Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


4. The Girl Back At Home (Tiffany's pov)

This one will only be in Tiffany's pov and the next one will be in Justin's. ONLY. Oh befor I forget I was thinking about making Book III and IV... I know, I know, you're like ''But you like just started this one.'' Ha ha, but yeah what  you think of that?





''Miss you need to get up.'' Someone shook me, opening my eyes I saw lady, just few years older than me. ''We're soon landing.''


''Oh.'' I nodded and rubbed my eyes, turning away from her. I'm back in Stats, but still I'm not home nor I ever be. This is my life now. I looked out the window, the night lights from Los Angeles and the rest of California shining under the plane. It all looked so beautiful.


Soon after I found my self making my way through LAX with my bags, not that I had a lot. I walked outside and catch a cab, giving the driver my adress he drove away from the airport. Pulling out my phone I went on twitter.


@tiffanybutler: never stop. back in LA


I tweeted and put my phone back in my bag. When we arrived at my house I payed the driver and got out. I walked up the front porch and unlocked the door as soon as I steped in I wished I was back home; back in Stratford.


I signed and walked up stairs, leaving the bags in the hall, I'll just take care of it tomorrow. On my way to my room I got a text, but I was, well am tired so who ever that is will have to wait till tomorrow, that is, if I don't forget about them. Probably not.


Once I reached my bedroom I propled down on the bed and drifted off in peacefull sleep. Something that I haven't had in REALLY long time.




« Flashback (few years ago)


Two kids ran in my direction, but I didn't move and than I was on the ground. When I got my self up I looked at the two that have ran in my direction, one of them being Ryan. ''Ryan.'' I shreaked ''I gonna tell mom.''



''C'mon don't say anything.'' he bagged, using the best puppy-dog eyes he could master. ''I'm so, so sorry and I'll gonna do anything you need.'' he paused and looked at the other boy, who was still lying on the ground. I guess he enjoyed sleeping there. ''The same goes for Chaz too.''


At that his head snaped at us and he quicly stood up. ''Whoa, whoa.'' He looked between the both of us after that just looking at my brother ''What did I do? Because it was you who ran into her, not me.''


''Well you were the one that made me run into her, so you're to blame too.'' And at that they just stood there and argued. After few long moments I got bored and just walked away from them.




The bell ranged, signaling everyone to hurry to there class. As the little one I was I just looked at everyone as my mom led me to the school, but I wasn't going to the building where everyone else was, I was going to another, different one.


''Now sweety,'' she came to my level, so she could look at me ''it's your first day in school and I want you to behave, okey?'' I nodded and she smiled ''I love you.'' She kissed my forhead and stood back up.


A lady came out where I and my mom stood. She smiled at my mom and thna at me. ''You must be Tiffany.'' I nodded once more, my mom puching me to go.


I looked back at her and smiled. ''I love you too.'' The lady smiled and closed the door. I wasn't one of the kids who would cry on the first day of school.


''Go make friends.'' I nodded and ran to the group of kids playing on the carpet, but no one seemed intrested on making friends with me.


''Don't bother.'' Someone spoked behind me. Turning around I face a girl with really cute hair. She; her self looked cute.


''Why?'' I tilted my head on one side as I looked at her.


''I've tryed.'' she turned around and started to walk away, but I caught up with her ''They seem friendly, but when it comes to making friends they're really picky.''


''Oh.'' I looked around and than back at her. ''By the way I'm Tiffany and how about we are friends?''


''I'm Nicki and that's amazing.'' We hugged and in afterwords ran to play.




Now  I was old enough to go to New York and learn there. I gonna miss everyone, expeciality Ryan. Being the 15-year-old I needed to beg my mom to let me go, and I don't even know why Ryan came to help me beg, maybe it was something about me not being home for REALLY long time?


Any hoo, now, at this moment as we speak I and someone my friends and my family were standing in the airport. ''Oh I gonna miss you so freaking much.'' Nicki, my best friend since pre-school, threw her arms around my sholders and pulled me infor a hug. ''Promise me you won't forget me.''


''I promise.'' I hugged her back, which only led her on tightening her grip on me. Seconds later she pulled away and quicly looked around.


''Lost my cool there.'' 


''Can't lose wheat never had.'' She gave me a look and stepped back, I just smirked at her. I hugged everyone else and when I was pulling away from Ryan, the lady who worked at the mic, annouced my flight to New York.


''Bye guys.'' I smiled at them one last time and walked to the gate and soon to the plane. Taking my seat I looked out the little, round window. Never though I gonna leave this place. 


Now I was infor something new; for change, that could posible change my life forever.


End of flashback »



''Red cups and sweaty bodies everywhere Hands in the air like we don't care

Cause we came to have so much fun now Got somebody here might get some now'' Next morning my phone ''sanged''. Grouning I reached after it and pressed answer.


''Yeah?'' I asked once I put it to my ear.


''Good, you're up.'' Miranda's voice ranged from the other side of the line. ''You have interview in an hour, so I sujest you get your butt up and down at the studio in 20 minutes.'' And with that one line or so the call ended.


Rolling my eyes, I stood up from the bed; making my way in the bathroom. After I did my morning rutin, well half of it, I walked back in my room and into my walk-in closet. Dicating to go with white jeans, black V nack and black vans I walked back in my room, to do my hair and make-up.


After I was all done I cheked my self in the mirror one last time and walked down stairs, grabbing my car keys on the way. I walked out of the house and to my car, after I made sure the door was locked. 


After ten minute drive arived at the studio where the interview will happen. I got out of my car and for my suprise to paps or fans were here. I locked my car and walked in. ''Oh hello Miss Butler.'' And young girl behind the front desk greeted me.


''Hi.'' I smiled at her. ''So where should I go?''


''Down that coridor.'' She pointed to a green-ish hall. ''Than turn left and through that door and that's it.'' 


''Thanks.'' I nodded and walked in the direction she showed me. Soon enough I was walking through the door she had told me and there she was. Miranda.


''Finally.'' She breathed out as she saw me walking. ''I though you're not gonna make it. I was so worried.''


''Well I'm here and you don't have to worry about anything.'' I patted her sholder and looked at the lady who was hosting the show. And befor I knew it I needed to go on. ''Hey.'' I smiled at the crowed and at the lady.


''Well hello Tiffany. It's nice meeting you.'' She seemed really nice.


''Yeah you too.'' We both sat down and she turned all serios.


''So how are you? It probably was hard for you to leave Australia the next.'' She looked at me, her ice blue eyes shining from the lights. She didn't look like she was wearing fake tan, like most of the ladys and girls in LA.


''I'm good. Soon going home, I couldn't be more happier. And about me leaving when I just got there, well I was bumbed at first, but this is what I signed up for.''


''I know that you probably don't like talking about, but how are you and Cody? I mean there have been few rumours about you to breaking up.''


''Honestly I don't mind that people ask me that. Like I'm use to things like these and I don't know, I just find it usual. And we're happy, it's goign great and everyday we're groing stronger.'' I brushed my hair over my left sholder. ''And about the things that are said, well most of the time they're lies and this now, that's lie too.''


''And how are you with music any tours coming or have you planed any duets with someone?''


''About the tour, I was talking about that the other day to my manager. And I was thinking about releasing new album soon, since I have a lot of recorted songs, so why not put them on album?''


''True, true.'' She agreed. ''And one last question befor you go.'' She looked down at the ''flash-cards'' she head in her hands. ''Do you miss you're family? Like have you ever head idea that you just want to leav all this and live normal life?''


''Of course I miss my family. I mean who wouldn't.'' I paused, thinking over what I'm about to say. ''And about the quiting. Honestly I couldn't, yeah sometimes I miss being normal and doind normal stuff, but that again this is amazing and if I could go back when Selena asked me to come to Los Angeles, I wouldn't change that.''


''I like how you're honest and don't hind anything.''


''Well why should I?''


She just shrugged and stood up, me following after her. ''Give it up to Tiffany Butler.'' She said and the crowed cheered. And the feeling that came with it was amazing. I wouldn't want this any other way.


Few moments later I was walking off of the little stage-thingy and to Miranda who was standing backstage and smilling like a fool. ''Why ya so smile?'' I asked.


''Oh nothing.'' She quicly turned around and headed for the door. ''C'mon you have a photoshoot.''


''With who?'' I questioned as I cought up with her.


''With Teen Vouge.'' She looked back at me and than back at the front. When we passed Clare, the girl who worked at the front desk, I smiled at her.


''Call me sometime.'' I yelld after me and with that we exited the building, but befor the dor closed I managed to catch her nodding her head. We got in the black Range Rover that my bodyguard Tom was driving and we were off to my photoshoot.


@tiffanybutler: two weeks and i can go home. i miss my family

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