Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


9. Living In The Past

Befor you start reading this chapter I just wanted to tell you that this whole chapter is based on the past. So don't get confused if I don't mention the things that happen right now (for Tiffany, Justin, Ryan, Taylor and others).

And thos who are wondering what happened after the last chapter I'll mention that in the next chapter. Because like I said this is what happened in past, for everyone.

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No one's pov



It was another rainy Tusday night and a girl in her wet, socking clothes walked down the streets of New York City. Her hair and clothes sticking to her skin. The only though running through her mind was to ever take umbrella with her. Even if the sun is shining.


Finally spotting the apartment complecks, she picked up more spead and ran to the front door. Once she was safe from the rain she breathed out the air, she didn't know she was holding in. ''Forgot your umbrella?'' Sudenlly males voice ranged through the lobby.


Turning to look at the guy who worked in the lobby, she nodded her head. ''Yeah. When I left Jenning's it started to rain.'' She was shivering from the clothes she got on since they were socking wet.


''Go upstairs and get dry clothes on. Wouldn't want you sick, now would we?'' The guy asked and Tiffany gave him warm smile.


''Thanks Timoty.'' She sanged as she skipped to the elevator and pressed the down button. Once the elevator reached the lobby she walked in, turning to face Timoty.


''And drink hot tea.'' He called out as the metal door closed and she pressed 5th floor. The elevators soothing melody was the only thing you could actuality here in it. Soon the little bell dinged and the door once again opend. Stepping out she darted for her apartment.


Once she was in and the front door was locked she stripped down the wet clothes and jumped in the shower. The warm of the watter sending chils down her spine and rest of her body. It has never rained so badly in New York.


After she was done, she got out and pulled on her polka dot pj's. Pulling her hair back in a pony tail, she walked in the living room and turned on the TV. As she sat on the couch, she pulled her legs close to her and diald one number she's been dreding on using these past few days.


After pressing call, it ranged three times before a husky voice ranged through the phones speaker, but that wasn't the only thing that was heard. Girls voice was heard too. ''Hello?'' He spoked after she didn't say anything.


''Chace who is that?'' Tiffany asked, and that wasn't what she wanted to ask. At all. 


''Uh that uh she's no one.'' The nervouness could be felt through-out the phone.


Gulping, she shut her eyes, to keep the tears that were ready to fall back. And befor she could say something or ask more about that girl, she spoke. ''Chace, baby, come back to bed.'' And that was enought for Tiffany.


She knew that Chace was player before she started dating him, but when they did, he promised he'll stop just for her. That she's the only one. And thos words still repeat in her mind.



''I love you Tiffany.'' Chace spoked, taking her hands in his. She couldn't believe that because everyone told her to stay away from him. He's nothing but trouble. He only wants to get in her pants, but she didn't listen. ''You may not know that and think I'm lieing, but I'm not.''


''What about the things people have said?'' She asked confused, but still didn't pul her hands away from his.


''Some are right, but than again 'Don't jugde a book by it's cover'. Give me one chance.'' He looked right in her eyes. ''I'll even change for you. No more player, no more plying with girls' hearts.'' And that's all that took her to fall for him and give in.



''I'm breaking up with you.'' She spoked, one tears sliding over her cheek, and as she wipped it away she pressed end. And that honestly that was the only tears that fell. She didn't feel any pain in her heart; she didn't feel heartbroken.


Settleling on Pretty Little Liers she got conffy on the couch and drifted away from that phone call and what she was feeling for that guy. But one thing was sure - she didn't feel love for him.






For some people love isn't even needed, well that's what they think. But maybe, maybe they're waiting for that special someone. The one they'll spend the rest of there life together. And just because you haven't started dated doesn't mean you can't get anyone.


''Hey, can I copy your Math homework?'' Justin asked as he walked up to Ryan, one of his childhood friends.


''Why?'' He gave Justin confused look and took a bit from his burger, which wasn't that good, but somehow almost everyone in the school forgot that.


''I didn't do it.'' He sat down and staired at his friend untill he gave in and passed the homework over the tabel, so he could copy it.


''Hey loosers.'' Another guyes voice ranged out. Turning around in his seat, Justin and Ryan gave him pointed looks as if saying really?. Trowing his arms up in the air he sat down next to Justin. ''Okey, geez. I was just kidding. Don't need to get your panties in twist.''


''No one was getting anything in twist.'' Replayed Ryan still eating his lunch.


''You're seariosly eating that?'' Chaz asked and pointed to the try of food infront of Ryan, he nodded and kept on eating. ''Is he alright?'' 


''I have no idea.'' Justin shrugged as he passed Ryan his homework and in time because the bell ranged and everyone in the cafeteria got up form there seats and headed out, the three boy's doing the same.


''Okey, I'll see you loosers later.'' Chaz yelld after him as he walked in the other direction of the hall. Ryan and Justin didn't say anything, they just rolled eyes like some bitchy chearleaders.


''He does know that he's a looser too, right?'' Ryan laughted as the two walked down the hallway to the there last class.


As the bell ranged from the last class everyone filde up the schools hallways once again. Grabbing his books Justin waited by the front enterec of the school for his two best friends, since he was there ride.


''Finally.'' He grumpeld as they came in the view in between the studens, mostly freshmants. Pushing the door opend they walked down the stairs and to his car. ''Okey, who's house first?''


''Mine.'' Chaz sqeald like a girl, when he noticed the looks his friends gave him, he stoped. ''Yeah me, but it's not my house.''


''Whos than?'' Justin lifted one eyebrow and got in the driver's seat; Ryan sitting in the passinger's seat and Chaz in the back.


''No one's speacila.'' He replayed fast, maybe too fast, but his friends let it go and pulled out of the parking lot.


''So where to?''





«Love is honestly really strong word. Some say it has these unknow powers, but some say it's just love, nothing special. Some even believe love at first sight, but once again there's people who don't believe.


And even though you date like 100 different people at the end you'll find the one and only. If that's a girl or guy you'll find him. Just don't give up on it. »





The next mornig Tiffany woke up in the livingroom; on the couch. The TV still on and her phone by her side. Rubbing her sleepy eyes she stood up and made her way to the bathroom. You could clearly see she was tired; very tired. 


If you looked closly you could see her ribs and some more bones and the only reason is because she's working to hard, not finding time to really eat. Taking in her look throught the bathroom mirror, she sighed and stepped in the shower.


Where did I go wrong? she thought I wish I could be home, so mom could tell me 'I told you so', Ryan could hug me and be that over protective brother he always promised to be. And with that though she jumped out of the shower and wrapped a towl around her body.


Running out of the bathroom, she grabbed her phone and diald her mom's number. It ranged five time before a women answerd. ''Honey.'' Smile could be felt through the phone, and sure it was. The women was happy to hear from daughter once again.


''Mom.'' Tiffany breathed out ''I need to ask you something.''


''What is it?'' Her mother sounded worried, which she was. Because her daughter never called and said something like it. It was something new for both of them.


''I want to go home.'' Tiffany sniffed as she wiped a tear that have exaped.


''Ryan.'' Her mother called out to her son. ''You'll be home soon baby girl.'' 


''Thanks mommy.'' Tiffany wisperd and with that there phone call ended. Trowing her phone back on the couch she rushed in her bedroom; quicly changed in some jeans, black V neck and hoody; packed.


It was 3pm when she was done with everything, and just little ago she got a call from her brother, saying what time her flight is and that she could print out the ticket. Looking around the almost empty apprment she took her suitcase, duflebag and closed the door. 


Once she was down stairs, in the lobby, she said by to Timoty and got in the taxi. ''To the airport.'' She told the driver and he took off, driving away from the appartement complex. ''Thank you.'' She once again said as she got out and gave the shofer the money she owned him about the drive. ''Keep the change.''


The shofer nodded, smiled and drove away. Standing back up straight, she smiled looking after the yellow taxi, took her bags and walked in the airport.






Lieing on his bed, head first, Justin ground. He needed to take one girl out on date, but he didn't want that, but still he needed to do it because her brother threatend to beta him up if he doesn't do it. ''You know you could always dich this date.'' Chaz pointed out.


Sitting up he looked at his friends. ''It sounds really good, but I can't. I don't want to get beaten up.''


''You wont.''


''How?'' Justin rosed an eyebrow at his friend.


''Just call him or her and say that you're sick or you ate something bad and now are trowing up.'' he paused and looked down at Justin. ''Plus you feel like shit and your head is spinning.''


''That might work.'' Justin slightly smiled and took his phone from his bed side tabel. Few moments later he was on the phone with his ''date''. ''Uh hey.'' He said rubbing the back of his neck.


''Hey.'' A girl chirped. ''What's up?''


''I have some bad news.'' he paused, just for few seconds. ''I ate something and now I'm trowing up. I don't know if I can make it. Mom said I should stay home.'' pause ''I'm really sorry.'' he quicly added.


''No, no it's fine.'' She spoked and she didn't sound one bit sad or disapointed. ''Honestly I never wanted to go on this date.'' she admited.


''You didn't?'' Justin asked shoked ''Than why did you agree?'' He was more comfused now, than he's in Math class. And that's saying a lot.


''I don't know. Maybe because you seem like a guy that no girl ever turns you down.'' She spoked sofly. ''But I hope we're all good.''


''Yeah, we're alright.'' Justin nodded, even though the person on other side of the line couldn't see him. And in that same moment he dicaited to tell her why he asked her out in the first place. ''Oh and honestly I wasn't thinking to ask you out.''


''What? Why?''


''Don't worrie. I think you're amizing.'' He paused and took a deep breath ''You're brother told me to ask you out or else he'll beat me up.''


''Oh my God.'' she cryed out. ''Don't worrie Justin. I'll take care of him and he won't say nor do anything to you. You can count on me.''


''So we good?'' Justin asked, what she asked not so long ago.


''Yeah.'' She answer and few seconds later the line went dead. Turning to look at Chaz he smiled.


''All good.''

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