Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


14. Sunny California. . . maybe

No one's pov



The plane have landed hours ago and now the everyone loved couple were home, along with friends. Now that they were home, there second home, they could get away from each other since they lived in different city parts. 


As the seconds; minutes and even hours pased Tiffany couldn't fall asleep. It wasn't jet leg or the change of time zones, it was because of Cody. Cody was the reason why she'll be cranky in the morning. She tryed everything to fall asleep, but nothing. Not even the though that Chace will talk with him.


However Cody was sleeping like a baby at this time. 


The thoughts in her mind were like hunting her. Everyone of them represented something else of her life, but most of the time they were about Justin and the time they spend together, and than went over to Cody and the past year.


At first, yes she was happy, and she knew it, but now she didn't know if she's happy with Cody. Yes, he was sweet and everything, but something inside of her told her to let him go. Even after she found out about him cheating, she felt like she broke up with Chace.


Yes, she cryed, but after that she was okey. And when he showed up at her hotel, she wasn't going to run up to him and jump on him and forgive. She knew that she was making mistake when she agreed on meeting with him and giving him second chance.


She knew it all.


@taiffanybutler: finally home. #LosAngeles


She have tweeted earlier. And even at this moment she was on, just not tweeting or anything, simply creeping on her fans. What else to do when you can't fall asleep? Smilling to her self she scrolled some more befor tweeting again.


@tiffanybutler: guys you're so funny #creeping.


She tweeted and moments later her mentions floted with replays and tweets from her fans. She was really have even if it was like 3 or 4 in the morning. Before she could tweet again, her phone started ringing besides her.


Not looking at the caller ID, she answerd the call. ''Hello?'' she asked in the phone.


''Hey.'' Selena's voice ranged from the other side of the line. Mentally kicking her self, that she had forgot about the girl who was one of her best friends. ''I heard what happen with Cody, you okey?''


''Abou that.'' Sudenlly she was nearvous, and she didn't know to tell her. And besides everything between the two was complicaited. She didn't even know where they stood. ''Yeah, everything's okey.'' She covered it all up with a lie.


''Okey.'' However Selena didn't sound convinced. ''So how was London?''


''It was fun.'' Tiffany beamed into the phone. ''One the forst day I did the interview and one of the concerts. For the second day Miley and Craly fly out and than we went sight seeing with Miley and Taylor, and yeah than I did the last concert with Taylor, Miley and Carly.''


''That's sounds fun. I wish I could have came.''


''C'mon, don't be sad. I still gonna go on tour, and I would like if you and Taylor would be my opening act's'' And for the next twenty minutes or so they just talked and gosipped abotu everything and and everyone.


Even if they are growing up in the spotlight and everyone knows everything about them, and they get stalked 24/7, they still acted like normal teens. Because at the end of they day they were just that.






Hours later, around 9am, she was out of her bed and makig breakfast. The 65 inch led TV talking in the background. ''4th of July is coming up and some popstarts are already getting ready. But who'll be hosting them this year? We all know that Tiffany Butler won't be running for this chance. If she was, than we all know her party would be amazing.''


After the lady on the news said that, a picture from Tiffany's last year 4th of July picture was showed on the screen.


''We all know it was amazing.-''


''Yeah, amazingly bad.'' Tiffany mumbeld to her seld as she sat down on the coutch and changed the channel.



Chace's pov



''Hi Cody.'' Clapping hands with him, I mentioned him to take the free seat at the tabel I was sitting at. ''You probably don't know why I called you, right?''


He shook his head. ''But I'd like to know.''


''Well first of all, you need to promise me that you won't get mad.''


''I promise.''


''And that you won't yell at Tiffany after this.''


''I promise. And why would I?''


''I'll tell you why, but you need to keep your mouth shut why I tell you.'' He nodded his head and I started to explane him the reasonm why I called him here and why he need to promise those things. ''I'm sorry that she didn't tell you all this, but she thought it'd be better if I talked to you.''


''I... understand.'' He looked down at the metal-grey colored  tabel. ''Maybe I've been over protective these past few days.''


''Don't take it that bad.-''


''How can I not take it that bad?!'' His head shot up and he met with my gaze. The people in the little diner we're at, looked over at our tabel. ''My own girlfriend sends her friend to talk to me.''


''She just did it 'cause I'm a guy and you're a guy.''




''So you'll understand better.''


''Even if she would've told me, I'd understand.''


''C'mon, man, calm down.''


''I won't calm down.'' Standing up from his seat, he stormed out of the diner. Taking in a deap breath, I looked around me and than pulled out my phone. Silently thanking my self, because I put Tiffany's number in spead dail.




Tiffany's pov



''Ryan, you ready?'' I asked as I opend his bedroom door.  I couldn't wait till I get away from this place. Not that I don't like it here, I just need to get away from Cody and all this bullshit. In fact I needed to leave after like four day's, but insted I'm leaving today, when Ryan is.


''Yeah, I'm ready.'' He looked up at me and smiled. 


''Good.'' I nodded and closed the door once again. Walking in my room, which was just down the hall, I walked in and took my suitcase; duffle bag and my laptop's bag, and walked out of the room. Everything was already set and ready.


In the middle of the staircase, I heard Ryan's room door shut close and soon enough he was walking behind me. ''So what time does our plane leave?''


''Um,'' I said and looked down at at the purple wrist watch. ''at four, we have hour and half.'' He nodded as he walked out of the door, with both of our suitcases, leaving me with my duffle and laptop.


Checking everything, I took my keys and walked out of the car, but of course I need to see the one person I was trying to runaway. ''Oh, uh, hi.'' I stumbeld on my words.


''Why did you tell him to come talk to me?!'' I knew he was talking about Chace and all that, but I seriously didn't have time for more bullshit.


''Just leave me alone.'' I staited calm-y, as I fixed  the duffle bag on my sholder and walked passed him.


''Where are you going?'' I could feel he had turned around and now was looking at me.


''I,'' I turned around and faced him. ''am going home. Like I said for three or four weeks I'll be in Canada.''


''So you're just walking away.'' He paused, and started to talk once again. ''Than atleast let me explain.''


''What's there to explain?'' I shot back, suddenlly anger was taking over me. ''For now I just need sometime to my self, and don't worry I'll think about this, and when I get back, I'll give you a call.'' And with that I walked to the car and got in. ''Let's go.''


The shoffer nodded and pulled out of my driveway.






''Where are you rushing?'' Ryan asked as he walked behind me, once again. ''We still have 45 minutes.''


''I know.'' I nodded my head. ''But if we hurry, we can be the first one's, and it's better that way.'' I heard him sighed, but he didn't say anything.


20 minutes later we were seated on those plastic chairs what the airport's have. Me on my laptop going through tweets and pics, while Ryan was on his phone texting someone. I never questioned who he was texting to 'cause I know for sure he wouldn't tell.


''Flight 255, now bording. Please all pasangers head to gate C.'' The lady spoked on the airport's mic and with that I shut my laptop down and we stood up, walking to gate C, where we will be broding our plane back home.


''You exaited?'' Ryan asked, once we sat down on the plane.


''Yeah.'' I nodded, really happy that no one's gonna sit next to us. ''I miss mom, dad, Justin and Chaz. I miss everyone.'' I addmited and soon enough we were in the air, on out way back to Stratford.

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