Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


2. We're only left with memories

Your choce - Listen to Come Back... Be Here by Taylor Swift.

Justin's pov

''I can't believe my baby is going of to college.'' Mom cryed out as she hugged me. I'm not even leaving now and she's already crying about it.

''Mom.'' I bit back a laught ''I'm gonna be home for month and half.'' She nodded, but the tears were still there. I hugged her tighter and waited till she calms down. When she did I pulled away and looked her dead in the eyes.

''My baby...'' She stroked my cheek and than kissed my forhead. Of course I need to lean down so she could do it. After she did that she flashed me a warm smile and disappeared in the kitchen. Turning on the heels of my vans I ran up the steps.

Closing the door to my room I walked over to my laptop and went on youtube and turned on one of Ushers songs. After that was done I walked over to one of the drawers and pulled that open. Taking out my song book I shut it closed and sat on my bed.

Opening the page where Bad Day was written on the top and lyrics were scribled down on the page. If only she could hear it. 

Tiffany's pov

Walking down the stairs I couldn't not think about tomorrow - Me and Cody are going to Australia for two weeks. And now that I think of it, I don't know if I can leave Stats for two weeks. I don't think it's good idea. Yeah, at first I did, but not now.

I've been with him almost a year now and I think we've lost that spark that we once had, and I bet he has noticed that too just doesn't want to admit it. Of course I won't say anything about it too. I just don't want to hurt his feelings, you know.

''Hey.'' Someone called out snapping me our of my thoughts. And in that sametime I noticed that I've been standing in the hall and staring at the front door. ''What'cha doing?'' Selena asked, looking between me and the door.

''Uh nothing.'' I said and looked at her ''I was just going to get something to eat.'' She nodded and walked in the livingroom. Oh if you were wondering - I have my own house. Selena just came over since I was leaving tomorrow.

Making my way into the kitchen I wished something would happen, so I couldn't leave. I want to go there, but... never mind. Taking water bottle out of the fridge, I walked in the livingroom, where Selena have walked in few moments ago.

''So what are we watching?'' I asked, taking a seat next to her on the mint green coutch. I looked at the glass coffee tabel where all kind of snaks were on. ''Um Sel, you think to stay up all night?''

''I don't think - I know.'' She smiled proudly. ''And we're watching chick fliks, since I know you haven't seen any in 1000 years.'' I chickled at her last words, but she was right. Cody wasn't big fan of chick fliks, so I didn't even try to watch any with him.


I was awoken by Selena's left foot in my face. Showing her foot away I looked at the clock on my phone. 3:34am it read. Ugh. Getting up as quietly as I could I walked out of the livingroom and up to my room.

Once I was in I walked over to my laptop and turned that on. I waited few moments to warm up and than went on twitter.

@tiffanybutler: @selenagomez keep your feet away from my face. lol

I tweeted and my mentions blew up from tweets from my and Sel's fans. Mostly they were my fans asking what happend and what do I mean by that.

@tiffanybutler: just woke up with Sel's foot in my face. ha ha #BestGirlsNightEver

This should answer there questions. I closed my laptop and sat there for few minutes. Finally getting up from the chair I was sitting on, I walked in the bathroom, to get ready, you know. After I was done with everything in bathroom I walked back in the room to get dressed.

Pulling on white tee and light blue, ripped jeans, I straightened my hair; did my make-up; took my phone and walked down stairs where Selena was still sleeping on the floor.

Pulling my phone out of my pocket I looked at the time - 4:25am. Ugh. The plane is only at 9am. What am I going to do? Selena will get up around 7 or 8. Sighing I walked in the kitchen to get something to eat.

While eating I scrolled through twitter, on my phone. Replying to some fans in the process. 

@tiffanybutler: ugh woke up at 3am. plane leavs only at 9am. what to do?

I tweeted and replys from fans started to come in. Actuality they're called Snowflakes, and I don't know why I named them like that. But they don't seem to mind, not at all. Stuffing the reminds of my toust I my mouth I stood up and walked to the livingroom.

Trying not to wake up Selena, I turned on the TV.


''Why didn't you wake me up?'' Selena asked as I still looked at the TV. ''You can wake me up at anytime, you know.''

I looked at her, honestly I don't see the big problem here. Once again she's making big deal of something little. ''You were just so peacefull, didn't want to disturb that.''

''Oh please.'' She rolld her eyes and sat down next to me. Finally. ''Okey, whatever. So anyways what time does your plane laves?''

''Nine.'' I simply answerd as I turned my atention to the TV where shit was showed. I homesty don't get ''Living with Kardashian's'', like they're jsut snuck-up snobs and that's all. And that pic that Kim posted on instgram, well that was just wrong. But who am I to judge?

''Well it's-'' she pused, probably to look at the clock ''-eight o five.'' She finished.

''Well than we better head off.'' I said turning of the TV and walked out of the room with my best friend by my side. ''Wouldn't want Cody to worry.'' I wisperd to my self. After we got my bags in the trunk, we both got in and headed off.

Once we arived at the airport we didn't see Cody, anywhere, and it was nearing nine. Honestly I got slightly worried. I don't want to fly alone, well I don't want to fly at all. I better would stay here and after two weeks go to Canada.

Taking a seat on the plastic chairs I looked around. ''Here he comes.'' The girl besides me spoked up. Turning my head in the direction she was looking I managed to smile.

''Hey. Sorry that I'm late.'' He said as he stoped infront of us.

I was about to answer, but Selena beat me to it. ''Oh you're not late. We just got here, our self. Right Tif?'' They both looked at me and all I could do was just nod.

Seriosly? He's your freakin' boyrfriend. And all you do is nod?! Where's 'hey babe' or a kiss?! The iner me yelld. If I could I'd kick my ass.

He nodded to and looked around. All this felt so awkward. I don't how Cody or Selena felt this, but for me this was so awkward.

Maybe because you don't love him, but you're too chicken to tell.?

Shaking my head I looked at Cody, I was about to ask him something, but the women spoked on the intercope. ''Flight 772 now bording. Please head to gate B1.''

''We should go.'' He said and picked up his suitcase. I stood up as well and was pulling in bone crushing hug. This remineded me of the last time I went on the plane, alone. 


''You got everything?'' Selena asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. Turning to look at her I smiled and nodded. ''Okey. Passport?''

''Sel, will you calm down.'' I giggeld at how motherly she's acting ''I've got everything. Don't worry.''

''Okey.'' she nodded and looked around. Well I don't blame her about looking around every ten seconds. We are in airport and we are famous, so do the math here.

''Flight 177 now bording.'' the lady on interscope said.

''That's my flight.'' I said and picked up my dufel bag and turned to Selena, who with out any warning embrace me in bone cruching hug. I think I heard some of my bones cracking. I don't know. ''Can't. Breath.''

''Oh sorry.'' She giggeld and steped away from me. ''Well you better go. Not want to miss the flight.''

''Sel...'' I gave her the are you being serios? look '' gonna see me in like a week or maybe sooner.''

End of flashback

That was year ago and I was going to the country I knew, but now? Now I don't know shit and that scares me. Honestly I'd give everything right now, just so I could go home. But I know I have to wait two weeks.

''I gonna miss you.'' 'Well you better go. Not want to miss the flight.''

''Yeah.'' '' gonna see me in like a week or maybe sooner.''

It all played in my mind like a video. It's like all that was still here, like year haven't passed and I'm not going to country where I've never been. It's like I'm in the future, looking back at the past (present time). Like nothing's changed. 

But it's just my mind. All that... is just memories, that go with you no matter how old you get. Sucking it up I finally hugged back Selena. 

''Hey,'' Cody's voice ranged in my ears ''we should really go.'' Nodding againts her sholder, I let go and looked at her. Her eyes kinda saying Don't go, if only I could. With one final look we walked away.

Justin's pov

I sat in my room, probably the only one in the house, but I didn't mind. Looking out the window at the kids that playing on there front laws, memories started to play in my head like sweet melodies.


''Hi.'' I said as I ran up to a girl, who was sitting by her self on the park bench. She looked cute, but what did I know? I was only six.

''Hi.'' She shyly smiled, looking at me. Her brown, chocolate eyes, got me melting on the inside, but you know... never mind.

''Wanna play something?'' I asked, trailing circles on the ground with the tip of my shoe.

''Sure.'' she nodded and jumped off of the bench. Taking her hand in mine we ran to the play ground. And from that day forword I had a crush on her.

End of flashback.

Of course all that was long gone and only memories were left behind. Nothing more, nothing else. But I still had that stupid chrush on her. And I can't let her go, even though it's been one fucking year. 

But you know what? I don't really care anymore. So what I have a crush on her? It's not like she still loves me, because I know she doens't. She's moved on to someone else. But I bet he can't make her as happy as I could. 

I bet that he doesn't know that she loves to watch chick fliks, long walks around the park or town, her favorite ice cream and other stuff. I bet he does't know nothing about her.

I know all of that and I still love her.


Suprise :) Second chapter to Love That Last. I've got a lot of planed for this book, hope you stick with me and this book. 

Comment and vote. Till next time

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