Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


15. Home Sweet Home

Tiffany's pov



 Soon enought we were nearing Stratford, LA now way behind us. All flight here Ryan was out cold, and I didn't blame him. The jet leg on him was bigger inpack than it was on me. ''Lady's and gentlemen we're landing in Stratford, Ontario momentarily.'' The captain said and it was signal that eveyone should buckle up.


Slightly turning to Ryan, I shook his sholder. ''Ryan wake up.'' I spoked in his ear. Opening his eyes, he gave me the fuck off look on which I just shook my head. ''We're landing.''


At that he sat up and buckled his seatbelt, and few moments later we were nearing the grounds of Startford. My one and only home. As soon the plane landed we were aloud to head down, but while everyone was effected by jet leg I was ''sprinting'' inside the airport.


''Ryan who's picking us up?'' I asked once he caught up with me. ''And you should move faster.'' I added.


''Oh shut up.'' he grumbeld ''And Chaz is. Mom and dad are working.'' I just nodded, already exaited to see them both. God, I've missed them. ''Here's he now.'' Ryan points to guy a with a white paper in his hands. On that paper the words Tiffany & Ryan Butler scribled down in black ink.


''Chaz.'' I squealed and hug him. ''Boy, I've missed you.''


''Yeah, I can see that.'' He chuckled and we puledl away, letting him and Ryan do there hand shake. I will NEVER understand why they need them. ''Okey so you guys ready to go?''


''I was born ready.'' They both laught at me, but I just shrug it off as we walk out of the crowed airport and in to the warm air of Canada. It wasn't anything like Califonia, but I still liked it, no I loved it. It wasn't as hot, it was perfect.






Once my house comes in the view, I can't help it but feel nervous. I haven't actuality thought how I'll react once I see Justin. What do I say? Because clearly I have feelings for him, but since I'm dating, I can't do anything much, you know?


As if reading my mind Ryan spoked up. ''Don't be nervous.'' 


''Oh, I, I'm not nervous.'' I stumble on my words. Well shit. ''Okey maybe.'' I gave in, once he raised his brow. ''I just don't know what I'm gonna do when I see Justin.''


''Just do what you did when you saw me.'' This time Chaz was the one to speak up.


''I don't want to make it awkward between us.''


''You won't make it awkward.'' 


''I hope so.'' I mumble to my self. Few long moments later Chaz pulled up in our house driveway, getting out of the car I once again took in the fresh Stratford air and than walked to back of the car for my bags. 


Putting my suitcase by the car, I swanged my duffle over my sholder and took my laptop in the other hand. ''I'll see guys later.'' Chaz called from somewhere near the car, but honestly I didn't care. Walking up the front proch, I fumbeld with the key's while I unlocked the door.


''Nothing's changed.'' I annouced as I stepped in.


''Mom didn't want to change anything.'' I was about to ask Ryan more questions, but my phone ranged.


''Ugh.'' Pulling it out of my pocket, I looked down at the caller ID.


Incoming call: Miranda


Pressing answer, I put it to my ear and walked in the kitchen. ''Yeah?'' No hello's, no nothing. I'm on my freakin' break and all I want now is relax.


''Why didn't you tell me you left early?'' Miranda spoked from the other side of the line. ''And what are these stories about you and Cody?''


What the fuck is she talking abou? And why the hell it can't wait for four weeks? ''What stories? And can't it wait?''


''No it can't.'' She replayed sternly. ''Everyone is talking about him and Chace at some dinner and than about you and him at your house.''


''Well I don't care. Let them talk.'' I paused. ''And besides I'm on my break and so I don't care what they talk about.'' Ending the call I stuffed the phone back in my pocket. Leaning on the counter, I rubbed my temples.


''You okey?''




Justin's pov




''C'mon let's go.'' Chaz said as we walked out of my house. He came ten minutes ago and staited we go somewhere, but when I asked where, he just shook his head and smirked. And really sometimes wondered why I'm friends with him.


''Will you tell me where we're going?'' I asked for the 100th time as he started his car and pulled away from my house. Once again he shook his head, keeping his eyes on the road.


Soon after that we fell in silence, not taking that long I leaned over and turn on the radio. ''Maybe you could tell me how long the ride is?''


''Um,'' he looked around and than smiled. ''you can say we're here.'' Looking out the window, I spoted the one house I knew in this neighbourhood.


''We're coming to see Ryan, and that's what you couldn't tell me?'' Parking in his driveway, Chaz killed the engine and got out not saying a word. Um, okey than. Following him, I got out of the car too. By the time I was walking up to front door, Chaz had already ranged the door bell.


Footsteps were heard as someone neard the door and soon enough it opend. ''Oh hey.'' Tiffany smiled looking at Chaz. ''You here for Ryan?'' As she spoked that her eyes trailed on me. And the next she did I was taken by suprise. ''Omg Justin.''


Hugging her back, I Iooked past her sholder at Chaz, who was standing there a knowing smirk on his face. Rolling my eyes, I pulled away from her. ''Hey, what are you doing here?'' I tryed to make this as less awkward as I could.


''Just taking my break early.'' She shrugged as if that was nothing, looking back at Chaz she slightly stepped in the house. ''RYAN, CHAZ AND JUSTIN ARE HERE!'' She yelld and soon Ryan was besides his sister.


''Yo Justin.'' Doing our handshake he turned back to Tiffany. ''You wanna come?''


She shook her head, looking at her brother. ''Nah, I'm good. You go hang out, I'm just gonna wait for mom and dad.''








 ''When did you turn all awkward?'' Chaz asked as he throwe the ball to me. 


''What are you talking about?'' Dicaiting I should just play dum, and act that I don't know what he's talking about, I passed the ball to Ryan, who only snickerd as he caught it. ''What are you laughinh at?''


''Oh nothing.'' Ryan answerd and throwe the ball to the basket, but missed. 


''You should really man up, you know.''


''She's still that douchbag, so why even try?''


''Because she's on the breaking up line. She's sick of him. And after his cheating scandal, he became more over protective. You needed to see how annoyed she was before she got in the car.'' By this time my full atention was on Ryan and what he was telling. And I sersiously couldn't belive what I was hearing. ''And I really would like to see my little sister happy, and the only person who can make her happy is you.''




Tiffany's pov



Wow, that moment was awkward or he was shocked. Probably the second - schocked. Walking in the livingroom, I sat on the coutch and pulled my laptop on my lap. The TV playing in the background. Scrolling through every news site, I tryed to find the ''stories'' Miranda was talking about. Finally finding on, I clicked on the link.



Is Tiffany Butler calling splits-will with Cody Simpson?



It seems like yesterday these two were seen going on romantic dates and all that stuff, but now we see a lot of headlines about them and breaking up. Few days ago we even stubled upon him [Cody] cheating.


Of course that could be one of the reasons why they're calling splits-will after a year of dating. Another thing is - there buissy lifestyle. With both of them being famous and travaling, they rerly see each other.


However both of those reasons aren't why they could be calling end. A source close to Tiffany spilled out to Us Weekly. ''He's starting to act like her dad, and that annoyes her. She wants her boyfriend back, but she knows she won't get him back.''


They added: ''She's very strong girl, and she can hide her feelings very well. She doesn't want to come out and seem like she can't take all this, but one things for sure - she'll break if she keeps being with Cody.''


So could it be that Tiffany and Cody are really calling it quits? Or is it just a romur? Comment down below what you thing. 



This is totall bullshit. Wanting to curss at my laptop, the front door opend and two very lovly voices followed. ''Mom, dad.'' Jumping up from the coutch I ran out in the foye. ''I've missed you.''


''We missed you too princess.'' Dad said as they both hugged me back. You could easly tell that they were both supprised. Well why wouldn't they? I said I'll be home few days after Ryan.


Pulling away they both looked at me, when mom spoked up. That heard whelming (?) smilling on her face. ''You're early home.'' She staited.


''I just needed to get away from all the heath.'' I lied. I know it's bad, but what I couldn't tell them ''Oh I just came home early, so I could get away from my over protective boyfriend''. No thank you.


''Well, I'm just happy to see you, darling.'' She hugged me once more. ''And where's your brother?''


''He's out with Chaz and Justin.''

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