Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


25. Girl, named Mackenzie changed it all

Two months later


Justin's pov



''It's been two months since the Canadian singer Tiffany Butler and Aussie singer Cody Simpson have broken up. But however they didn't wait long before finding other half for them. As we found out Tiffany was doing that concert, where she peformed her friends Selena Gomez's songs was for her now boyfriend Justin Bieber.


And Cody, haven't taken that hard, because just week later he was seen with a Australian model Rianna Wilson. Now both of these starts are living happy with their other half, and both of them are friends.-''


Cutting of the sound of the TV, I knocked on the door. A faith come in sounded through the door. Pushing the door opend, I poked my head inside to see my lovely girlfriend. ''Hey.'' I smiled and closed the door behind me.


''Hey.'' She smiled her self and sat up in her bed. ''What's up?''


''Nothing.'' I teased.


Her cute giggled ranged in my ears as she laughed. ''Than what's with the tone mister?''


''Mister?'' I laughed myself and raised and eyebrow at her. Crowling next to her on the king size bed, I wrapped on arm around her and pulled her closer to me. ''My school is organaizing dance as some kinda welcome greeting. So I was thinking you come with me.''


''Omg.'' She sqauild and pulled me in for a hug. ''I would love too.'' The smile on her face as big as it was one month ago, when we found out she's pregnant. Yup, she's pregnant and I'm gonna be a dad. ''When is it?''


''September  twentieth.''


''And what should I wear?''


Laughing, I shook my head. ''Babe, it's nothing special. Just dance.''


''I know.'' She pouted. ''But I want to show them how of a amazing girlfriend you have.''


''You're mine.'' Leaning down I placed my lips ontop of hers. Kissing her slowly, but pessanality. Mere seconds later her hands were rinning through my head. A  moan left my lips and hers too. With every second that went by the kiss growe hotter and hotter.


However a knock on the door intrurapted us. ''Can I come in?'' Ryan asked from the other side. Pulling away, Tiffany tried to cetch her breath.


''Yeah.'' I called out and the door opend. Looking from me to Tiffany and than back at me, he spoked up.


''We need to go or we'll be late.''


Once again she pauted and looked at me with her puppy-dog eyes. ''Do you have to?''


Nodding, I kissed her once more and got up. ''Babe, I need to get back to school. These two weeks were amaizing, right Ry?'' Turning to him, he nodded. ''But you can always come with me or we can live with FaceTime and Skype while you come back.''


''NO! I'm coming what you.'' She shoot up from her spot on the bed and ran over to her closet. By now Ryan have gone out of the room, leaving me and Tiffany alone again. ''Okey, I'm ready.'' She came out of her closet with only a duffle bag.


Linking her arm with mine, we walked out of her room and down stairs. Getting in the taxi, that Ryan have called, he leaned over to the shoffer -who sat in the front. ''To the airport.'' The shoffer nodded and pulled away from Tiffany's (LA) house.






Tiffany's pov



''No, you can't do that!'' I laughed as Ryan tryed to cheet in Ellen's sharaid game. ''It's no fair.'' Crossing my arms, I looked out the window. We've been in the air for the past 30 minutes and we were already having fun.


''Babe c'mon.'' Justin poked my left cheek, since that was the one that was ''facing'' them. ''He won't do it anymore.'' Leaning closer, he whispered in my ear. ''If does, than I will hit him.''


Looking back at the two of them, I glared at Ryan. ''Okey let's play.'' Ryan smiled and started the game back up. Twenty more minutes Ryan and Justin were out cold. Thank God they weren't snorring, but I was using that time really good. Teen Vouge.


''Exuse me?'' A females voice ranged in my ears. Lowering the magazine I turned my head in the ''alley'' between the seat and looked at young women who didn't look older than 30.


''Yes?'' I smiled at her, now compleatly closing the magazin I was reading.


''Can I ask you an autograph? My daughter is really big fan of you.''


My smile got even bigger than before. Taking the paper she was hending me, I scribled down the most sweetest and adoroble-st note, I could ever imagine. ''What's her name?''




Dear Mackenzie, I hope you stay my fan for a long time. And if anyone ever says something bad to you, just ignore them because they aren't wort of your time. Love you with all my heart.



Handing back the piece of paper, I gave her another piece of paper with my number writen on it. ''Here's my number. I'll be in Startford for some time now, and I would like to meet her.'' She nodded and I could see tears in her eyes.


''Thank you. I honestly don't know how to thank you.'' She sounded as if she was lost of words. But I totally understand her.


''Make sure Mackenzie grows in wonderful woman.'' She nodded and hurried away. Calling out another thank you in the process. Returning back to my magazing, I couldn't stop smilling. I really wish I could've met her now. But I know I'll have a chanse, and I'll meet her.






''Lady's and gentelmen, please passen your seat belts. We'll be landing in about ten minutes.'' The pilote spoked and by this time both sleepy heads were up. However I didn't tell them about Mackenzie or her mom or the fact that I gave out my number.


After ten muntes -like the pilote said- we landed. Getting of off the plane we walked into the airport, going through all the securaty stuff we soon were waiting for Ryan's and Justin's suitcases. ''Here they are.'' Suddenly Ryan exclaimed.


In all honestly I still was thinking about Mackenzie and what her mother told me. After what happened at the interview two months ago, I thought that everyone saw me as that. But maybe, just maybe I was wrong.


 ''A lot of parents don't find you as good role-model.''


''What do you mean?'' I asked, shiffting in the black spinny chair. She was about to speak up when I did it. ''I mean I never signed up for the job of a role-model. I'm here because of the music. And if parents think I'm not good role-model than maybe they should look on who they're judging. Because quite frankly they are the one's who need to be good role-model's to their kids.''


''So you find it good that a lot of kids around the globe are like copying you?''


''They copy who they want. If they want to copy me, that I can't do anything about it.'' Pausing just for a little, I went over everything in my head. ''Just like I said I never signed up for the job of a role-model. It's their parent job's.''


I mean yeah, sure a lot of kid's look up to me, but I'm not here to teach them and make them in great adults. It just isn't my job.


''Tiffany!'' Justin waived hand infront of my face. ''You alraight there? You zoomed out.''


''Yeah, I'm fine.'' I smiled and nodded my head. In hopes to proofe them right. ''I was just thinking.''


''Okey.'' This time Ryan spoked up. ''Anyways we got our bag's, so we can head home.''


''Yeah let's go.''


Later that night I was lieing in my bed and looking up at the cilieing. Turning on my side I took my phone from the nightstand and diald the number of who will be abel to help me in my ''crieses.'' It ranged four times before he answerd. ''Yeah?''


''Hey Cody.'' I smiled, happy at the fact that we have no hard feelings at that we could stay friends. ''Do you  have time?''


''Yeah.'' I could just imagine him nodding and smiling. ''So what's up?''


''You probably remember the interview I had two months ago on Power 106.''




''Good, because it's like hunting me now.'' You could easly tell he wanted to laughed, but holded. ''What I mean by that is that this one mom came to me on the plane and asked me for an autograph, I of caurs gave it and than she said her daughter, who's name is Mackenzie, is really big fan of mine. I couldn't honestly not smile, so anyways. When we were in the airport my thoughts kinda went back to that interview, expasaly to the part where they say I'm not good role-model. And now I can't stop thinking about it. Plus I gave that mother my number, so I can meet Mackenzie.''


''Well. . .'' he started. ''As I see it and unterstand - you should just forget what they said, like you always say ''ignore the haters, they're not wrot of your time''. And you should really meet this girl Mackenzie because how you talked it seems she touched a sensetive nerve.''


''But what if her mother never calls and I don't get the chanse to meet her.''


''You said she was big fan of you, of caurse her mother will use this so her daughter could meet her hero.'' 


''I hope you're right.'' I sighed.


''Of caurse I'm right and don't be sad. As far as I know you're back home. So chear up.'' Shaking my head, I slightly smiled. ''But now I gotta go. Rianna and I are gonna have lunch.''


Oh yeah, she's been in Europe all this time. I totally forgot. ''Have fun and say hi to her for me.''


''Hey Tiffany.'' Females voice suddenly ranged through the phone. ''We will and I hope I can see you soon. Cody have told me so much about you.''


''Hope it's all good things.''


She laughed at that and than spoked again. ''Yeah. Oi, I have an idea. I will talk to Victoria; maybe you can peforme in one of our shows here in Los Angeles.''


''That's sounds good.'' I smiled, feelings somewhat better after talked things through. ''And if she needs my number, don't be afraid to give her mine or my managers.''


''Okey.'' She chirped. ''See ya soon.''


''Bye Tiffany.'' Saying bye to both of them, I ended the call and put it back where it lied before. Maybe Cody was write, I should take my own advice and just ignore everything bad that is being said to me. And besides he's right - I am back home, so I should enjoy this time I have.


Picking my phone, I selected at least ten contacts and wrote a one text to all of them.


To: Ryan; Justin; Chaz; Julia; Holly; Andrea; Mc.; Sienna; Stella; Julz; Jay

Tomorrow ''party'' on the beatch, at seven :)


Pressing send I put it back down and got up from the bed, so I could get ready and also I could get up early - go for a jog -which I haven't done in long time- and than get ready for the miny ''party''.

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