Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


20. Party Time


Tiffany's pov



@tiffanybutler: omg that you guys so much. we got the album #1 on @billboard charts


@tiffanybutler: i couldn't be more happier. once again thaaaaaaank you so much <333 love you all 


I tweeted and looked as my lovely fans tweeted me back. Saying congrats and whatnot. Honestly I've never been more happier. And maybe to some this might me stupid, but for me... for me it means a lot; means the world. It shows how dicaited my fans are, and how other people are willing to listen to your music.


@tiffanybutler: in honor of these amazing news, i'll be doing a mini following spree later today


And with that I logged of, lowering the lid of my laptop and putting it on the bedside tabel. It's around 7:30 - 8:00 pm, and right after diner mom and dad went out, saying that they're going to see old family friend. But the only reason why they did it was, so we had our teen time aka could enjoy the party.


Relexing in the chair that was at my desk, I heard the door bell ring down stairs and the door opening. Few seconds later voices were heard talking and than came Ryan's voice. ''TIFFANY, GUESTS ARE ARIVING!'' He shouted, probably from the bottom of the stairs.


Getting up from my seat, I looked my self in the mirror one last time and walked out of my room. Once raching the bottom of the stairs, I was pulled in for bone crushing hug. I trully didn't know the person, but I hugged them back. ''Congrets, girl.'' And in that moment I knew - Britney.


Pulling a fake smile as soon as she pulled away from the hug, I looked at her. ''Thanks.'' And with that diched her as fast as I could. Walking in the living room, where more guest were, I walked over to the snak tabel and took red, plastic cup and poured some kinda drink in it. When I took a sip, I knew that that was beer, but I didn't put the cup down or anything. I just took another sip.


''I really like your music and I think you're really amazing.'' Someone said from behind me, from the voice it sounded as a girl. Turning around I was proven rigth, it was a girl, but not any girl.


''What are you doing here?'' I asked and tryed to come out as harsh as I could. ''I believe I didn't invite you.''


Laughing a sickening and fake laugh, she looked at me. ''Oh, babe, you haven't lost your humer.'' Mentally cringing and rolling my eyes, I kept stern gaze on her.


Girls, dear girls, don't ever hang out with bitches or the head bitch of your school. Or you'll turn out like this.


Turning back around, I poured more beer in the plastic cup and than turned back to her. ''Maybe I haven't lost that, but I can garantee you lost your pants on the way here.'' With that said, I walked past her. Really depressed to get away from her and that bitch act of her.


We don't keep in touch only a year and she's already a bitch. Well, I'm sorry that I have a job and that I'm not as free as I was in school. But that's life, ya know.


''Oh, and I still have my pants, so ha!'' She shouted few minutes later, still in my earshot, so I heard her perfectly. But really the jokes on her.



Justin's pov



''I know that everyone's invited, but do I really need to go?'' I asked, as we walked slowly up the steps of Ryam's house. Ringing the door bell, Chaz stepped away from the door.


''Dude, c'mon, she'll be happy that you came.'' He spoked as the door opend and Ryan stood infront of us. The music, now perfectly heard and people were seen dancing to whatever the song was.


''You came!'' Ryan smiled. ''I'm so glad that you did.'' Stepping to the side, he let me and Chaz inside. Closing the door behing us, I took a good look around the teen stuffed house. There were people from high school and than there were people I didn't even know. And I'm 100% sure that needer Tiffany or Ryan knows them too.


But when someone gets invite to a house party or party in general this 'bout to happen. Looking to my right, I noticed that Chaz have already diched me. Probably to go find a girl to fuck or to get shit face drunk.


''Enjoy the party.'' Ryan sing snaged and he also walked away, leaving me alone to my slelf. Taking of in the direction of the kitchen, I hopped to find something to drink and quiet place to go sit at. Getting a beer from the kitchen I walked out in the back yard.


The music getting bit quieter, plus there weren't so many people. Like four teens, but they were hudeled up, so . . . Walking all the way to the shed they had at the back of the yard, I sat down and looked back at the house.


Did she really want me here?


Of course. If she wouldn't she wouldn't had kissed you yesterday.


But if that was a act?


Oh, please. No one can actualy fake their feelings towords someone.


Maybe you're right.


Of course I'm right, I'm you.


Stopping the dabait that was going on in my head, I leaned my head back at he shed's wall and looked up at the sky. Taking sips from the bottle of beer here and there. Soon enough the first bottle of the beer was empty and I found my self walking in the house for more.






Half an hour and five or six beer bottles later I was shit face drunk and on the dance floor with a girl grinding on me. My hands on her hip and keeping her in place, she swayed her hips to the beat of the music; song that was curently playing.


And in that moment I didn't care where I was or if the girl who did all this wanted me here. All I could think was the alkohol in my body and the girl grinding on me. Soon enough the songs chainged from each other, but we never stopped.



Tiffany's pov



All I could think throughout all the night; party, was if he came. Because few minutes or at least twenty minutes into the party I was somewhat worried that he hadn't came. But after I had my share of drinks I was on the dance floor grinding on some guys dick.


And in that same moment I forgot that I was worried if Justin came or not. I just knew that I was having great time and that I could finally feel somewhat normal. Forget the fact that I was reputation to worry about, but than it really didn't matter.


Songs chainged, but the guy never stopped me nor I stopped my slelf. The alkohol was such in packt on me, but right now I didn't care. Maybe I'll care next morning when I wake up with hangover or headache, but not now.


Few minutes later the guy turned me around and leaned down, so he could whisper in my ear. ''Babe, what do you say, if we go up stairs?''


I knew what I was getting myself into, but I didn't say no. ''Okey.'' I nodded and taking my hand, he led me upstairs. Showing him which one was my room, he led us in and locked the door. Turning around, he rapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in to him.


Kissing me, I didn't waist anytime in kissing him back. As the minutes passed by, the kiss grove even heated and soon enough the white tee I had on was lieing on the carpet besides my bed. Doing the same to his shirt I throw it on the floor.


Pushing me on the bed, he crawled ontop of me and just few minutes later we were nude; exposed for each others eyes. Not bothering to tease me, he linde him self at my enterence and pushed inside. ''Oh God.'' I moaned out, both; in plesure and in pain, but mostly in plesure.


''Uh, you're so tight.'' He moand as he kept thursting in side of me.


''Faster.'' I moaned, straching my finger nails in his back. I could feel the air around us grow hotter, and hotter with each thurst. And  I could feel myself getting closer to my climax. ''I will come soon.''


''Me too, babe'' With just few more thurst, I released myself and he did too. Lieing down besides me, he pulled the blanket over our naked body and pulled me ontop of him; so my head was lieing on his chest. 


I knew that later in the morning I'm gonna regret this, but as far as no one finds out I'm good. And it's not like I know this guy and not like he'll be looking for me afterwords. Pulling me even closer to him, sleep started to take over me. The last thing I heard before I fell asleep was the guy whispering Goodnight.






Waking up, I strached my arms and looked around. Noticing that it was dark; pitch dark I knew that it was night time still. Feeling a warm body at my right side, I turned my head and saw that there was a guy sleeping next to me.


A little panic raised up on me, but soon it died. Quicly looking at the digital clock that stood on the tabel besides my bed 2:23am, wow. Quietly getting out of the bed, I colected my clothes and got dressed. I know that this is my house, but I need to get out of the room and away from the guy.


Opening the door, the dim light that was on in the second floor hall, showne on the guy, and that's when I saw his face. This can't be. I must be dreaming. It's not him.


God, please don't let him be Justin.


But I know that how hard I pray and hope it's not him, it really is him. Now my best bet is to hope he doesn't remeber any of the things that happen last night. With one final look at him, I closed the door and walked downstairs to see what have happened to the first floor, because I don't want mom to kill us after she finds something outta place.

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