Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


13. Over protective or Brother act?

Note: I have nothing againts blonds. My friend is blond, so if you read and you're blond, please, don't feel offended.





Tiffany's pov



''Miley, Carly.'' I squeals as the two girls came in my view. ''I'm so happy you could fly out in the last minute.'' I hugged them both. ''C'mon let's go. You're both probably tired, jet leg, you know.''


''I'm not really that tired, so I'd like to explore the city.'' Miley spoked as we got in the black SUV. ''Who wants to come with me?''


''I'm okey with going.'' I send another warm smile in her direction. ''I haven't really been exploring. How about you Carly? Wanna come?'' I asked turning to look at Carly, who looked, like she'll past out any second.


''nah, I'm good.'' She shook her head. ''I think I will take a nap.''


''Okey.'' I nodded and pulled out my phone, sending a quick text to Taylor.



To: Tay

hey. we're on our way back. wanna come with me and miley explore the city?



Not long after I got a text back.



From: Tay

hey. yeah, sure.



Slidding it back in my front pocket I looked at Miley. ''Taylor is come with us.'' I annouced as as one quie, I and her yelld:


''GIRLS DAY OUT.'' On the top of out laungs.






''Omg look it's Small Ben or Little Ben. What was it?'' I asked pointing on the smaller version of Big Ben. The funny thing was it was on the same street, just on the other side.


''Tiffany stop acting like a little kid.'' Miley said, but soon after she broke in fit of laugher. Taylor and I following her after. After we calmed down, she spoked up again. ''Okey, let's go see the real Big Ben.''


''I agree.'' Taylor nodded and so we started walking to the Big Ben and London's eye. Stopping for few picture or to signed some stuff for the fans, but honestly none of us mind that because this is part of our lifes and that's, they, are the ones who keep us making music and going.


''Hi, can I get a picture with all of you?'' A little girl, around seven asked as she looked up at us with her big brown eyes, her eyes and she, her self, reminded me.


''Sure,'' I answerd. Scooping the little girl up from the ground, Miley and Taylor stood on eder side of me. When her mom took the picture, I set her back down on the ground. ''What's your name, sweetie?''


''It's Alicia.'' She smiled.






''Where were you?!'' Cody shreeks as I walk in the room I'm staying in. ''I was worried sick. You didn't even call!.''


''Well sorry. Geez.'' I roll my eyes, walking over to the suitcase and pulling out few stuff I need and than walking to the closeth to get my close for my interview. ''I was with Miley and Taylor. Noting to worry about.''


''Nothing to worry about?'' Now standing up, he looks at me through the mirror, and all I just do is nod my head. ''Well you could call me.''


''Well sorry that I didn't, and why would I need to do that?!'' Turning around I eyed him up and down. ''Just because I'm your girlfriend, doesn't mean I need to call you everytime I go somewhere. You're not my mom, dad or brother. Your just simply my boyfriend.''


''Well excuse me, that I worry about you.'' Cody cryed out as he throw his arms in the air.


''Well, you don't need to worry about me.'' I replayed and as fast as I could I ran in the bathroom and locked the door. Pressing my back against the door, I slid it down till my butt hit the cold, marble floor. Sighing I pulled out my phone and diald one persons number, who I knew will help me.


''Hello?'' He picked up, few short moments later.


''Hey Chace, can I ask you something?'' I asked picking on loose trend of my shirt. When he didn't answer, I knew he was waiting till I ask whatever I needed to ask. ''It's about Cody.''


''The all 'I was worried' thing?''


I nodded, but as soon I released that he can't see me, I spoked. ''Yeah.''


''Well, from what I've seen is - he's really over ptotective of you. It's like you're like five and he's the dad or something, but usually these kind of things lead of to the boyfriend  acting like brother.'' 




No one's pov



 It's been half and hour since she had locked her self in the hotel room's bathroom, and fiveteen minutes since she have ended the call with Chace. She knew that she needed to get change and step out, but she couldn't get her self to stend up.


Few long moments ago, two voice were heard from the other side, telling her to hurry up or they'll be late. But all she did was nod her head, even though they couldn't see her. All she could think was  about the guy behind the door, and the words that repeated from the converction before.


''You need to do something, or he'll reach lever 3 of over protective mode and he'll act more as your dad, than your boyfriend.'' Chace have told her. ''If I would be there, I could talk to him. Well, since you're coming back tonight, I could talk with him tomorrow.''


At the last words she percked up. ''I would love that.'' Agreeing to that Chace will talk with Cody, they said bye's and than she hungged up. But no matter how hard she tryed to convince her that he'll change, she couldn't get up from the cold floor, which now didn't seem so cold anymore.


''Tiffany,'' as soft knock on the bathroom door pulled her out of her trance. ''I know you can hear me.'' Taylor spoked. ''Can you let me in?'' Scooting over to the side, she reached up her arm and unlocked the door. ''Thank you.''


Tiffany smiled and merly nodded her head, now the two friends sitting on the bathroom floor, in one of London's most greatest hotels. ''Is he there?'' Tiffany finally spoked up, looking over at Taylor.


''He's watching the TV in the livingroom.'' Taylor answerd. ''You want me to help you get ready?''


Shaking her head, she finally managed to stand up. ''No I'm good. I'll be out in ten minutes.'' With one last smile from Taylor, she walked out, leaving Tiffany to her self, once again. The only differenc now, that she was ready to get change.





''No.'' He spoked to the girl infront of him, but no matter how many time he told her no and to leave him alone, she didn't listen. ''I'm not instrested in sluts like you.'' He was fumming with anger and annoyenc, and that was all thanks to the blond in front of him.


''Oh, please Justy.'' He mentally cringed at the nickname that the blond have gave him. ''You can't deny that you want me.''


Keeping self from throwing up, he looked at the blond. ''I'm not denying anything.'' His voice was low and cold, it was like he didn't feel anything, and that somehow true. He didn't feel anything for this chich, but he felt love towards her.


Giggiling in her high pitch voice, she triled her index finger over his chest, but not seconds past that Justin had a grip on her wrist. ''Don't. Touch me.'' He grould, clearly annoyed with this bitch.


''I know you like it.'' She tryed to soud so tempting, but only she was making fool out of her self. But as she was blond, she was clearly like all the other fake Barbie dolls. And playing dumb, well being dumb, wouldn't get her or any other girl normal guy.


''Just leave me the hell alone, and go find a douche bag who'll be willing to fuck you.'' With that he turned around and walked away. He was never so harsh on girls, and he never call girls in names. His mother taught him to respec girl and treat her right, but everything and everything had there limits.


Even him.


He knew what he said was wrong, but he wasn't gonna let some slut ruin any possible chances on winning Tiffany back. All we all know and he knows that she only wanted him for sex. Yeah, of course he wasn't virgin anymore, but than again the only time he fuck anyone, was wlast year with Tiffany, and he wanted to keep it like that.





''Since this is my last concer here in London, well till I start tour, I wanted to make this special and so asked three of my friends to help me out on this.'' She paused and looked at the crowed in front of her. ''I could stand here on go on about each and everyone of them, but that would be pointless, so how I make it easy,'' she paused ''give it up for Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Carly Rea Jepsen.''


The crowed roared with chears as the three famous singers came out on the stage where Tiffany, her self stood.


''Thank you for having us.'' Miley spoked. ''It's really amazing to be back in London. I really like coming here.''


Singing few songs each of the singers; somewhere in the middle even making the teanage girl to sing; they ended the concer in chears and applauses.


''Thank you for having us.'' Carly thanked for all of them, and with smiles on there faces they walked off of the stage.


''Now we can go home. And I mean really home.'' Tiffany spoked as they all made there way to the black SUV just outside the arena; waiting for them, so the driver can take them all to the airport. Where the four would bord a plane and head back home; back to States.

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