Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


6. Girl Talk ◢◣ Boy Talk

Tiffany's pov

''So plan for this week is like this - Today at eight we fly to London, UK, you-'' she pointed at me as she told the whole crew our schedule for this week. ''-will have a two concerts there, plus an interview with Capital FM, local radio station.''

''Cool.'' I nodded and smiled. I can't wait till we get there. That just means I'll have a chance to meet more of my lovely fans. Man, I love them so much. I wouldn't be nothing with out them, they mean so much to me. And I'll do anything to give back to them.

''I know what you're thinking.'' Miranda said as the crew was looking at me, I just smiled and she went back to whatever she was telling. ''So I suggest you go home, pack and let's me at the airport and Tiffany please be carefull.''

''When aren't I?'' She didn't get to answer because my phone started ringing; looking at the screan I excused my self and walked out of the office. ''Hey.'' I said once I put the phone to my ear.

''Hey babe.'' Cody's voice along with his australian accent ranged through the speaker of my iPhone. ''I miss you.''

''Aw I miss you too.'' I took a seat down on one of the leather coutch in the hall and rested my head againts the back of the coutch. ''But I have amazing news for you.'' 


''I'm going to London, UK.'' I slightly yelld over the phone. What? I'm really happy, okey.?

''Oh.'' Was all he replyed. Well that was a down-er, plus I thought he'll be happy about me. I guess I was wrong.

''What oh? Aren't you happy?'' I asked, not leaning forwords, my elbows resting on my knees.

''No, no I'm happy for you, I was just thinking that you're coming back, you know.'' He said and from that I could tell he was sad and really down, but I couldn't tell him I don't want to go to Australia anymore.

As I opend my mouth to say something the office door creaked open and Jeremy, my choreographer poped his head outside. ''Hey kid we need to get back to work.'' I nodded and pointed to my phone. ''Be quick.''

As the door closed again I opend my mouth once again: ''Hey, I need to go. Got work to do, need to learn some new dance moves. I'll call you back, okey?''

''Yeah, sure.'' He still didn't sound happy or anything on thos lines and all that made me feel guilty and all bad. After few seconds I hungged up and walked back in the office, this time heading for the dance studio where Jeremy was waiting for me.

''So what dance?''

Justin's pov

''So when are you going away to collage?'' Chaz asked as he took a bite from his humburger. I rolled my eyes and took a bite from my own hamburger. "We're not trying to get rid off you.'' He quicly added.

''Yeah I got the idea.'' I said after I finished my lunch. ''In the autumn, September.''

''We have plany of time than.'' He said as he looked over to Ryan.

''What are you talking about?''

''Oh nothing.'' Ryan spoked up, sending daggers Chaz's way. ''So anyways how about we go play bowling?'' We both nodded and after they were done we went to the bowling alley.

As I was there ride, thye both got in my car. Strating the car I pulled out of the McDonald's parking lot and on the road, on my, well our, way to bowling. Once I pulled up at the alley we got out and headed in, but of course we didn't really get in because Chaz spoted some chick.

''I'll be right back.'' And with that he was off. Of course with his luck he'll probably get the friend zone, but maybe if the girls dumb, she'll give her number.

''I bet you he won't get the girl.'' I spoked up, turning to look at Ryan, who was watching them too.

''How much?'' he looked at me, raising his left eyebrow.

''Tweny.'' He nodded and we shook hands. After that we turned back to Chaz and the girl. They both were still talking, but it looked like wasn't intested in him. Soon he came back, all down and stuff. ''So how did it go?''

''I didn't get her nor her number.'' I smirked Ryan's way and he pulled out his walet, handing the money he owed me. ''Wait guys, you bet on this?''

''Yeah.'' Ryan shrugged as of that wasn't big of a deal, and hoenstly it wasn't. Because Chaz has ben rejected by SO many girls, you can't even count them all.

''Okey.'' I clapped my hands together. ''We came here to play bowling, so lets go do it.'' They once agin nodedd and we walked in. And for Wednesday's night or whatever, there was a lot of people, mostly teens. 

Getting our bowling shoes we walked to the free alley, it's suprse there was one, and picked out balls. It's time to beat there asses.

Tiffany's pov

''But I have amazing news for you.'' 


''I'm going to London, UK.'' 


''What oh? Aren't you happy?'' 

''No, no I'm happy for you, I was just thinking that you're coming back, you know.''

He didn't mean what he said; he didn't care about this chance I got; he only cared if I go back! And everyone fucking knows it! He knows it; I know it! He isn't happy for me. He'll only be happy when I go back to Australia. But you know what? I don't want to go there, only for tour or concert. Nothing more, nothing less.

''Hey, hey. You okey?'' Taylor suddenlly asked from the passanger's seat. Turning to look at her, I was faced with confused and concer look from her. ''Wanna talk about it?'' I slightly nodded and pulled up in some dinner.

After we both got out of the car, we walked in the dinner; our shaids covering our eyes. Just in case. Taking a seat at one of the tabels, not soon after a girls in her twenty's walked up to us. ''Hello, welcome to Phil's.'' she politly smiled at us. ''What can I get you?''

As we both didn't know what they offered; we looked at one another and thank turned back to the lady or girl, you know, whatever. ''What do you recomend?'' Taylor asked, looking up at her.

''Well we have lovely pancakes, and we have great fast food too. And of course we have coffee, tea, different sodas.'' She explained.

''We'll just have coffee.'' I told her as she nodded and walked away.

''So what was that back in the car?'' Taylor spoked up, once she was sure no one was listening.

Sucking in deep breath; I opend my mouth and dicated to tell her everything. Starting with the call in the studio earlier today till this moment. And telling all this felt so nice. After I was done with my ''story'' our coffee was set infront of us. ''Thank you.'' Taylor smiled at the waitress.

''Maybe you should just focus on your music and work.'' This time she directed that to me and all I could do was nodd. I mean she's right. It'll just be best for me now.

''Wait, what if he calls or texts?''

Justin's pov

After we were done playing bowling, we went to McDonald's to have ''diner''. Of course it didn't take long befor we needed to head out because someone called Ryan and he needed to leave early. And since me and Chaz didn't want to stay alone, normaly we would, but we kinda didn't want that.

So we followed Ryan, plus I was there ride, so it says a lot that I needed to leave anyways. On our way to home I and Chaz asked Ryan why he needed to leave and who called. But all he asnwerd was: ''I'm not telling. I know that someone in this car will be really sad or will blow up.''

That leaving us hanging. So now I was on my bed; in my room. Nothing to do with my life. ''Honney,'' mom's voice suddenlly ranged through-out the house ''can you come down stairs, please?'' Getting off of the bed I was sleeping on, I flunged my bedroom door opend and jogged down stairs.

''Yeah?'' I asked once I walked in the livingroom where mom was watching the TV.

Turning around she smiled at me. ''Could you take Ryan to airport. There car broke down.'' I nodded; grabbed my keys and walked outside, not saying anything else. Because I knew she doesn't know why he needs to be at the airport.

Once I pulled out of the drive way I headed to Ryan's house. The sun was already setting down and soon I pulled up to his car. Too lazy to get out I honked the horn and few moments later the front door opend and Ryan steped out with two bags.

''Thanks.'' He spoked once he sat in the passenger's seat. I nodded and pulled away and we were off to the airport.

''So where'ya going?''

''Oh. I um I'm going to America.'' He spoked looking out the window. 


''Um well because Tiffany said she'll fly me down to LA sometime during summer.'' He looked over to me, to see what I must look like. Sighing I looked back at the road infront off us.

''That's cool.'' I spoked, my grip on the stearing wheel tightening. 

''So uh you're not mad or anything?''

''Why should I?'' I paused to colect the rights words ''I mean she's your sister and I don't see a problem there.'' And with that we fell in sinlenc and no, not one of thos confurtble silences, but really awkward one. Leaning a bit forword I turned on the radio.

''And that was Tiffany Bu-'' at the sound of her name, I quicly turned the radio off, again. And so we were left in the silence, again.

''You wanna tell me what's wrong?'' Ryan spoked up after sometime. Taking a quick glace at him I raised my eyebrow.

''What are you talking about?'' I knew what he was talking about, but I'll just act dumb for safty.

''I know you know what I'm talking about.'' He paused, never looking at me. ''What's with you? Everytime you hear Tiffany's name you get pissed; angry or do that.'' He pointed to the radio which I turned off ''Wanna tell?''

Taking a deep breath, I releaxed in the car seat and opened my mouth:''This is stupid, but I love her, okey? And everytime something comes up about her... I don't know it just get's to me. Maybe because that guy she's dating. I honestly don't know.''

''Can I talk to her?'' he looked at me and than back at the road infront of us ''That's if you want of course.'' He quicly added.

''I don't know. But if you do, don't say anything what I said.''

Tiffany's pov

After out talk in the dinner plus a little lunch I drove her home and that, my self, got home. The advice she have given me still going round and round in my mind. Maybe she was right. Maybe I needed to forget about Cody, just for a little. And by the way I have to concentrate on the concert and interview I have in London. Plus Ryan's flying out here today.

And speaking of him, once I got home I called him, saying that I have a plane ticket for today at noon. "Okey cool. I'll be there. Don't worry." He had answer after I told him the "news".

Besides I promised him I'll fly him down here sometime during summer. And I guaranty he'll be more than okey with going to London, UK. I mean who wouldn't? 

Taking my phone from the coffee table I dialed Ryan's number for the second time today. Pressing call I waited till he picks up. "Hey."

"Hey Ry, where are ya?" I asked, since I was so smart and told him few hours be for the flight. But honestly I didn't care because I needed some sibling love and some guy advice. 

"The plane will soon land." He answered. Probably just minutes we're between us.

"Okey." I nodded, even though he couldn't see me "Meet you at the airport." And with that I hunger up the call. Getting up from the couch I send a quick text to Taylor.

To: Tay

hey :) wanna come with my, my brother ryan and my crew to london, uk? we leave tomorrow morning.

As I pressed send; I grabbed my car keys and was out off my house. Now all I have to worry was to get to the airport in time. Because at this day time there could be traffic on the road that led to the airport.

Feeling my phone vibrating in my front pocket, I pulled if out and looked at the screen. One new massage was showed on the screen.

From: Tay

hey. yeah I'd like that. okey meet you tomorrow at the airport. btw what time? okey never mind I'll call miranda :)




so should I continue writting this?

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