Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


3. Plane rides ✈

Tiffany's pov


It feels like it's been ages since we took off. Honestly I can't wait till we land. This is like prison, and I know how that is, I'm been there. Why? Because Chace, Selena's boyfriend and my EX, did something and I need to be the cover up, but cop's found out the truth so I was put behind the bars. But I was lucky that they let me go after four hours, I think.


 I was staring out side the small window when Cody put his hand ontop of mine. ''My family will love you.'' I could tell there was a smile on his face, but how badly I wanted to smile back I couldn't. Pulling out my phone I quicly send a text to my manager Miranda. 



To: Miranda

hey :) is there anything i could do in la? 


Not long after I send that she replyed. And from there we just shared massages.



From: Miranda

hey. i don't know. why?



To: Miranda

i was just was asking. ugh okey i don't feel really safe going to australia. idk. c'mon can i come home earlier? plz think of something. if u do i'll gonna love u heeps.




And with that all the text sending stoped. I know she'll think how to save me. And after that the plane finally landed and I was so thankfull for that. But I knew that I won't be abel to go home with the next flight. It'll take few days. 


Going through everything that's recvaerd at airports, we got our luggage and we were walking through the airport. ''So is uh someone picking us up?'' I asked Cody and in all honesty this was the first time I talked to him since we got on the plane.


''My mom.'' Was all he responced with. Signing I kept on walking behind him. There's no real reason why I should walked besides him, even thought we're together. Honestly I feel like we're 1000 miles away. 


I was snapped out of my thoughts when my phone buzzed in my front pocket. Sliding that out I was so pleased from the name on the screan.



From: Miranda

ur in luck girl. i found u something. but be sure to leave tomorrow morning. tell cody u have last minute interview or something on thos lines.



I smiled at the text and put my phone back in the pocket. I lightly tapped in his sholder, making him stop dead in his tracks. ''I'm really sorry about what I'm going to say right now. I know you wanted this for really long time. But I have last minute interview. Miranda just texted me saying I need to leave tomorrow morning and yeah. She's even sorry about this. I was really looking forword for these two weeks, but you know these are our lifes. This is what we sig-''


He cut me off by pressing his lips on mine, after he pulled away he rested his forhead againts mine. ''You talk to much.'' He cheekly smiled ''I'll be bumb, but I know what it means, so go. Don't worry.''


''You're the best.'' I sqeald and threw my arms around his neck, pulling him a hug.






Later that night I found my self in the bed of one of the guest rooms. I wasn't doing anything like that, all I knew was that Cody and his parents thought I was sleeping. Well that's what I told them.


''I'm going to take a nap. Jat -leg.'' I remember telling them. 


''Okey.'' Cody nodded and kissed me. I was getting tired of him kissing me all the damn time. I know it's a part of being gilrfriend-boyfriend, but you don't need to do it every five seconds. Taking my laptop from my bag I turned it on.


Logging in to skype I was just hopping Ryan was on. And for my luck he was. And since I wasn't in for a skype call nor writting I just picked video chat. ''Hey.'' I smiled, once the face of my beloved brother showed on my screan.


''Hey.'' he smiled back ''How's Australia?''






I signed. ''It's not that I don't like it here. It's actuality really cool here, but I just.. I don't know. I fell out of place, you know. And so that led me to asking Miranda if she can work something out for me, that made me go back. And she did. But that's not inproten now.'' I paused ''So how are things at home?'' 


''They're great. Mom is really stressing about me going to University.'' he paused and looked at something or someone actuality. I could here talking, but I didn't here what the person actuality said, because it was like a blur.


''Okey. I'm coming.'' Oh Chaz. ''Hey Tiffany. What's up?''


I laughted and shook my head ''Nothing much, just faking sleeping.'' Both of there faces took over confused ''I lied to Cody and his family that I was tired. I did it because I don't know, maybe because I just don't want to spend time with them.''


''I still don't understand why are you still together with that douchbag.'' Chaz commented and sat down next to Ryan. ''But anyways that's not the case right now. Where are you?''


''Really?'' I rolled my eyes and sat up straight as he nodded. I swear - he could be so stupid sometimes. ''I'm in Australia, but in the morning I'm flying back to Stats.''


''Why? Didn't you want to be together and spend sometime with you're boyfriend?'' He maded kiss-y face and noise. I just hope mom or dad isn't home.


''Um yeah I wanted, but I don't any more.'' I admited, shyly. Well what else should I say? And I'm not going to lie and I know that Ryan would easly tell I was lieing, so why even bother.


Half an hour later we were still on skype talking, but of course someone needed to ruin this fantastic moment. A knock on the door almost made me fall off of my bed and as soon the person knocked the door opend and Cody poped his head in. ''Oh you're up.''


''Yeah I am.'' I nodded and tryed to keep the laptop screan away from Cody's eyes and in that moment signaling the guys to keep quiet.


''What'cha doing? Wait how long have you been up?'' This time he steped in the room and closed the door behind him. This was the one reason why I didn't want to be here *cought* and with him *cought*. He always needed to know what was I doing, where I was going and with who.


He baisacly controled every move I did. And it annoyed the shit out of me, but as I am, I haven't and won't tell him that.


''Oh nothing.'' I quicly looked at the guys ''And I've been up for an hour, I think.'' He nodded and so we fall in awkward silenc, I just wish he'd go away.


And as God answerd my prayers, his mom called after him. Flashing one last smile he was out of the door. ''Well that was awkward.'' Ryan commented and I actuality couldn't agree more.



Justin's pov



I was sitting in my room, strumming my guitar when someone knocked on the door. ''It's open.'' You don't usualy say that to your badroom door, but who cares? The door creaped open and in came Chaz and Ryan.


''Yo dude.'' Chaz was the first one to greet me, Ryan just rolled his eyes. ''We have good news.''


''And what would they be?'' I raised an eye brow. Honestly I didn't care what they have to tell me now. All I could think was the artickle that I read not long ago.



Cody Simpson takes Tiffany Butler to meet his mother?



As you all know the Canadian star Tiffany Butler this past year have been dating Cody Simpson. And so far no one have seen or heard Cody taking Tiffany to Australia, to meet his family. But well that's changed. 


Just this morning they both were spoted going in the airport where they soon left for flight to Australia. But however they didn't arive together. The first one to arive at the airport was Tiffany and Selena and not long after Cody did too.


After saying bye to Miss Gomez the couple borded there plane and off they were.



''Justiiiinnnn.'' Chaz waved his hand infront of my face ''Dude, did you even hear what I said?''


''Huh? What?'' I looked up at my two best friends, who were staring at me as if I was some since project.


''He didn't here it.'' Chaz grumpled.


''Don't worry.'' Ryan patted his back ''It'll be just suprise for him.'' And so we fell in silence and I didn't mind, because that was the first thing I wanted  - silenc. Nothing more, nothing less.


''So why did you come?'' I finally asked, setting my guitar next to me on the floor. Gazing out of the window for a milisecond I foucused back on my friends.


''Wanna play basketball?'' Ryan spoked up, and you could even see that that wasn't why they came, but honestly I didn't care why they came.


I know I'm being a bad friend and all, but how would you feel and what would you think after you read that your crush aka the love of your life when to another country? And with someone else, plus they're dating. Huh?







Next morning I woke up to my phone ringing next to my head. Picking it up I answerd the call. ''Hello?'' Who the fuck calls at, I don't know the freaking time, but I know it's freaking early.


''Oh um I'm sorry if I woke you up.'' They apolized and from the voice you can hear that it's a girl. But I've heard this voice. I know them. ''I just need to talk to Ryan. I called him, but he didn't pick up, so I uh called you. I'm really sorry if I woke you.'' Now I knew who they were or well who she was.


''Oh it's nothing and you didn't wake me up.'' I sat up in my bed, happy hearding that amazing voice. I miss her. I really do. ''Acutuality I don't know where he is.'' I answerd ''He could be at Chaz, but I can give him a masagge from you if you want.''


''Yeah that'll be great.'' I could imagine her smiling. Her smile is so beautiful. ''Just tell him to call me, we need to talk about when I come home.'' she paused ''So uh thanks Justin. Bye.'' And with that the line went dead.


''Bye.'' I spoked, even though she hunged up. Wait ... she's coming home?! So about that Chaz was talking yesterday! Oh well, I'm not telling them that I know it. I just hope I'll be abel to see her.




Tiffany's pov



I woke up at 4 am because my plane is at 8, so I have four hours. I did everyhting I needed and headed down stairs at 6, everyone's sleeping, well that's what I though because when I walked in the kitchen to get something to eat I almost peed my pants.


''Hey.'' Cody spoked up second I walked in. ''You're leaving already.?'' He mentioned to my suitcase, but it sounded more as a question than a statment.


I nodded ''Yeah I have to or Miranda will kill me.'' I grabed something to eat and walked over to Cody. Giving him a quick hug I was out of the house and into the taxi. ''To the airport.'' I spoked up and looked at the house where I could see him looking from the window.


As the taxi drove down the street I was coming closer to MY home; to place I belong. When the taxi driver pulled up to the airport, I thanked him and payed him, leaving a very good tip. I walked in the airport and found a seat on one of the plastick chairs, since I have around 2 hours till my plane leaves.




I've been sitting here for sometime and in this time I've got my self some black coffee. I was looking down at my phone when I head someone ''yelling'', taking my gaze away from my phone I looked up to see three teenage girls.


They all were looking at me. I smiled at them and stood up. ''Hey girls.'' I said once I reached them.


''Omg you're Tiffany Butler.'' The one with dark blue hair said, while the other two nodded. I nodded my self. ''We're really big fans of you.''


''Aw.'' Honestly I couldn't stop smiling. ''Well I love you guys.'' Iooked back at the seat I was sitting on, just moments ago ''What do you say if you keep me comapnie till my plane?'' They all nodded and we walked back to the plastick chairs. ''So girls what are you're names?''


''Well I'm Alisha.'' The girl with dark blue hair spoked up again. ''That's Zoi-'' she pointed to a little girl. She must be sister to one of the girls. She looked really cute with her brown, sholder lang hair. She kinda remind me of me when I was that age. ''-and that's Paula. We're sisters.''


''Aw how sweet.'' I cooed at the three girls. ''Well I don't what to say because I'm guessing you know all that there's to know about me.'' They nodded ''Well than tell me about you're selfs.''


''I'm Paula. I'm 16 for a month now and I'm really big fan of you and-'' she mentioned me to lean in and that's what I did ''-you looked cute with Justin.'' As that was said she sat back up straight. 


-you looked cute with Justin.


Shaking that thought out of my mind I focoused back to the girls. And that's what we did, we jsut talked. ''Hey my plane is leaving soon, so how about we take some pics?'' They all nodded and so we took pics. Me with each of the girls and than bunch of group.


And soon enough I needed to borde the plane. ''I had fun guys.'' I hugged them. It was really fun to talk to fans, and when they treat you like normal person, not some popstar is the worlds most amazing feeling. ''I hope we can meat again.'' Few more hugges for ex-changed and than I walked to my plane.



When we were safe in the air I pulled out my phone and called Ryan, but he never answerd,s o I dicated to call the one person whom I haven't talked this past year.I haven't even seen him. I pressed call and waited till he picks up. ''Hello?'' someone spoked from the other side of the line.


''Oh um I'm sorry if I woke you up.'' I apolized ''I just need to talk to Ryan. I called him, but he didn't pick up, so I uh called you. I'm really sorry if I woke you.'' 


''Oh it's nothing and you didn't wake me up.'' He spoked with much clearler voice ''Acutuality I don't know where he is.'' he answerd ''He could be at Chaz, but I can give him a masagge from you if you want.''


''Yeah that'll be great.'' I smiled. The fact that he didn't hold a grudge on me was supring. Maybe he did? ''Just tell him to call me, we need to talk about when I come home.'' sI paused ''So uh thanks Justin. Bye.'' And with that the line went dead as I pressed end.


After I hungged up the phone I put in my earbuds and put on some music. This ride will be long, so why not? The thoughts about Justin and going home in matter of time still there somewhere, but I just couldn't care less about that right now.

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