Crimson arrow

A archer goes by the name of the crimson arrow is determined to rid his city of all the poison in it along the way he meets a princess who helps him along his journey but can they survive the traitor within, the dark archer and the mysterious floura. With an old friend re-appearing from death what is her purpose what's her connectition to the crimson arrow.


5. Daisy's secret

The next morning jake wondered to the castle and meet up with daisy. She thanked him for her daring rescue yesterday. He partially accepted. As he bowed he noticed on the back of her book was a small name written in mandarin which translated to kahleesi. Stunned by what he saw he said thank you and took her to her room.

"your highness may I ask a question?" Asked jake

"of course jake" said daisy

"are you kahleesi?" Asked jake

she turned to face him shocked, her eyes turned grey and she slammed him against the wall.

"how do you know that?" Asked the furious princess

"the book has it written on the back" said jake

"you can't tell anyone" demanded the princess

"If u do I'll kill you" she said

jake threw her onto the bed gently.

"I won't if you don't threaten me agreed?"said jake

"agreed" said daisy

"come with me" ordered daisy

they ventured up to her mantle piece and by an eye scan behind a white painting, the wall began to move revealing her hide out and the cloak she wears. He couldn't see any white knifes though only pink ones in construction.

"do you like my knife design, there  replacing my old white ones" said 

"I was right it was kahleesi" jake thought to himself.

"yh there a cool colour" said jake

"yh and there perfectly balanced and great for pin point accracy. I can teach you if you want." Stated daisy

"I know how to throw a knife so no thanks" said jake

"ok" said daisy

Later that night jake set out to take down the next poison 'jack carter'. Upon arrival at the black palace he was greeted by four guards attacking him. One slashed he stepped back looked the mans arm and snapped it then throwing him into another guard. The other two went to stab him he ducked and they stabbed each other.

He entered the building  and a dark looking figure threw a knife at him but jake caught it and threw it back killing the figure. He continued up a flight of stairs and a guy swung at him from behind, he ducked and swung round hitting his leg with the bow and then hitting his head with the bow knocking the guy out and sending him down the stairs.

jake entered a massive bedroom and saw a man dressed in white silk and leather. There he was 'jack' he drew the bow and called his name...

"jack" called the crimson arrow


crimson arrow realised the string and an arrow zipped through the air into his heart. Jack fell to the ground his crimson blood running from his heart.

Later that night kahleesi appeared at the same house to see crimsons work.

'stupid arrow boy you shall die for this' fought kahleesi.

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