Crimson arrow

A archer goes by the name of the crimson arrow is determined to rid his city of all the poison in it along the way he meets a princess who helps him along his journey but can they survive the traitor within, the dark archer and the mysterious floura. With an old friend re-appearing from death what is her purpose what's her connectition to the crimson arrow.


4. The princess part 2

Just then a set of fifteen men stopped in front of jake and...

"jake are you ok?" Asked daisy

"sorry I'd rather not talk about it" said jake

"very we'll let us eat" said the king

after tea...

Jake took daisy upstairs to her room in which upon arrival he was dismissed and returned home. At home, to his surprise, he met his oldest friend Rosie. They spent almost all nigh together. Upon midnight after Rosie had left jake went to his factory in order to check his gear and train.

At the factory he refurbished all his arrows and began to train in all attributes, stealth, strength, fighting skill and endurance. 

The next day he went to the factory to begin planning the pub. After deciding a few things he went to his new duty as body guard of the princess, he was to meet her in her room and take her wherever she wishes. So he went up to her room and knocked on the door so not to intrude.

"come in jake I've been waiting for you so I can go town" said daisy

"right this way my lady" said jake 

they walked down the hall watching every corner of the room.

In town as jake was picking up a black sword for the king he heard the princess scream.


Jake rushed as quick as he could to a back ally. In the back ally he saw daisy being attacked by the same assassin from before. Just then jake began to fight her  blocking all attacks he managed to throw her to the ground. But on the ground she twisted his leg and flung jake away. Just then out of no where Appeared a girl in a cloak and hair in ponytails. She wrapped both legs round the assassin's neck and threw her. After throwing six consecutive knifes the assassin escaped. 

"Who, who are you?" Asked jake

"I am kahleesi"

"thank you"

"shhhhh you are hurt you must rest"

when he came around he was with kahlees In a hideout.

"I must get back to my princess" said jake 

"don't worry she's safe, now rest" said kahleesi

"no I must go......" Silence fell on the room.

"what is that book?" Asked jake

"a list, that's all you need to know now leave I must finish sharpening my knifes" said kahleesi

Later that night jake decided it was time to cross another name of the list "Kylie matheson." An international accountant who stole millions from his clients. It was time for his poison to end...

jake arrived at his house only to find several guards lying dead with white knifes in them. He entered the house to see empty corridors witch stank like death and decay. He did not like this scene. As he walked through the door to Kylie's study he saw her lying dead with three white knifes in her heart.

"It must be kahleesi she has the same list as me..." Thought jake


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