Crimson arrow

A archer goes by the name of the crimson arrow is determined to rid his city of all the poison in it along the way he meets a princess who helps him along his journey but can they survive the traitor within, the dark archer and the mysterious floura. With an old friend re-appearing from death what is her purpose what's her connectition to the crimson arrow.


3. The princess

Later that day I decided on top of my base on a higher floor I would build a pub with my friend Rosie in ordear to conceal my identity as the crimson arrow any image an excuss as to where I spend my nights. The next day I was summoned to the castle in the far end of the city...

as He arrived at the castle gates the colossal drawbridge slammed down and He entered. Inside He was greeted by three guards who escorted him to the throne room. King lian was there with his wife Jennifer and there daughter daisy as soon as jake looked into her ocean blue eyes he fell completely in love. The king told me to rise off one knee and welcomed me back to the city of dyui.

as he left the castle the princess came to say goodbye, I'm sure she could see that I loved her just by looking into my eyes. She curtsied and said goodbye.

later that day the princess was walking the streets and an assassin appeared to kill her, he took a swing but jake quickly intercepted to her surprise. He got a punch to my face and jake sacrifice threw him and put him in an arm lock. He wrapped his legs around jakes head and threw him but jake tore half her mask off revealing  that the assassin was a girl. She quickly fled to maintain her identity a secret.

flash back:

at dawn jake awoke..

"where where am I"

"I rescued you from a wolf and while you were unconscious I brought you back to my cave" said a man In a hood.

"who who are you"

"I am the kid lost in the forest I am the arrow"

"there here run"

"who's here"


as jake ran he tripped and fell into a black haired girl with beautiful brown eyes.


she looked up and saw jake and...


"are you ok princess"

"yes thank you, you must join me for tea tonight"

"are you sure that's ok"

"after saving me yes it's alright"

they entered the castle and went to the throne room.

"daisy why is jake here" said the king

"he saved my life so I invited him for tea"

"well if he saved your life he's welcome anytime"

"Young man would u like the honour of being Daisy's body guard"said the queen

"Of course your majesty"

"Ok time for tea, daisy go get ready, jake guard her well"

later at tea

"so jake why don't you talk to us about the forest"

the room grew silent and tense.

flash back:

"Who are you" she asked

"I am jake long"

"jake run"

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