Love That Last: Book II

~ sequal to Best Friends Sister ~

The last time we heard from Tiffany, she was starting to live any teenager dream.

The last time we heard from Justin, he was back home in Stratford. Doing what any normal teenager does.

In this time Tiffany have forgotten about Justin and have moved on. But Justin never forgot and never moved on.

But it really hurts when you see on magazin covers, internet and TV the love of your life with another guy.

But do you know the saying: “When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were ment to be. If no, than it was never ment to be.”?


17. Fights and Instresing interviews

Tiffany's pov



It's been fifteen minutes since we're sitting at this table. In this time a waiter have camed by three times, asking if we're ready to order, but we still weren't ready. Maybe it a have to do with the awkwardness in the air?


I don't know how they are going through this, 'cause for me it's pretty bad. For Chaz it isn't probably that bad, since he's so caught up in his phone. What's he even doing? Than there's Justin, who's been very quiet ever since he sat down. And then comes Ryan, I can bet that has learned the entire menu by now.


"Are you ready to order, now?" Someone spoked, and just now I noticed that the same waiter was standing by our table. Looking from each of us, he stopped at me. "What would you like, beautiful?"


This guys probably doesn't know that my ex, whom I'm in love, is sitting opposite from me and that I have a "boyfriend". "Excuse me?"


By now Justin was tensed; the awkwardness was gone and Chaz have taken his eyes off of his phone. "How about you ditch these losers and we go have some fun?"


"Excuse me?" Someone said it again, this time it wasn't me. Looking from the waiter, I trailed my gaze over our table, when I noticed that Justin was fuming with anger. "What did you say?"


"Didn't you hear me?" The waiter shot back. "And besides who are you?"


It didn't take long for Justin to answer, but the answer that came out of his mouth shocked me, probably Ryan and Chaz too. "I'm her boyfriends, that's who I am."


The guy laughed and turned to me. "Are you dating that twat?"


"Yes." I spoked proudly and in that time shocked my self. "I'm dating him. Three years, and still going strong." Lier, lier pants on fire.


By now I could feel Ryan's and Chaz's intense stairs at me, but I simply shrugged them off. Justin by this time have camed around the table to my side. I was about to ask him what's he doing, but that was answered mere seconds later.


At first I didn't understand what was happening, but than I realized that Justin's lips were againsts mine, and he was kissing me. When he pulled away, I was left in like daze kinda state. I let out a low 'wow' as the waiter still was watching us.


"Ugh." Turning around he stormed off. Leaving us four once again alone. I surely didn't know what am I suppose to do now. After that kiss I was left speechless. 






After we ate dinner, even though it was extremely awkward after that little scene, we managed. Chaz drove us all home, I was lucky he dropped me and Ryan off first. I don't know how I'll manage to spend the rest weeks with them.


By now I had mixed emotiones for Cody and Justin. Why? Because they kissed in different ways and I got different feelings from them. Ugh, why does life have to be so damn dificult?


 Knock, knock.


Sitting up in the bed, I looked at the door and just went I was about to ask who is it, the door opend. ''Hey.'' Ryan poked his head inside.


''Oh hey.'' I spoked in monotone and lyed back on the bed. ''What'cha want?''


''I just wanted to talk.''




''About what happened tonight.'' And right after that the whole room growe silent, once again. Honestly I didn't want to talk about it, not now not ever. But knowing Ryan he'll talk about it when ever he gets a chance. I wouldn't be suprised if he already talked to Justin.


''So are you continuing or?'' I asked annoyed. This day was long and full of events, all I now wanted is to go to bed and just sleep it all off.


''Well,'' he took a seat at the foot of my bed, looking at his lap. ''ya'know you have a boyfriend.''


''Ryan,'' I warned as I sat up, now facing my brother. ''it's nothing about him. He doesn't and won't ever know what happened tonight.''


''Okey, okey. But,'' once again he paused, to sigh. ''it was wrong.''


''What was wrong? That Justin help me out? Okey we lied, big whoop.'' Standing to my feet I stood infront of him. He still didn't look at me, and that's good. 'Cause I don't think he wants to see me fuming. 


''I'm not talking about that.'' He camly replayed.


''That what are you talking about? Care to tell me?''


''I'm talking about that freakin' kiss!'' It was official, Ryan was pissed, but I was too. ''Why didn't you pull away? You damn well know you have a boyfriend.''


''That ''boyfriend'' of mine, well I don't see him as damn boyfriend. And fyi I was thinking about breakin up with him.'' I stood tall againts my brother. I wasn't backing down. Now now, not ever. ''I can do whatever I want.''


''I don't want you to get hurt.''


''Hurt from who? Justin?'' I paused, but I knew he wasn't going to talk, so continued. ''Did you forget? One year ago who broke who's heart? He won't be the one who'll hurt me. If anyone that's gonna be Cody.''


''Oh, Justin won't break your heart? Remember what happened last year? You called him and he told you he have moved on and than you come for his birthday and what do you see?''


''We were both crushed at the time!''


''Really? Because the only crushed one I saw, was you. He moved one pretty fast.''


''You want me to stay singel?''


''No, I just don't want to see you hurt.''  Once again we were only left in silence. Few seconds passed away and Ryan turned around and walked out of my room. Once again I was left speechless.


Pulling out my phone, I diald one number where I knew the person will help.



Ryan's pov



What did you just do?


Sitting down on my bed, I put my head in my hands. It seems like I mess up pretty much everything. I knew that Justin loved Tiffany and that he would never hurt her. I knew that. But what do I do? I go and fuck up.


If Justin get's to know I'm screwed. I know they're deeply in love with each other. Than why do I need to go around and fuck everything up? It'll be amazing if Tiffany forgives me after that, or if Justin talks to me after he finds out.


Figuring that I need to so something and fast, I pulled out my phone and diald one of the numbers, that I won't ever forget. ''Hello?'' Chaz asked after he picked up.


''I need your help.''



Tiffany's pov



Today everything is so awkward. Even the breakfast. I wouldn't be surpised if mom and dad could feel the awkwardness betweet me and Ryan. But what am I suppost to do? Go and ask him for forgivness? I'm not doing that because he fucked up, not me. 


He's the one that should be begging me for forgivness. Right now I was in my car, on my way to meet someone from youtube. All I know it's a girl and she's 17. Finally spoting the place she have gave me, I pulled up in the parking lot. 


Killing the engine, I took my phone from the passingers seat and got out. The air hitting me as soon as I did it. Locking my car I didn't take five steps when girls voice ranged in my ears. ''Tiffany, hi.'' Turning around I faced brunett.


''Hi. You must be Kailee?'' I asked as I put my hand out for her to shake.


''Yes, I am.'' She nodded and shook my head. ''Why don't we head in, so we can start the interview.'' Leading the way I followed her.


''So, if I may ask, why am I doing this interview?''


''Oh, sorry.'' She laughted lightly and slapped her forhead. Stopping, she turned around to face me once again. ''I'm Kailee, and I run a youtube channel, called kaileemckenzie. And i just think you're awesome and uh-''


''That's cool.'' I smiled at her. ''So what have you planed for this interview?''


At first she looked like she was in shock or something, but soon enough she was back to her self. ''I was just thinking I ask you some questions that your fans asked and yeah.''


''That's cool.'' And so begand walking agian. Leading me into what I suppose is her filming studio, she mentioned for me to sit down. Doing just that, she was soon sitting next to me. ''Hey guys, I'm back with another video. But like I said I'm making this video somehow different. So with me today I have one of the most famous starts alive.''


''Hey guys.'' I smiled at the camera. This wasn't anything new to me, so I was all relaxed and whatnot.


''So I tweeted asking you to tweet me questions, and I'm just gonna read, and let's begin.'' Turning to me, she looked down at her phone. ''Bree asks - did you and Justin kiss?'' Placing her eyes on me, she waited for me answer.


Well I currently didn't know what to answer. I knew that somehow people will know, but this soon? Yeah, yeah. I know I'm freakin' famous, but really? Dicaiting that I shouldn't lie, I just went with the truth. ''Yeah.''


''Anna asks - what can we wait from you in the future?''


''Well...'' I started and looked in the air, and than back at Kailee. ''there's really a lot of things up my sleeve. I'm not exactly telling what you can wait from me. But just be ready for this summer and till the end of the year.''


Ten minutes later we were finished and just goofing off. ''You're really cool.'' I commented and took a sip from my soda.


''Thank's. You're cool too.'' She smiled my way, mere seconds later my phone went off. Taking it from the ground, I looked at the screen where one new message was showed. Unlociking my phone, I clicked on the message app.



From: Ry

hey :) I'm sorry abouyt yesterday. Believe me I am. And in honor of that, can you come to iHop? I just want to have lunch with my baby sister. btw Lova ya <33



Closing the text I looked at Kailee, just to find out she's already looking at me, ''I'm sorry, but I need to go. My brother wants to have lunch with me.''


''That's okey.'' She smiled at me. After we hugged she led me to the door, where we once again hugged and than I walked to my car and took off to iHop. Few minutes into the ride I turned on the radio and blast it as loud as I could.


Fianlly ariving at the iHop, I noticed Ryan's car parked not too far from the enterec. Praking my car next to his I got out and walked in the dinner, where just year ago I had brekfast with Justin, once my boyfrined.


''What is this?'' I asked snapping from my mamorie land and looking between the three guys infront of me. ''I ask what is this?''




1. kaileemckenzie is real youtube account, and I'm subcribed to her. You should too [her youtube link under the external link]                her channel →

2. She's nothing like I dicrabed her, so don't go all apeshit on me about that [that is if you check her out]. Fyi I really like her videos and I think she's really cool, so that should be another reason why.

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