Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


10. 'I won't be a b*tch'

[Present day]




Justin's pov



I was sitting on my bed, watching videos on YouTube when my phone buzzed next me. Picking it up I looked at the screen. One new massage it read. Cliking it opend I read the text that Ryan had sent me over and over. I couldn't believe what he wrote.



From: Ryan.

hey dude. i have some good news to you - tiffany broke up with cody. rn she's crying on my sholder.



 Blinking once, twice and trices I read the text one more time before locking my phone. Putting it back on nightstand I look up at the ceiling. They broke up. Not really believing that I sat back up and pulled my laptop over to me once again.


Clicking in Google I typed in Tiffany Butler and Cody Simpson, pressing enter I waited till it loads site and what not. Once it was all done I clicked on the first link which came out to be E! News.




Cody Simpson cheating?




We all know that the Australian singer Cody Simpson is back home and that his lady friend Tiffany Butler went back to America. However she soon left the Stats and left to go to Europe, where in London, UK she's having concers and interview.


But however that's not the big deal here. The case is that someone has took a picture of what looks like Cody and girl making out, and since we all know Tiffany isn't there, that can only mean one things - he's cheating.


What seemingly would have came over him?



Oh man. Running a hand through my hair I closed my laptop and sighed. They really did break up. But still it doesn't mean she'll love me and all, because if she still did she would call or something. Dicatiting I should just forget about it, for now, I truned on the TV.


But watching TV didn't help at all because soon my thoughts were back on her. Uh.




Tiffany's pov




Few hours after my break down in the kitchen; talking with Miranda and than Taylor I was alright. But still I couldn't believe that he did something like it. I thuoght that he really loved me, that he ment every I love you, but I guess I was wrong.


''You ready?'' sudenlly Taylor asked as she walked in my room. Nodding I stood up from my bed and was about to walk out of the room, when she stopped me. ''I know you're still not good. I know that you're lieing when you say I'm fine.''


''It hurts.'' I spooked, my voice berly above a whisper. 


''I know it does. But you have me, Ryan, Miranda and your family.''


''I know.'' I nodded. ''Can we please go, now?'' This time she nodded and we walked out of my room and out of the hotel room. Once ariving in the lobby we met up with Ryan, Miranda and my bodygard.


As we got in the car pull out my phone and went on twitter.


@tiffanybutler: i won't be a bitch and i won't diss anyone, but you need to know that i'm hurting


Pressing tweet I locked my phone and the rest of thecar ride I just staired out thecar window. Watching the buisy streets of London go by. When we arived at the O2 areana, I got out and was greated by my lovely fans. A smile forming on my face.


''Hey guys.'' I smiled walking over to them, so I could take pictures with them and what not. Honestly in that moment I kinda forgot everything that happened earlier.


Later that day, around 8 or 9 pm I was sitting in my room and looking down at the people who still walked the streets of London. They all looked so happy. Many hours have passed from the moment I read what E! News or whatever they were wrote and still I couldn't understand how he could do something like it.


All the time we were together he made me believe he ment everything. Yes, he was sometimes cligy and acted like over-protective brother, but somehow I loved him. I was brought back to the real world when my phone went off.


Reached over to it, I pressed answer not looking at the caller ID. ''Hello?'' I asked, trying to soung somehow me.


''Miss Butler here's a young guy asking for you.'' The guy from hotel's lobby answerd and than the question who is it? floted my mind.


''I will be right there.'' I replayed and ended the call. Jumping down from the window sill I pulled my hair in tight pony tail, checked my make-up and pulled on some brown uggs. Walking out of the room and hotel room I didn't bother to tell anyone where I was going.


Stepping in the elevator I humed along the molody that the elevator was playing. Once the little bell dinged I was sudenlly feeling very nervous. I surlly didn't know who it was or what he wanted from me, but once I was who it was anger floted through me.


''What do you want?'' I spet as the elevator closed shut after I stepped out it. ''Because I don't want to see you or hear your shit of a lie.''


''C'mon Tiffany, you have to listen to me. I never kissed her, infact she kissed me.'' Knowing that this might take time I turned to the guy who called me and gave him a look as if saying can you leave alone?, nodding he scuried away.


''Sure she's the one to blame here.'' I spet sarcastacly and crossed my arms over my chest. ''But you could atleast pushed her away, you know.''


''I know.'' he nodded ''And was an idiot for not doing that.''


''You're an asshole.''


''I know.'' He once again nodded and than dropped to his knees, but I still looked at him with cold and straight face. I'm not giving in. What he did was beyond everything that I believed in.


''What are you fucking doing?'' I spat, now looking down at him.


''I'm pleading your forgivness.'' 


''You won't get that, you know that, right?''




''Than why are you trying?''


''I don't know, but I know one thing.''


''And that's what?''


''I still love you.'' And so my breath and voice hitched in my throuth. Does he really mean it?


Of course no.


But maybe he does?




I don't know.


Plus of he loved you he would never let that girl kiss him.


''I know what you're thinking about?'' He spoked up once again, making me look down at him once again. ''And you need to believe me when I say this - I love you with every bone in my body. I know what I did was idiotick from my side and should never do that.''


''Well I don't think that I love you.'' I spoked, finally. But maybe I did, oh who am I lieing to? Of course I don't like him anymore.


''I understand if you don't.'' He stood back up and looked in my eyes. ''Oh and I'm gonna be at your concer tomorrow.'' He staited and with that he was gone.


Sitting down on one of the love seats in the lobby I put my head in my hands and looked down at the carpter coverd floor. ''I know you lied.'' My head sudenlly shot up and now I was looking at the guy who worked behind the front desk. ''I'm Jake, by the way.''


''I'm Tiffany.'' I smiled at him and he sat down next to me. ''How much you heard?''


''Well first I wasn't eavsdropping, you guys just talked really loudly.'' I nodded agreeing with everything he said. ''And like I said, you were lieing when you told him you don't love him.''




''I know when person is lieing about the L word, and you were lieing.'' He expland.


''How can you tell something like that?'' I narowed my eyebrows and they met in the middle of my forhead. I was confused as ever.


''I once dated this girl Anabell, and yeah something like you have happened, but she did something so she came to say sorry and all that shit.'' he paused, closed his eyes and than reopend them. ''She said she loves me and stuff, but I didn't believe her, so we didn't end together.


But that's okey, because few weeks later I saw her and that guy, she was making out, holding hands and doing all that coupel-y stuff.''


''Oh.'' I nodded, plus that was all that I could say. I was seriously lost for words. I didn't know what to say or do.


''But I think you should give him a chance.'' he paused as he stood back up. ''He seems as nice guy.'' He really was nice guy, but I don't know if I'm ready to forgive him.


''I'll think about it.'' I staited, now standing up my self.


''You do that!'' He called out as the elevator door closed and took me back upstairs.

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