making him let go in pain. She ran but not fast enough for the man reached out and grabbed her hair, he pulled her back with a force that sent her flying to the ground backwards with a yelp of fear and pain. Harry couldn’t do anything he was in shock, Prof.Mcgonagall was over with Snape who was lying unconious on the stone floor and Dumbledore was hurt so he couldn’t do anything to help. The cloaked man picked up Ciara hit her round the head knocking her out. She fell lifeless into the mans arms, Harry’s feeling were mixed up all into one, he hoped inside of him all this was just a bad nightmare.

The cloaked stranger throw Ciara over his shoulder and ran for the stairs. In a matter of seconds they were out of sight not to be seen. Dumbledore fell down breathless. He looked round at Harry,

” Im sorry Harry…“He said in a weak out of breath tone.

Harry just sat there crying, screaming Ciaras name at the top of his voice. Dumbledore managed to stand up and hobble over to Harry. He picked him up and put an arm around him.

“ Who ever that was Harry…we will find them!” he said softly.

Dumbledore looked round at Snape lying on the floor.

“ Im going to get the nurses.” Prof Mcgonagal said.

She got up and ran down the corridor. Harry and Dumbledore made there way down too.

” I’ll let you make your own why back to your dorm Harry.”

Harry looked at Dumbledore, he saw two of him for he was crying that much, he shrugged out of his arm and walked down the hall, slowly, his sobs echoed up the hall like some lonely ghost crying for someone to talk to. For his first day at Hogwarts hadn’t been to what Harry thought it would have been, especially not having his sister kidnapped.

It was only afew minutes later when 4 nurses came to take Snape to Hospital. One of them took Harry back to his dorm. She tried comforting him but nothing seemed to help after what had just been happening around him

” Come on…everything’s alright.” she said rubbing his arm.

Anything anybody said was blank to Harry, after what he had saw…he just wanted to be alone.

Harry was took to his dorm and put to bed. He didn’t even brother getting changed into his Pyjamas he just sat on top of the bed crying softly. He didn’t sleep at all that night… he was numb and still all the thoughts of what he had seen where going through his mind…. The image of his sister in fright, and then being knocked out and carried away from his was terrifying



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