Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


5. Just Another Boring Day (Justin's pov)

Since the last one was ONLY in Tiffany's pov, this one will be in Justin's pov. 




 I haven't slept all night, I just stayed up and though about things. When the clock hit four in the morning I quietly stood up from the bed and walked in the bathroom. After I was done taking a hot, calm shower I got dressed in grey sweats and some tee I found in one of my drawers. 


Not taking long on my hair I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where I was greeted by mom. ''Hey mom, why are you up so early?'' I asked and just that she noticed me and she looked suprised.


Maybe because it's four in the morning and you're up, dumbass.


''Oh goodmorning hun,'' she smiled and placed her coffee back on the tabel. ''I just need to be early at the work, that's all. But why are you up so early?''


''I couldn't sleep.'' I replyed as I took some cerial from one of the cabinits. Pouring milk and the cerial in a white bowl I sat down at the kitchen tabel, opposite of mom.


She nodded as she took a final sip from her coffee. ''I'll be back around eleven.'' She kissed the top of my head and walked to the front door. ''Love you.'' She called out and the door slamed closed.


''Yeah, love you too.'' I mumbeld to my self as I put the finals of my breakfast in my mouth. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom and anything, but she berly have time for me. She didn't even have time for me when I was heartbroken.


Putting the bowl in the sink I walked in the living room and turned on the TV and sudenly this beautiful voice fild the room. ''I'm good. Soon going home, I couldn't be more happier. And about me leaving when I just got there, well I was bumbed at first, but this is what I signed up for.''


''I know that you probably don't like talking about, but how are you and Cody? I mean there have been few rumours about you to breaking up.'' A lady asked her. And if I told you I'm not jeakous, that I'd be lieing.


''Honestly I don't mind that people ask me that. Like I'm use to things like these and I don't know, I just find it usual. And we're happy, it's goign great and everyday we're groing stronger.'' She brushed her hair over her sholder. ''And about the things that are said, well most of the time they're lies and this now, that's lie too.''


''And how are you with music any tours coming or have you planed any duets with someone?'' The lady asked again. To me she looked fake. I don't something about her just shouted F-A-K-E, but the girl next to her was the defination of beautiful.


Relaxing in my seat, for the rest of the interview, sudenly my phone ranged. Who the heck would call at four in the morning? I thought to my self and pressed answer. ''Justin.'' Ryan cryed over the line.


''What?'' I asked annoyed and at the sametime listening what her answer is.


''About the tour, I was talking about that the other day to my manager. And I was thinking about releasing new album soon, since I have a lot of recorted songs, so why not put them on album?''


''I need help.'' He said and I could tell he was running, because the sound of wind was going past the speakers or whatever.


''Why?'' I asked again, my gaze only on the screan infront of me.


''It's not something to talk over the phone.'' He breathed out. ''Anyways you up?'


''How do you think?'' 


''Okey. Geez, I was just asking.'' he paused ''I'll be there in five.'' And with that he hunged up. Rolling my eyes I payed my whole atention back to the TV.


''Well why should I?''


The lady shrugged and stood up, Tiffany following after her. ''Give it up to Tiffany Butler.'' The lady said and the crowed cheered. And with that the show ended. Ugh, stupid Ryan.


  I slumpted in my seat and changed the channels and soon enough the door bell ranged through-out the house. Standing up from the coutch I walked to the front door, already knowing who is it. ''Hey.'' Ryan said and came in, closing the door behind him we walked in the livingroom, where not long ago I was watching the TV.


''So what did you want to tell me?'' I asked once we sat down. He was seriosly intrurapting my day. It's not like I don't like my friends comapany, but sometimes I just want to be alone, you know.


''Oh, right.'' He laughted ''I was these hot girls and-''


I cut him off befor he could finish what he started. ''Go call Chaz, I bet he'll be more intrested in them.''


''But-'' befor her could say anything else I pushed him through the door and slamed the door in his face. I know I was being rude, but the only girl I want is dating a nother guy, but that doesn't meen I'm giving up.


Half and hour later I found my self watching the TV once again. I was laughting to whatever was showned on the TV, honestly I don't even know what is it, when my phone ranged. Picking it up one new massage showed on the screan.



From: Tiffany <3

thanks for telling ryan :) 



The text read and let me tell you - it warmed my heart. Putting the phone back down I lied down as a wave of sleep rushed over me. Closing my eyes I drifted off in nice and peacefull sleep.




⊰ Flashback (few years ago):


''Honney how about you go play?'' Mom asked, looking down at me. I was sitting on the banch and staring at every kid that ran past us. 


I shook my head, not taking my eyes off three kids - one girl, two boy. ''I don't want to.'' Sometime I just could be so stubborn, even if I didn't want that.


''Okey.'' was all mom replyed befor going back to reading a book she was reading. I kept them watching, the two boy both were arguing about something and moments later the girl walked away from them. I so wanted to go up to her. 




I was sitting in the corner of the class when the teacher and this little girl, whom I've seen somewhere befor, walked in. She told her something and the girl just nodded, after that she walked to the carpet where everyone else was.


''Don't bother.'' The girl that no one wanted to be friends with spoked to her, from the spot I was I could here and see everything very clearly. The new girl turned around and faced her.


''Why?'' she tilted her head on one side.


''I've tryed.'' Nicki turned around and started to walk away, but the girl caught up with her ''They seem friendly, but when it comes to making friends they're really picky.''


''Oh.'' she looked around and for a moment there I thought she saw me, but I was wrong because than she looked back at her. ''By the way I'm Tiffany and how about we are friends?''


''I'm Nicki and that's amazing.'' They hugged and than ran to play. How I wish I had someone to play with. 




''Can't believe we're going to school with hot girls.'' Chaz said as we walked the steps of the school. ''I can't wait to get me some.'' I just laughted and we walked in.


''Hey, where's Ryan?'' 


''Oh he. He's at the airport he said that his sister is leaving today and he want to be there.'' I nodded and we kept on walking, till we got to the main-office where we got our time-tabels, locker numbers and combinations.


Lucky for us we had all the class-is together and out lockers were, well you can say close to each others. ''Look at her.'' Chaz spoked up once again, this time cheking out some blond that walked past us.


Taking my English book I shut my locker closed and headed for my fist class - English. ''So.. do you know is Ryan's sister hot?'' I asked and honestly I don't know why.


He just shrugged. ''I know he has a sister, but I haven't seen her.'' I just nodded and soon the bell ranged too.


End of flashback. 



''Hunny wake up.'' Someone schook me, opening my eyes I saw my mom leaning over me.


''What re you doing home so early?'' I asked as I rubbed my eyes and sat up at the sametime she took few steps back.


''It's past eleven.'' she smiled, still looking at me. ''I just got home and you were sleeping there and I know how uncomfortable it's sleeping on here-'' she pointed to the coutch ''-so I figured I'll wake you so you can sleep in your bed.''


''Thanks mom.'' I stodd up and pulled her infor a hug and of course she hugged me back. After we pulled away from each other I kissed her forhead and ran upstairs to my room. Not borthering taking shower I pulled off my sweats and tee and got under the covers. Soon after falling asleep.

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