Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


8. Movies, Popcorn and Broken Hearts

This will be quit special chapter ❉ They'll keep two person pov's you haven't seen in this book yet (but one you saw in the first book). Of course they WON'T have there own pov's after this chapter.




Ryan's pov 



''We should see this.'' I heard Tiffany's voice from the livingroom, walking back in Taylor was running where she was.


''Omg yes.'' They both sqeald and jumped up and down. Ugh, I really need some guy friends right now.


''What are we watching?'' I asked as I sat the popcorn, seix cans of soda and some more snacks on the coffee tabel in the living room.


''The Notebook.'' Tiffany turned to me and I rolled my eyes.


''But you've seen it like 1000 times with Nicki.'' I whined.


''Well than let's make it 100.'' Tyalor nodded agreeing with my sister. Ugh, girls.


''Fine.'' I huffed and sat down on the couch ''But after that we're watching Kick Ass.'' They gave me what looked like annoyed looks, but I ignored them and added ''Both parts.'' They suffed and sat down next to me.


''You know I'll get you back.'' Tiffany whisperd as the movie started. I just rolled my eyes and got ready for the painfull hours of this movie + two VERY emotional girls. 


Half an hour in the movie both of them were crying rivers. Girls. Honestly I don't get the big deal here, like it's only a movie. Why do ya need to cry buckets of water? Dicating I should just go do something else why they both cry; I stand up from the couch and exit the living room.


Walking in the kitchen, what the hotel had, I took my laptop and sat down at the island. Opening the lid I turned it on and once it was all ready I went on internet. Going on google I clicked in the serach bar and tiped in - how to get girls to stop crying? and pressed eneter (y'know, serach).


Imidaly I got tons of diffrent web sited, scrolling through them I didn't find anything that souded good, so in sted I went on twitter and tweeted. Well what better way to find out, than from actual girl(s).


@RyanButler: how do you make a girl stop crying?


As I pressed tweet my mentions blow up with all kind of replys, but one particual caught my eye.


@princessnowflak: hug her and tell her everything's gonna be alright :) <3 


@RyanButler: @princessnowflak that sounds good, but she's my sister and her friend. it'll feel awkward #TheNotebook


@princessnowflak: @RyanButler aw they're watching the notebook. well than your in deep shit. girls wont EVER stop crying watching that.


@RyanButler: @princessnowflak aw man


After that I followed her and some other's. Crazy how you're a brother of someone famous and everyone still knows who you are. Knowing that that movie will NEVER end serched for youtube and clicked on random music videos.


And that's how I eneded this evenig/night because after The Notebook they watched more chick-fliks and cryed more.



Cody's pov



 ''So honney how are you feeling being back home?'' Mom asked across the tabel as she reached for the bowl of salad in the center of the tabel.


Passing her the bowl I smiled at her. ''I'm feeling great. Honestly I was starting to miss home.'' I replyed truthfully.


She nodded and dad was the next one to speak. ''So how are you and Tiffany?'' I could tell mom hit him at his choice of question because he gave her weird look and than looked back at me.


''We're good.'' Was all I could say. Well what else? She left the next day's morning, and she didn't even look one bit sad about it. And than that call...


''That's good, that's good.'' Dad spoked in monoton.


''Yeah.'' I whisipred and turned back to my dinner, and quit frenkly I'm not hungry anymore. I excus my self from the tabel and walk up stairs to my room; once in I shut the door and pulled out my phone, dialing her number in the process.


It took four rings befor she answerd, well I though she answerd, but the voice wasn't hers. It was guys! ''Yeah?'' They asked.


''Uh who is this?'' I asked sitting down on the computer chair by my desk.


''Oh sorry.'' They laught ''I'm Ryan, Tiffany's brother.'' Oh, I heard about him.


I laught my self. ''Tiffany has told me so much about you.'' I paused ''So where is she? I needed to talk to her.''


''She's sleeping.'' He replyed right the way. ''But I could give her a massage if you'd like.''


''Uh no. It'll be good.'' I pause and than add ''Just tell her I called.'' And with that I ended the call. Tossing the phone on to my bed I change in my swim trunks, and pull shorts over them. Grabbing my surffbord I walked out of my room and down stairs. ''Mom I'm going to the beach.'' And with that I exit the house.


Getting in my car I have only one though on my mind - waves.






Once I reached the beach I could see people surffing already, even though it was like seven o'clock. Getting out of the car I grabbed my bord and headed down to the shore. Taking in deep breath, I looked around and than walked in the cristal clear watter.


''Aye, how's the waves?'' I shout at one of the guy in the watter. Giving my thumps up I smile at my self and wait till next waves come and when they do, the real fun starts.


Standing on the bord I try to keep my balance, so I wouldn't fall because this summer the waves here are amazing and since I need to head back to Stats soon I need to enjoy this as much as I can.


Once I'm standing on the shore line and group of teens around my or Tiffany's age come to me. ''Hey.'' Calles out the one that gave me thumps up in the ocean. ''I saw you had some great moves, so I was thinking how about you come hang with us.?''


''Thanks, man. And yeah sure.'' I nodded, grab my bord and follow the guy. ''By the way I'm Cody.''


''I'm Jered.'' He nodded my way and the next hour all we do is sit around a camp fire and tell stories. Some horror, some just being funny. ''So where you live?'' Jered asks after sometime.


''Just few minutes away from here, but I spend a lot of time in America too.'' I reply, hopping that no one will caught up with the fact I'm Cody Simpson.


After that no one questiones anything and once again we're laughting and stuff. As the sun began to set down, we started to have more fun. ''You're really cute.'' A girl with brown hairs says and kisses me. Not knowing what came over me, I kissed her back.




Ryan's pov



Thanks to Tiffany's phone blaring in the middle of night I didn't have enough sleep, so here I am, at 6am in the kitchen making some breakfast. Nothing speacial, just eggs, bacon, waffels and orange juice, you know.


Setting eveything on the tabel I sat down my self ans started to eat and checking few of the ne2w sites when one particular caughtmy eye. Cklicing on the link I waited till it loads and than started reading.




Cody Simpson cheating?


[just go with it]


We all know that the Australian singer Cody Simpson is back home and that his lady friend Tiffany Butler went back to America. However she soon left the Stats and left to go to Europe, where in London, UK she's having concers and interview.


But however that's not the big deal here. The case is that someone has took a picture of what looks like Cody and girl making out, and since we all know Tiffany isn't there, that can only mean one things - he's cheating.


What seemingly would have came over him?




Shit. Tiffany can't see this and befor I could close the tab or even turn off the laptop, it's being pulled in the oppsite direction. Looking up I meet my sisters brown eyes. ''Good morning.'' She sings out as she sat down and scans over the page I've been reading.


''Tiffany?'' I ask after sometime and in that same moment she closes the lid of my MacBook. ''He uh called you last night.''


''What did he say?'' She spoked, not once meeting my gaze, but instand she looked any where else.


''He wanted to talk to you.'' She nodded and reached for her phone, I'm guessing she's going to call Cody. Well this won't end well. And befor I knew it she was already on the phone with him.


''Hey, Ryan said you called me.'' She spoked ''So what did you want?'' pause ''Well clearly you don't mean it!'' she yelld ''What am I talking about? Cody, please, don't act dumb.'' Rolling her eyes she eyed the plates on the tabel ''Well I don't love you. And you can go to that girl you were sucking faces off.'' And with that there talk ended.


Not saying anything I opend my arms and she walked right in to them. Wrapping my arms around her I felt something wet on my shirt. Shit no. ''Shh. Sis don't cry.'' I rubbed my hand up and down her back.


''Hey what's the yelling about?'' Few minutes later Taylor walked in the kitchen, her eyes landing on me and my broken sister. ''What happened?'' Not bothering to say anything I mentioned to my laptop. ''I'm so sorry.'' She spoked and came to hug her from behind.


As Tiffany was still crying on my sholder I pulled out my phone and wrote a quick text to Justin. I know that what I'm gonna do innear future is bad, but I know that these kids belong together. And I know that they love one another, so technically it won't be that bad.


I just hope my master plan works out and nothing goes wrong on the way. If that happens I don't know what I'm gonna do.




To: Justin

hey dude. i have some good news to you - tiffany broke up with cody. rn she's crying on my sholder.

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