Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


23. Undercover

When starts No one's pov listen to Undercover, Sed Serenade and Lover In Me by Selena Gomez. It'll give the vibe I was going for.




Tiffany's pov



''Hey Sel.'' I called out to one of my best friends. Well Selena was more than as my best friend. She was like a sister I never had. Looking over her laptop she smiled at me.




I looked down at my baby blue nails and than back at her. ''Can I sing few of your songs?'' The worry, that she might say no, was taking my whole body over.


''Sure.'' She smiled. ''Which one's?''


''Undercover, Sad Serenade and Lover In Me.'' Once again she fleshed me her 10 billion smile and went back to whatever she was doing on her laptop. Honestly I didn't think she'll give in so easly. Yeah, well I did, but I was thinking that there might be questions. But whatever.






 No one's pov



The girl with dirty blond hair walked on the stage with black mic in her hand. The crowed that was here to see her peforme cheard. She smiled looking out at all the people that showed up to see her.



''The Canadian popstar Tiffany Butler reasently broke up with her Australian boyfriend - Cody Simpson. Everything was going great for this Hollywood couple, but what made them to break up? And that's what we went out and found out.''



No one in the crowed didn't knew why she was peforming now and why so early when she only need to peforme in few days. But of course two people in the arena knew - Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.


They both knew why their friend wanted to do this now and why did she pick two of Miss Gomez's songs. They knew. No body else, but they.




''From the information that one person close to both of the starts told us we can just make out one thing - they weren't feeling it anymore. But there must be something else to this. Because that couldn't be the reason.''



She tightend the grip on the mic and waited as the melody starts. The nervous feeling taking over every part of her. She didn't feel like that last night or today or even befor she came on the stage. She surely didn't know how her fans would react to what she'll sing and what she will do after the concert.



''However another source close to Tiffany said: "She's been feeling like that for long time. One day she even told Selena that she doesn't feel the conection with him [Cody] anymore.'' they explained to Us Weekly ''She's still in love with another boy. Selena as her best friend said she should follow her heart.''''



Finally, what felt like ages for her, the melody started. Loosening her grip on the mic, she opend her mouth and started singing. Only one thought running through her mind at that very moment.



''But another [different] source close to the popstart tells something else, but close to what the first one said. ''She [Tiffany] was talking to Selena and Taylor one day and than she told them that she isn't feeling the spark with him [Cody], like she did at the very beginning.'' they explained to E! News ''She said that she still has feeling for the first love.'' Who to be right? And who to believe?''



She sanged her heart out. The lyrics leaving her mouth at the right time. She was putting everything she held for the one she was serenading the song to. Even though no one knew to whom it was. Excapte her brother, crew and two best friends.



''Of course both of the sources could be right, because all the news about Tiffany and Cody breaking up came after she left Startford, her home town, and returned back to L.A. And as these news came up few days later E! News recieved an email about all  this.




I know what happened when Tiffany was visiting Startford. Having great time with her family and brother was one of the things on her list. But seeing her first boytfriend after a year, brouth back memories. 


Playing few games [7 mintes in haven, spin the bottle and truth or dare] brouth them closer over the four weeks she spend there. And somewhere between all that they went on little dates. Having few kisses here and  there.


The person explans in the email. But that wasn't all. The same person in the same day emailed us what happeneds to be Tiffany's phone calls. And seeing as they got the inforamtion that was in the email and how they weren't afraid to let all the world know, we can just say one - they hate Tiffany.''



The neon colored lights flashed over the whole arena as fans cheard. That all bringing a smile on the 19 year old girls face. The worry that her fans would hate her for singing these songs went away as the smile spred across her face.


Looking down at the row where her two best friends sat and some of the crew made her smile even bigger, if that was possible. All she was thinking was how proud she is and how proud are others about her. Nothing else now really mattered.



''''Hey um Sel. Where will you be when I come back? *pause* Okey. I was just asking, because I need to talk to you and it would be great if Taylor could come too. *pause* Yeah, okey. And thanks. *pause* Okey see ya.'' And with that the phone call ended.


How it was heard in the phone call, she was talking to Selena. And when you call Taylor for a talk [which is about guys and love] nothing good comes out of it, but maybe does. But it wasn't the only one we got. Few days later [after this one] we got another one.


''I don't know, maybe we should break up. *pause* I don't know. I just don't feel it. It's like we're miles away from each other, but we're standing next to each other. *pause* Yeah, but I felt it even when I was in LA. *pause* Yeah, I do. I have this warm feeling inside of me when I'm with him. *pause* Are you sure? *pause* Okey. Bye.''


And both of them are about Cody and this other guy. But who is it?''



Soon the melody changed to another one of her best friends songs. Someone from crew where video taping all this thing, just because she asked them. The crowed was still loud and chearing for her. 


Hitting every note perfectly, just like her best friend, she danced around the stage. Her heels on the boots she was wearing making a light cliking noise agiants the stage floor, but no one could actuality hear that.



''When someone asked Tiffany about this all, she just replaid: ''What happens in my personal life stays there. No one needs to know that.''


Day later some paparazzi asked Selena too and from what TMZ reported this is the answer she gave: ''What happened in my best friends life stays between her friends and family. No one other needs to know it.'' and after that she added:


''And at the end of the day I, Tiffany and anyother celebraties are normal people, with feelings. And our personal life. Everything we do doesn't need to be brotcested to all the wold.''''



Soon the three songs she was singing was over and it was time for her speach. The honest truth. No other celebrity has done something else. This was probably the best way how to take care of the rumors, that well, in this case are true.



''So we have a new information on the Tiffany Butrler and this Mistery Guy ''case''. It turnes out he's Tiffany's first boyfriend and her brother's best friend. And once again we got a email on this.



Dear E! News,


You're probably still wondering who the Mistery Guy is, right? Well I got your answer right here. The MIstery Guy, that Tiffany was so close when she was home is no other than Justin Bieber, her ex boyfriend. But honestly they didn't look like ex'es.


All the time they were alone, they would kiss and do lovely-dovly stuff. These four weeks they were acting like a couple. And probably they never broke up, Tiffany probably just lied to the world that she was single. And the whole Cody thing? Well that must be a bluff too.


The  email read. And it was send form the same person, who send the previous email and the phone call recordings. And just day later a source close to the ''couple'' tells Popcrush: ''I've seen them couple times around the town. Nothing couple-ly I didn't see.'' they explained ''However there was few strange times when they were spoted heading for diner and not in cafes or fastfood places, but to a resturant.''


So is Tiffany actuality dating her ''ex''?''



''Hey guys.'' The girl spoked in the mic, stealing few glances at the row where the people who knew about this sat. ''You don't actuality know why I did the concer sooner, do you?'' She asked and the crowed yelld No all together. ''Well then let me tell you.''


She sat down on the stool that one of her dancers have put there, on the stage. ''I bet that most of you guys read what news sites, like Popcrush, E! News, Us Weekly and others write, rigth?'' Yess ''Well than you probably know what they have written about me, right?'' Yes



''Few days ago we reported how we got an email about this Mistery Guy and Tiffany Butler, and well today we're gonna show you a video of them today.



[Press Play.]


''You sure about this?'' ''Yeah, why wouldn't I? I mean no one is around to see us? *pause* ''Okey sure.'' *after that he leaned in and kissed her*


How you saw in the video, they seem really as a couple, just Undercover. And if you didn't see, that girl looked like Tiffany.''



''So um I just wanted to come clean. I mean you're my fans and you should know the truth. Um, yeah, this is being recored by my crew.'' She took a deep breath, closing her eyes. After opening them, she was sure she wants to do this.


''They're actualy right, but I and Cody didn't break up because of that. We broke up because well we didn't feel the conection anymore and what's the use in dating than, right?'' She pused, once again ''And when I went home, yeah, honestly guys I never stopped loving him.''



''Who should date who?


So recently we asked you who should date who - Tiffany Butler and Mistery Guy aka her ''ex'' or Tiffany Butler and Cody Simpson. And a lot of you respond by voting «The one that makes her happy», second answer was «Tiffany Butler and Mistery Guy», but in the last place came «Tiffany Butler and Cody Simpson». And so based on these answers we went on street to asked people there.



[Press play.]


''Hey guys can you have a second?'' ''Yeah.'' ''Do you know Tiffany Butler?'' *nods* ''So wich one would make better couple?'' *hold up picture of Tiffany & Cody; Tiffany & Justin* ''They.'' *points to Tiffany & Justin* [after two minutes] 


So from what people on the street voted, it seems like mostly people think that Tiffany and Mistery Guy would make great couple. But we're gonna see that.''



''I and Cody don't have any hard feelings for each other. We just dicated that it'll be better if we stay friends. And what's for the ''Mistery Guy'' and all the lovely-duvly. I don't know where that came from. And it really shocked me when I heard my own phone calls and... it really hurt me. 


Like people would secretly go in your privet life, just to earn money. Honestly there's better way how to earn money, just get a job. But, yeah, anyways um all I'm saying here is that that Mistery Guy is my ex and I'm still in love with him.


And from what my brother told me, he still loves me. Of course I'm gonna spend time with him, not just because of that, but because he's my friend too.'' No one in the crowed said a thing, and that made her worried. What if they hate me? she thought.


''You can hate me as much as you want, but this is the honest truth and I just wanted you to know from me, not from some creeps that follow me around.'' She looked down at the floor and than back up ''And the songs... I just sanged them because well they fit in.'' Standing up she took one last look at the crowed and than walked away.


All she wanted now was to go home, get under the blankets and forget what happened. For few seconds the screaming girls were still somewhere up in the space, but as soon as the words that Tiffany, there idol, have spoked, they cheared. Somewhere in the backstage she, her self, smiled.



''Tiffany Butler coming clean on stage?


So reaconly the Canadian popstar talked about the rumors, about breaking up with Cody and the Mistery Guy. No one actuality waited for something like this. However her fans cheared after that. Not a singel boo was heard. 


And later that day the popstar took to twitter, to tell about it.


@tiffanybutler: happy that you don't judge me or the things i do #Greatfull #Love


She tweeted out to her 15+k followers. But that wasn't all that she tweeted.


@tiffanybutler: rumors will always be rumors. the honest truth was put out on the stage. once again happy that you understand me and the things i do


 What else can we wait from you, Tiffany?''

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