Crimson arrow

A archer goes by the name of the crimson arrow is determined to rid his city of all the poison in it along the way he meets a princess who helps him along his journey but can they survive the traitor within, the dark archer and the mysterious floura. With an old friend re-appearing from death what is her purpose what's her connectition to the crimson arrow.


2. A name and the forest.

Flash back:

Jake arrived in the jungle and he began to run for his life as he reached a hill top a wolf came diving at him. But just as he accepted his death a silver arrow came zipping through the air and killed the wolf. The mysterious archer stood in the distance shouted yun xing (run). Jake didn't understand all he did was run afraid of death.



jake having just come back from riding the city of one poison decided to get some rest so not to cause any suspicion. The next morning on the news was a report of a vigilantly archer killing James Grey was on  they called him the crimson arrow. Liking the name jake took it up as his alter ego's name.  

As the crimson arrow I decided it was my job to save this city from the poison it was enduring from the men on my list they all would regret ever infecting my city, it will be a utopia.

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