Enchanted Twins

Harry has a sisiter, Ciara. Living with their Pipping hot Uncle, Snoty Aunt, and lazy Cousin, makes life hard. Ciara struggles but harrys there for her. But what will happen when they are invited to Hogwarts..meeting new people in the dead of night..


4. Benefits of Time...

It had now been a full week since Ciara had been kidnapped. Harry hadn’t really been paying much attention in his classes except for, Defense against the dark arts. Hermione and Ron kept him going every time things seemed to slip that little bit further away.

Harry got frustrated a few times in the week. He thought that he should have been doing something to get his sister back, but he knew it was impossible to do it on his own. Time would only tell what was going to happen. If he waited.

In potions class Harry felt awkward for Snape was there when Ciara was taken, Harry couldn’t look him in the face when he asked a question.

Every now and again Harry would daze off while Hermione or Ron was speaking to him.

“ Harry…HARRY!”

Harry shook his head and looked round at Hermione.

“Sorry Hermione…dazed off.”

“ Harry this has got to stop. Its not going you any good, and frankly it isnt nice to be having a conversation with you and your not even listening!"

" Leave me be Hermione! If you see me off on my own, then just leave me and talk to...RON!" he positioned himself in a more comfortable way in the chair and put his pen to paper.

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