City of Us

It all comes down to love. When your hurt, when your lost, when you've got nothing left to give, love comes in and swoops you away. Niall horan has always been just fine with being single. But when a girl, unlike any other captures his heart he is no longer just fine. When an ordinary girl named Amelia, finds that she is not just ordinary, that she is so much more than that, she finds Niall. And thats when you realize that your scars can be healed, and you can saved...that is why it all comes down to love.


1. Catching lights


        Being a teenager sucks. When I was 10-11 years old I remember clearly being thrilled with the idea of turning 13, the turning point of being a teenager! Im going to be beautiful and cool, and go to partys and hangout. Uh, no.  It turns out 6-7 years later im just a normal, boring teenage girl with a group of misfit friends and an unatural need for my laptop. Its not what its turned out to be thats for sure.

     I guess when your a dreamer everything you dream up becomes a anxious reality. Do you know what I mean? Its like, I think all of the time. Constantly, about things I want to do and people I want to be, but my harsh reality is that I dont have the recources nor the money, let alone the confidence. Im stuck in a enviroment that I dont want to be in. 

   "Oh god somebody shoot me." I say, annoyed and exasperated. 

"Oh come on its not that bad, Lia! Just hold on im almost finished..." I hear Jade says defending her "talent". 

I watched as I saw her lift the needle off of my skin, with a pleased look on her face and a satisfied grin. As I saw the end result I knew, it wasnt as bad as I thought it would turn out to be.

"Ok, ok thats pretty cool. Your right, your right I was just less right than you." I say justifying myself, and taking a closer look at my inner arm.

Jade, has adopted a new "talent", temporary tatooing. They are supposed to stay on for about 6 months. I was so skeptical about it though. More becasue I was nervous that it would stay on longer than 6 months. 

    "You like it?" Jade asked me, as I admired her qouted righting along my inner left arm.

"Yea actually, I do. It turned out quite nice! Thank you Jade, really you didnt have to do this for me." I answer, knowing it took her alot of time. 

"Oh, seriously we are best friends thats what we are for sweetie." Jade replys happy and proud of herself, packing up her supplies.

This temp. tattoo really was neat. I picked the qoute, "The moon loved the sun so much that he died everyday, to let her live." I love that qoute. Its somewhat inspiring I guess. Im a hopeless romantic I must admit.

"Hey, we should go to this new movie thats out. It called like, killer octopus or something." Jade adds as she is on her way out of my bedroom door. 

I look at her skeptically. "Really? Killer octopus? Why would you want to see something like that?" I ask raising an eyebrow.

"Alright, nobody wants to see it but I want to judge it myself. Who knows it could be good!" She says defensivly.

"Ok, I will go with you. Is there anybody else going?" I ask.

"No, I have asked like the whole frikin school and nobody wants to go."

"Fine. But Im only going because I owe you from this temp. tattoo." I reply

"Yay!! Ok  I already bought 2 tickets, its tomorrow at 7:00. Thank you!!!" Jade says excitedly as she shuffles out my door.



     I can never keep up with Jade, shes always got some new interest or hobby. What is it now, movie rating? I love her though. She and I have been friends since 5th grade, and we used meet at the top of this old slide at recess and tell eachother stories. As weird as it sounds, it really wasnt. It kept us occupied and away from the other kids. I have never fit in well. I have always been bullied and picked on. 

     I was always that strange kid who couldnt do math, or that kid who doesnt have anyone to sit by at lunch. It was the same with Jade too. Except she would fight back and get herself in trouble. One time when some kid gave me a black eye, I had to go to the principles to get picked up form school. Jade was there at the principles too, sitting there in the chair next to me. We were just quiet, sitting there every once in a while glancing at eachother. 

            Then my mom came and picked me up, and we just looked at eachother for a minute before I left. We had some sort of mutual agreement that we were misfits. The next day I was sitting at the top of the old slide and Jade came up and sat next to me. Turns out someone called her a fag the otherday and she punched them, giving them a black eye. So she was the one defending herself, and I was the one who took pain and insult without fighting back. Ever since then we had been friends. She had time and time again punched someone for calling me names or insulting me. We have been a team all along. 


  "Lia?!" I hear one story down.

"Yes, Mom?" 

"Could you come down here please? There is something we need to talk about." My mom replys.  Something we need to talk about? Oh no. What happened this time. 

I make my way down the stairs form my attic room and finally meet my mom in the kitchen. She is making grilled cheese, with her apron on and everything. 

"Wow, your cooking mom thats new." I say looking down at her attempting to flip the sandwich.

"Well, yea kinda. I just wanted to have dinner with you so we can talk." She says disapointed with her sandwhich flipping skills.

"Oh, I see. Well, then do you need help with cooking or anything?" 

"No sweetie im actaully done, your plate is on the counter right there." She points to the plate of parshly burnt sandwhiches and and oozing cheese. Well, then I guess thats as good as its going to get with my mother cooking.

I sit down at the table by the stack of paper work of my moms, trying to compose myself for whatever we need to talk about. Im actaully nervous. I mean alot fo big things have happened in my life. My dad left us when I was 3, and my brother was sent away to a boarding school when he was 15 (He was a seriously troubled kid). I cant imagine what else I could lose. And I automatically assume the worst. 

"Amelia honey. I know you are a very independent young woman now, and you are fully capable of taking care of yourself." My mother starts.

"Now litsen carefully. I have a business offer that has come up. I will be gone for about a month, in San Fransisco." She continues.

"So your asking me, if I can stay here alone and hold down the fort basically?" I ask.

"Exactly. Hold down the fort, for me. No partys, or crazy late nights out. Your responsible you know what i expect." 

"I can do that." I say, getting excited already. Home alone for 1 month?! This is going to be awesome!

"Ok, well I leave early tomorrow morning, so dont expect to see me. I love you dont get into any trouble you hear?" She says getting up putting her plate in the sink. 

"I understand." 

"Ok, I will see you in a month then!! Bye hun." She replys hugging me and heading to bed.

I just sit there for a minute soaking this all in. Home alone for 1 month. That means ordering pizza, ditching school a couple of days and a few good all nighters watching Netflix. This couldnt get better. And maybe, just maybe something new will happen...


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