Crimson arrow

A archer goes by the name of the crimson arrow is determined to rid his city of all the poison in it along the way he meets a princess who helps him along his journey but can they survive the traitor within, the dark archer and the mysterious floura. With an old friend re-appearing from death what is her purpose what's her connectition to the crimson arrow.


6. Kahleesi and an arrow

The next morning.

Jack drove to the palace and ventured up to Daisy's room. She began to rant at him.

"that stupid arrow boy, I swear I'll kill him." Said daisy

"why?" Asked jake

"he stole my kill, so now he must pay."

"can you really beat him though?"

"of course I can I'm better then him." 


"shall we go now?"

"yes, you wished to train today"

The two 14 year olds went to a training field, where four small targets lay.

"hit it" said daisy

"ok" said jake

He threw the knife and hit the very center of the small target.

"well done. My go" said daisy

Whosh went the knife as it zipped threw the air and hit the center.

"I hit the center as well" 

"well done your..."

"don't call me that, call me kahleesi or daisy"

"ok daisy. How is it so easy for you to kill?"

"it's simple, I just remember why I kill them."


"speaking of killing, time to pay a visit to Miles Jason 

daisy suited up and headed out to the mansion. Jake did the same, taking precaution not to be caught by kahleesi.

Upon arrival kahleesi took out four men with mini knifes. She entered through the west gate. Meanwhile crimson arrow took out the guards at the east entrance with arrows. Then he entered. Both of them blocking attacks and killing those in there way. Kahleesi reached the room first, she entered. Just as she threw the knifes at Miles three black arrows soared threw the air and hit him. Kahleesi turned to see an archer standing at the door.

"crimson you die here" said kahleesi

"shì u zhûnbèi sì" (are you ready to die?) said the unknown archer

she charged at the archer who swiftly dodged and threw her across the room. She threw a knife at him. But he dodged as he was dodging he shoot an arrow at her belt removing it. Then he rapidly swung his bow hitting her arm, legs, face, everywhere. Sh collapsed and couldn't move. Just as he drew his bow an arrow was shoot and the archer dodged and then evacuated enraged at the interference. Kahleesi on deaths bed was taking back to her hideout where jake was taking care of her wounds. 

As she awoke to see jake cleaning her wounds, she began to feel agonising pain. The archer, she believed to be crimson arrow, had wiped her clean. She couldn't move. Whoever he was he was good vey good.

'i don't know if I can beat him' thought both jake and daisy scared of him.

he really was to good whoever he was.

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